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  • General conditions adopted by the European Coffee Federation (ECF) Annual General Meeting on the 14th June 2002 and effective as from 1st January 2003. The ECF recognises and thanks representatives of exporters and associations of producing countries for their cooperation in the ongoing revision of its standard contracts. Lodged with the various arbitral bodies in Europe. Originally adopted by the Committee of the European Coffee Associations (CECA) on the 29th September 1956 2002 Edition (as amended)...

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  • The offline brick 'n mortar small businesses are clueless to online advertising. This presents a huge opportunity for you as an online marketer - even if you haven't made your first penny online. That's because the stuff you know about is so far ahead of what these small businesses know - that you are a bona-fide expert. You just have to get them to hire you to work your magic for them. There are several ways to do this, but I'm going to show you one of the easiest to make a quick $500 upfront, and put yourself in a...

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  • s outlined in the section on advertising Facebook’s policy is that it does not allow the serving of ads based on the use of sensitive data as defined under EU law. In practice, however, it does seem that it is possible to use such information as contained in a profile. In this respect, it is not inappropriate for FB-I to claim legitimate interests for the processing of profile, interest and ‘like’ information entered by a user if it were considered that consent would not be a sufficiently robust basis for such processing. Regardless, there needs to be...

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  • This material is written for students who major in E-commerce. The topics selected mostly deal with basic areas of business and economics. They are presented in an order from a sole proprietorship to a multinational corporation. Each lesson is introduced and related to the previous lesson. Besides, students also have chance to deal with several topics related to information technology which has a very close relationship with e-commerce.

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  • Thirty years ago, surveys were considered little more than hearsay evidence. Today, however, the use of scientific surveys has gained widespread acceptance within the federal court system. While the predominant use of surveys is seen in trademark actions, surveys also are used in trade dress, trade secrets, truth-in-advertising, Internet marketing, genericness, and even in patent infringement issues.

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  • Pull out the metadata to put into the catalog. C Extract titles and abstracts of all articles for the advertising webpage. C Extract the CME material for a special site for nurses. C Get all the environmental impact material. C Publish this report with all the SECRET material removed. C Get me the citations to send to the link matching service. C My car has a sun-roof, manual transmission, and option package #4, make me my owners manual. C Get me all the dosage sections that mention pregnancy restrictions....

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  • During Subaru’s 14-year history with the gay and lesbian communities, the company has cultivated an unwavering, authentic relationship with key external stakeholders. While Ford Motor Company has also partnered with the gay and lesbian communities for over a decade, its track record is troubled. Ford was entangled in a 2005-06 battle over gay advertising with two opposing stakeholders: the conservative American Family Association (AFA) and numerous gay organizations.

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