Affective factors

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  • Non-performing loans: Affecting factor for the sustainability of Vietnam commercial banks. Non-performing loans are becoming the main factor influencing the sustainability of Vietnam’s financial system. In order to enforce the financial system in general and the banking system in particular, this study aims to examine the determinants of Non-performing Loans (NPLs) in the Vietnamese banking system.

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  • Analysing the extent and severity of HIV/AIDS among educators without looking at the broader context within which schools operate, provides only a partial understanding of the immense challenges facing the education sector in South Africa. This study examines material issues affecting the quality of teaching and learning in our schools, both within and external to the classroom environment. The findings reveal significant disparities in conditions, both within and between provinces.

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  • Research’s objects in this thesis are the factors affect Audit quality, the competitive capability of Audit Firms in Vietnam which oriented to strengthen Competitive capability in the context of international integration.

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  • Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo Những đóng góp mới của luận án: Factors affecting labor disputes and strikes – representative research at Khanh Hoa province industrial zones sau đây. Tài liệu hữu ích cho những bạn đang quan tâm đến đề tài trên.

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  • The overall objective of the thesis is to identify and test factors affecting competitiveness of tourism business in Ben Tre, then propose solutions to improve competitiveness in the future.

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  • The results showed that there were low correlation between years of work and continuance commitment; between gender and affective commitment; between highest degree earned with normative commitment. There was a moderate correlation between position hold and affective commitment. There was a low negative correlation between age and normative commitment. The correlation between other demographic variables with OC was negligible.

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  • Research findings reveal that there are 9 factors, including: brand and product diversity; product features; price levels and promotional programs; convenient store locations; convenience of the store; product display in the store; awareness, consultancy and serving attitudes of shop assistants; information provision of the store; services and selling modes of the store.

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  • The assessment of productive efficiency and the factors affecting the productive efficiency of commercial banks in the market economy are not an easy task as the bank efficiency is specific in relation to many entities and strong dependence on subjective and objective, direct and indirect determinants.

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  • This article showed the research results of factors affecting business strategy implementation. The typical research at Garco 10 with sample includes 83 managers at multi levels: company, department, division and production unit level. The result demontrates all of 5 factors: Strategy Planning, Organizational Culture, Personnel, Communication and Leadership have a positively affect company's business strategy implementation.

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  • Factors affecting engineering students’ motivation in practising english speaking skills at college of urban works construction. Speaking is one of the most important skills to be developed and enhanced as means of effective communication. However, many students do not have enough motivation to practise speaking English though motivation is one of the vital factors determining the success or failure of language learning.

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  • The aim of this paper is to study the effects of service quality in Jetstar Pacific Airlines towards customer’s satisfaction under the perspective of Servqual and Gronroos service quality model and the relationship between functional quality, technical quality, internal and external environment influences mediated by Jetstar Pacific Airlines images and service quality using the main statistical methods such as factor analysis and multiple linear regression.

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  • An empirical investigation of factors affecting stock prices in Vietnam. This paper investigates factors affecting Vietnam’s stock prices including US stock prices, foreign exchange rates, gold prices and crude oil prices. Using the daily data from 2005 to 2012, the results indicate that Vietnam’s stock prices are influenced by crude oil prices.

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  • Factors affecting the use and consequences of management accounting practices in a transitional economy: The case of Vietnam. This study seeks to help fill an important gap in the literature by investigating factors that have facilitated the use of management accounting practices (MAPs) in Vietnam - a transitional economy.

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  • Factors affecting tourist destination choice: A survey of international travelers to Hanoi, Vietnam. This paper carried out a survey of international tourists who selected Hanoi - Vietnam as their holiday destination and our findings show that brand image and brand loyalty play an important role on tourist’s decision of returning or recommendation to others while brand awareness and quality have no impact.

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  • Assessment of source of air, water, and land pollution - Part II : Approaches for consideration in formulating evironmantal control strategies.The environment is a combination of natural factors and social surrounds the outside of a certain system. They affect this system and identify trends and status of its existence. Environment can be seen as a set, in which the system is considered as a subset. Environment of a system is considered to be interactive with that system

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  • Developing countries’ markets depend extensively (technically and financially) on international services. Reasons for this include (among others) structural, financial and technical constraints, including the small size of markets, under-capitalization of insurance companies and insufficient experience and know-how. Usually, insurance industries there also have a shortage of skilled personnel.

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  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 13 percent of women aged eighteen years and older are in poor, or merely fair, health. More than 12 percent of women face a limitation in their usual activities due to chronic health conditions. In addition, 62 percent of women aged twenty years and older are overweight, a key predictor of future health problems. Moreover, the medical concerns women face often differ from those of most concern to men.

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  • In the study performed by Purushotham et al. (2011) showed that about 28% of total hardness in the study site exceeded the desirable limits at 600 mg L-1. Naturally, the water hardness is due to the presence of alkaline earths such as calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg). Excess of magnesium affects the soil quality, which results in poor crops yield. The high concentration of magnesium and calcium can cause decrease in water quality and may cause encrustation in the water supply structure.

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  • PDi and LDi are aimed at testing the incidence of adverse selection: whether firms in poor financial health and/or facing liquidity constraints are more likely to seek and get access to bank credit. In the case of the liquidity dummy there is no ambiguity about the causality and the interpretation of the results in terms of adverse selection. However, in the case of the profitability dummy, again we cannot fully eliminate the endogeneity problem because – as mentioned before – firm’s profit/loss position may affect also bank’s decision to extend the loan.

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  • The topic’s focus is to identify factors affecting audit quality of financial reports of listed companies in the Vietnamese stock market by independent auditing firms. The research objects are joint stock firms with securities (stocks and bonds) listing on the Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi Stock Exchanges.

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