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Agile software engineering

Xem 1-20 trên 49 kết quả Agile software engineering
  • Part 2 of the book "Software Architecture in Practice (Third Edition)" provide students with knowledge about: architecture in the life cycle; architecture in agile projects; architecture and requirements; documenting software architectures; architecture, implementation, and testing; architecture reconstruction and conformance; architecture evaluation; management and governance; economic analysis of architectures;...

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  • Lecture Software Engineering - Chapter 17: Rapid software development, objectives: To explain how an iterative, incremental development process leads to faster delivery of more useful software; To discuss the essence of agile development methods; To explain the principles and practices of extreme programming; To explain the roles of prototyping in the software process.

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  • Bài giảng Nhập môn công nghệ phần mềm (Introduction to software engineering) gồm có 10 chương, cung cấp cho người học những nội dung chính sau: Chương 1: Tổng quan về Công nghệ phần mềm; chương 2: vòng đời phần mềm; chương 3: phương pháp agile; chương 4: quản lý dự án phần mềm; chương 5: quản lý cấu hình phần mềm; chương 6: kỹ nghệ yêu cầu phần mềm; chương 7: thiết kế phần mềm; chương 8: xây dựng phần mềm; chương 9: quản lý chất lượng phần mềm; chương 10: một số chủ đề nâng cao.

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  • Bài tập Nhập môn công nghệ phần mềm (Introduction to software engineering) - Bài tập tuần 03: Phương pháp Agile & các hoạt động của Agile. Những mục tiêu chính trong bài tập này gồm: Thực hiện các bài tập (câu hỏi) về nội dung Phương pháp Agile, phân tích các yêu cầu chức năng cho bài toán (case study), bài tập về 4 hoạt động chính của Agile.

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  • Chương 3 - Phương pháp Agile. Chương này cung cấp cho người học những kiến thức cơ bản về: Tuyên ngôn của phương pháp Agile, các nguyên lý của phương pháp Agile, so sánh Agile và waterfall, nguyên tắc cơ bản của phương pháp Agile, tính phù hợp của các phương pháp Agile, một số phương pháp Agile phổ biến.

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  • The research provides answers to the above questions with probabilistic approaches and tools to assess the impacts of risk factors on software project scheduling; proposing list of common risk factors and Bayesian Network model of these risk factors; and proposing advanced scheduling methods based on incorporating Bayesian Networks into popular scheduling techniques such as CPM, PERT or agile iteration scheduling etc. Bayesian Networks help quantify the factors, and hence help better manage them as well as enhancing the predictability of things happen in the project.

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  • In Lecture "Introduction to software engineering - Week 1: Course introduction", you will learn to: A general introductory course in software engineering; Introduces important concepts such as software processes and agile methods, and describes essential software development activities, from initial software specification through to system evolution; develop software in multi-person teams by applying software engineering principles.

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  • Lecture Introduction to software engineering - Week 10: Agile software development. In this chapter, you will learn to: Agile methods, extreme programming, agile project management, scaling agile methods. Invite you to find out the detailed content.

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  • After this chapter the student should have acquired the following knowledge and skills: Measuring software complexity, desirable properties of complexity metrics, cyclomatic complexity, converting code to graph, unit testing: path coverage,...

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  • After this chapter the student should have acquired the following knowledge and skills: Why measure software, fundamentals of measurement theory, use case points, problem domain modeling, recombining problem frames.

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  • the book’s web has four principal components: web sections these are extra sections that add to the content presented in each chapter. these web sections are linked from breakout boxes in each chapter. web chapters there are four web chapters covering formal methods, interaction design, documentation, and application architectures. i may add other chapters on new topics during the lifetime of the book.

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  • Lecture 3: Requirements engineering. The main contents of this chapter include all of the following: Requirements engineering components, requirements and user stories, types of requirements, effort estimation (agile methods).

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  • I was familiar with some of the practices mentioned since I own other books from the Pragmatic Bookshelf, but this book brings a lot of those ideas together and presents them in a clear, concise, organized format. I would highly recommend this book to a new developer or to a development team that wanted to get “agile.” Scott Splavec Senior Software Engineer With agile practices spreading across the industry, there is a growing need to understand what it really means to be “agile.” This book is a concise and practical guide to becoming just that.

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  • This book approaches two contemporary topics in the field of software engineer- ing that have had more than a significant impact in the way the modern software is being developed. Agile movement raised the role of experience and people in the centre stage having a profound impact on large and small software organizations alike. Research and practice have shown that agile is penetrating practically in all industrial domains including the globally operating, hardware-bound software development....

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  • The Agile family of development methodologies was born out of a belief that an approach more grounded in human reality would yield better results. Agile emphasizes building working software that people can get hands on with quickly, versus spending a lot of time writing specifications up front. Agile focuses on small, cross-functional teams empowered to make decisions, versus big hierarchies and compartmentalization by function, and Agile focuses on rapid iteration, with as much customer input along the way as possible.

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  • of Engineering and Technology (DUET) in Bangladesh. He has been a passionate developer over the past six years, has worked for leading software companies in the country, such as Somewherein and Improsys, and has developed a series of web applications, services, and solutions for foreign clients as part of the offshore software development and outsourcing team. He is an agile software craftsman, who loves to code, keep himself updated with cutting-edge technologies, and play with PHP, Zend Framework, Ruby-on-Rails, JavaScript, and more.

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  • Many software projects fail unnecessarily because of unclear objectives, redundant and unproductive work, cost overruns, and a host of other avoidable process problems. In response, agile processes and lightweight tooling have begun to replace traditional engineering processes throughout the development lifecycle. Agile ALM is a guide for Java developers who want to integrate flexible agile practices and lightweight tooling along all phases of the software development process.

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  • Learn how to integrate Game Center features directly into your iPhone and iPad apps with the recipes in this short and concise cookbook. Each recipe gives you the solution and the code for adding features such as leaderboards, user authentication, achievements, multiplayer games and many others, using Apple’s GameKit framework in the iOS SDK.

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  • As the team leader for the second most popular iPhone game app in the App Store, Dane Baker knows what it takes to be the apple of the App Store?s eye. With this invaluable book, he offers a non-technical look at all aspects of the iPhone application development landscape and gets to the core of what makes a popular?and profitable?application.

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  • Four acknowledged experts in search engine optimization share guidelines and innovative techniques that will help you plan and execute a comprehensive SEO strategy. This second edition brings you up to date on recent changes in search engine behavior—such as new ranking methods involving user engagement and social media—with an array of effective tactics, from basic to advanced. Comprehend SEO’s many intricacies and complexities

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