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  • In just eight years time, it is predicted that half of the world’s population will be on Australia’s northern doorstep. Four billion people across Asia, enjoying economic growth of around 10 percent per year, represent unparalleled opportunities for Australia’s economy, especially its dynamic farm sector. Expanding Asian societies need food and fi bre like never before and, due to their growing affl uence, are demanding produce of the highest quality: a domain where Australian farmers, because of our clean and natural production systems, have a clear competitive advantage.

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  • Conversely, judges may assign one or two beers much higher scores than other beers simply because they stand out as being much more flavorful (extreme scoring). In addition, as judges become tired (and possibly intoxicated) during long flights, they may allow impressions of some very noticeable characteristics of particular beers to overly influence their perceptions (and scores) of other characteristics of the beers (halo effect). For example, a weizen that is too dark may (falsely) also seem too heavy and caramel-flavored.

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  • To make sure that directors know and understand their roles it is valuable to hold orientation sessions at which new board members learn about the organization and their role in governing it. This should include education on what “governance” involves and how it is practiced in the organization. 6 In situations where the new directors have been involved with the organization for some time and know it and its people well, orientation may only be a review of their governance responsibilities and any other additional information they need to begin work on the board.

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  • Evaluation of 60% of GOK facilities was undertaken in 2009 with UNICEF support and in 2010, 75% of hospitals were supported with BFHI capacity strengthening efforts. The implementation of the program has a strong training component. About three quarters of Kenyan population seek health care in dispensaries and health centres that are in levels two and three according to Kenya Essential Package of Health (KEPH).

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  • The final stage of the analysis phase involves the selection of the strategy(ies) which will be used to achieve the desired objectives. Strategy analysis involves deciding what objectives will be included IN the project, and what objectives will remain OUT, and what the project purpose and overall objectives will be. In addition to examining the logic, strategy analysis also looks at the feasibility of different interventions.

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  • In a layer system, a typical laying hen will consume feed which contains 1.1 kg N while producing approximately 250 eggs . In a broiler system, a typical broiler year (6.7 birds sent 18 to market per year) will also consume 1.1 kg N per year of which 0.6 kg N is excreted and 0.5 kg N are assimilated into body tissues . 18 The macronutrient and micronutrient (see appendix III) values provided strongly indicate that poultry manure is very rich in terms of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as some other elements.

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  • Korea’s experience also illustrates how good crisis management can accelerate structural adjustment. The Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s led to significant down-sizing among large firms in Korea. This process was characterized by mass lay-offs of highly-skilled personnel, and large reductions in corporate R&D spending. The response of the Korean government, in addition to boosting education expenditure, was to increase its R&D budget, to offset the decline in corporate R&D spending.

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  • However, the implementation and optimization techniques needed to satisfy the special (update and transaction) requirements of active databases are not present in sequence queries, which therefore provide greater opportunities for query optimization, which are discussed next. In this article, we explore optimization techniques inspired by string-search algorithms, since finding sequential patterns in databases is somewhat sim- ilar to finding phrases in text.

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  • The result of these constructions is that narrative proceeds in a straight trajectory through time. Any transitions that break linearity (for example, flashbacks) are carefully prepared for and all narrative threads are sewn together at the end. The continuity style is a remarkable form because of its persistence, its invisibility, and because we learn how to read it easily and without any instruction than seeing the films themselves.

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  • Using a more control-oriented terminology, the point-to-point motion task is a stabilization problem for an (equilibrium) point in the robot state space. For a car-like robot, two control inputs are available for adjusting four con guration variables, namely the two cartesian coordinates characterizing the position of a reference point on the vehicle, its orientation, and the steering wheels angle. More in general, for a car-like robot towing N trailers, we have two inputs for recon guring n = 4+N states.

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  • The components of a loosely coupled system are typically designed to operate by generating and responding to asynchronous events. An event notification service is an application-independent in- frastructure that supports the construction of event-based systems, whereby generators of events publish event notifications to the infrastructure and consumers of events subscribe with the infras- tructure to receive relevant notifications. The two primary services that should be provided to com- ponents by the infrastructure are notification selection (i.e.

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  • Students Teach Lifesaving Lessons in Egypt Members of the Egyptian Medical Students’ Association (EMSA) organized a week-long education campaign targeting parents waiting in the outpatient clinics of 20 university hospitals nationwide. Through the effort, 5,000 families were educated about the disease and received informational materials, including a pneumonia coloring book for children. The Egyptian Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (EPSF) distributed fliers, brochures, posters and t-shirts to more than 40,000 people.

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  • As issues or complications arise with regards to project communications it may become necessary to escalate the issue if a resolution cannot be achieved within the project team. Project stakeholders may have many different conflicting interests in a given project. While escalations are a normal part of project management, there must be a documented process that defines how those escalations will take place. Efficient and timely communication is the key to successful project completion.

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  • The  Port  Authority  of  New  York  and  New  Jersey  (the  “Port  Authority”)  is  a  complex  organization,  comprised  of  billions  of  dollars  of  vital  infrastructure  and  transportation  operations as well as significant real estate holdings.  Navigant Consulting, Inc.

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  • The Basics of Social Marketing was developed under the auspices of the Turning Point Social Marketing National Excellence Collaborative, one of five national collaboratives working to strengthen and transform public health as part of the Turning Point Initiative. Seven states and two national partners participated in this project: Illinois, Ohio, Maine, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Virginia, the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation provided financial support for this endeavor.

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  • Internet can be compared with a library. Like a like a library, the Internet is also a source of enjoyable, important and varied information that can be obtained and used by millions of people across the world. The Internet also, like our library contains different forms, like text sound and graphics. Super library does not allow just anybody to browse books or cassettes; this facility is available only for authorized members of the library. In a similar way only authorized users of the Internet can access it to obtain information.

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  • Just as it is difficult to forecast the severity of a pandemic, it is hard to predict its economic effects, even if the outbreak’s scope and severity are known. Based on past influenza pandemics and the SARS outbreak, the most significant impacts would be a sharp decline in demand as people avoided shopping malls, restaurants, and other public spaces, and a reduction in the labour supply as workers become ill, stay home out of fear, or take care of others who are sick. The general slowdown in economic activity would reduce gross domestic product (GDP).

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  • After the two introductory presentations, participants receive hands-on training in how to operate (launch on a computer, troubleshoot, etc.) the UCB particle monitor, the HOBO CO logger and CO diffusion tubes. During a field trip to a nearby biomass-using home they place the instruments in the kitchen, record important sampling information on a sampling data form and collect basic information about the kitchen and household. A post- monitoring questionnaire characterizes important factors that can affect IAP levels.

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  • The main tasks for the third audit step are to collect data about communications practices, and to use that data to make assessments about organizational performance and capacity. It involves actually using the scale described above to gauge where the organization stands on all essential strategic communications practices. The figure on the next page illustrates in matrix form how this assessment might be structured. Note that this audit step could also involve looking at actual communications strategy content or materials and making assessments about their quality.

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  • Peter Farmer reported having received remuneration for consultancy from a commercial entity or other organization with an interest related to the subject of air pollution. Matti Jantunen and Naohide Shinohara reported having received remuneration for consulting from a commercial entity or other organization with an interest related to the subject of air pollution and having received research support from a commercial entity or other organization with an interest related to the subject of air pollution.

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