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Analysis and channel

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  • Knowledge is an essential part of the continuity of humanity. Access to science is through knowledge and vice versa. Children are mostly preoccupied with television, mainly with children's programs on television channels especially cartoons. Cartoons are produced in order to entertain children and to contribute to their development and maturation. Since access to knowledge is through science, it is important that cartoons contain scientific images.

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  • In study "Colorization of black-and-white aerial photographs using deep learning for object-based image analysis land use classification" deep learning techniques to simulate the color channels of a grayscale image are adopted. Then, object-based image analysis is used to classify land use, both colorized images from deep learning and the original black-and-white image, to evaluate the capabilities of colorized images for land use classification. This study uses aerial photographs from the WWS project in 1954, Maha Sarakham province.

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  • This paper aims to provide insights into the factors which manufacturers must take into consideration in contemplating to setting up Internet sales channel. By using transaction cost analysis (TCA), we set up a research model, which composed of various factors which are critical to the success of Internet sales channel and elaborate the role of these factors on this issue. Subsequently, appropriate propositions are instigated and investigated in order to determine the impact of these variables on the manufacturers’ decision making in this area.

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  • The purpose of this paper is to understand the efficiency of different distribution channels for vegetable and propose a model for improvement. Efficiency is the major indicator of the supply chain performance.

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  • The objectives of this study are (1) to analyze supply chain flow in the highland vegetables of Karo districtand Dairi district, North Sumatra, (2) to know the optimization and risk management model of the vegetable supply chain distribution channel in Karo District, North Sumatra, and (3) analyzing the minimalism of microcos in vegetable distribution channel of the Karo Regencyand Dairi regency, North Sumatra.

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  • This study, thus, examined these relationships in a more coherent and integrated approach from the construction industry supply chain in Malaysia. The objective is to establish an association between these constructs and their dimensions on this linkage. The quantitative method was used to test the relationship between the four constructs. The analysis was conducted using Partial Least Square (PLS) technique.

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  • Ebook International marketing: Analysis and strategy (Fourth edition): Part 2 includes contents: Product strategies - basic decisions and product planning, channels of distribution, physical distribution and documentation, sources of financing and international money markets, currencies and foreign exchange,... and other contents.

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  • Research on the microchannel and its flow and heat transfer properties has received much attention. This study employed Autodesk Inventor software to build the model, and the Computational Fluid Dynamics software (Ansys Fluent 14) was used for numerical simulation. Taguchi analysis methods, ANOVA, and Minitab statistics testing were used.

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  • The book treats three major areas: first (Chapters 3, 7, and 8), an analysis of channel models and the proof of coding theorems (theorems whose physical interpretation is that it is possible to transmit information reliably through a noisy channel at any rate below channel capacity, but not at a rate above capacity); second, the study of specific coding systems (Chapters 2, 4, and 5); finally, the study of the statistical properties of information sources (Chapter 6).

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  • The Siraha district of Nepal experiences surplus mango production during the season that ends up being wasted or sold at throw-away prices due to imperfect marketing. Thus, this survey research was conducted to investigate the market channels of mango, post-harvest mechanisms, constraints, marketing margins, market shares, consumer purchasing behaviors, and patterns of purchasing in Siraha.

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  • Part 2 book "Modern digital and analog communication systems" includes content: Fundamentals of probability theory, random processes and spectral analysis, performance analysis of digital communication systems, spread spectrum communications, digital communications under linearly distortive channels, introduction to information theory, error correcting codes

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  • In Vietnam, the bank acts as a credit intermediary, an important player of the financial market, a main capital channel for the economy, thus banking operations affect and orientate economic development in scale and performance. The sustainability of business in the banking sector is extremely important to the bank’s success in the future, but it is still at an early stage in Vietnam. Based on the research and analysis of banking sector, the study also suggest the solution to develop the Vietnamese banking system toward sustainability.

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  • When the sizes of end-user equipments are limited, the cooperative relay networks are recommended as promising virtual MIMO systems to improve the performance of wireless communication systems in literature. In this paper, we focus on performance analysis of twohop relay wireless networks using Decode-and-Forward (DF) scheme.

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  • The purpose of this research aims to investigate an amplify-and-forward-based (AF) energy harvesting (EH) system with imperfect channel state information (CSI), where twoend-nodes and one relay are operated in half-duplex mode. Power splitting-based relaying (PSR) protocol is used to transmit information from source to destination by the energy harvesting enabled relay.

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  • This paper examines how molecular weight affects the diffusion of molecules in the interface of laminar flow in a microfluidic channel. Two mixtures of PS with anisole and PEG were used to evaluate the effect of molecular weight on the microfluidic separation.

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  • A new PGNAA facility has been installed at horizontal channel No.4 of the Dalat research reactor. The facility consists of the following parts: collimators, beam stopper, sample holder table, beam catcher, and biological shielding. The construction takes into account the basic parameters associated with the facility, such as adequate thermal neutron flux and cadmium ratio, good signal-to-background condition, small gamma-ray contamination in the beam and appropriately low dose-rate to the operating personnel.

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  • Cyclic nucleotide-gated channels (CNGCs) are ligand-gated calcium signaling channels, play vital biological functions. Nonetheless, the CNGC gene families have not been well studied in Brassicaceae which includes commercially important and evolutionary model crops. Here, using in silico approaches, we recognized 414 CNGC genes in sixteen sequenced genomes of Brassicaceae species, which represent 10 genera of 8 tribes, ranging between 10‒51 genes.

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  • In the frame of Super-Critical Reactor In Pipe Test Preparation (SCRIPT) project in China, one of the challenge tasks is to predict the transient performance of SuperCritical Water Reactor-Fuel Qualification Test (SCWR-FQT) loop under some accident conditions. Several thermal–hydraulic codes (system code, sub-channel code) are selected to perform the safety analysis.

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  • This paper presents the theoretical analysis of the average symbol error rate (ASER) of free space optical (FSO) communication system combined with multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) relay based on Amplify-and-Forward (AF) technique employing subcarrier quadrature amplitude modulation (SC-QAM) signal over strong atmospheric turbulence, which is modeled by Gamma-Gamma distributions and pointing error.

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  • In this paper, we investigate the physical layer secrecy performance of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system with transmission antenna selection (TAS) and receiver maximal-ratio combining (MRC) in the presence of a single antenna passive eavesdropper over dissimilar fading channels.

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