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  • At the labour levels, workers continue relocating because of labour demands, usually in developed countries, economic distress in their home countries, or a combination of both. In addition, families are increasingly becoming transnational with relatives living in more than one country, reuniting, visiting regularly, while maintaining a transnational network of communic ation (Faist, 2000).

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  • Over the past several years, the U.S. military has become increasingly interested in military operations in urban areas. This attention is warranted because such operations are among the most complex challenges that confront the U.S. Army, be it a conventional conflict or military operations other than war.

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  • The use of non-biomedical therapeutics and the management of cancer are high profile issues in health internationally. They both generate, in their own right, considerable debate amongst academics, practitioners and the wider public. Increasingly, as non-biomedical approaches have become more and more a feature of the range of therapeutic options available to cancer patients, the two have become inextricably linked. This book is concerned with that increasingly evident combination.

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  • The Reschovsky and Staiti study [28] interviewed both patients and physicians, and provides considerable insight regarding differences in physical accessibility across the urban-rural continuum. The nationally representative survey was fielded in urban, suburban, and remote rural regions. Persons in remote rural regions had significantly longer travel times to see physicians and specialists than persons in metropolitan areas (2 minutes longer to see a physician and 34 minutes longer to see a specialist).

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  • Two commonly cited cross-country user-side data collection efforts are the FinMark Trust’s FinScope initiative, a specialized household survey in 14 African countries and Pakistan, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s Life in Transition Survey (LITS), which covers 35 countries in Europe and Central Asia and includes several questions on financial decisions as part of a broader survey.

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  • The theoretical approaches described above were developed without reference to empirical findings. Initial examinations of empirical health trends indicated that the trends differed when different aspects of health were examined and that some indicators showed improving health and some deteriorating health. For instance, Verbrugge (76) noted that from 1972 to 1981 there were increases in reported disease presence and disability, yet improvements in self-reported health.

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  • Drought attributable in significant part to climate change is already causing acute water shortages in large parts of Australia, Asia, Africa, and the United States. Just last month, California water officials warned that the state – whose enormous agricultural and computer industries are heavily water-dependent – is facing “the worst drought in modern history.”1 Shrinking snowcaps are reducing river flows and water supplies across China, India and Pakistan – countries where more than one billion people already lack access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation.

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  • Time and Manner of Providing Acknowledgment – You must obtain the written acknowledgment on or before the earlier of the date you file your return for the year you donated the vehicle, or the due date, including extensions, for filing the return. A charity can provide you with a paper copy of the acknowledgment, or it can provide the acknowledgment electronically, such as via an email addressed to you. Do not attach the acknowledg­ ment to your income tax return; instead, retain it with your records to substantiate your donation. ...

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  • As an example of the modular approach, within the Model Farm program, Dairy Pakistan foresees that additional team leaders can be recruited as necessary, with farm production officers then recruited to support the team leader. It is anticipated that one Team Leader can manage 10 Farm Production Officers, and each Officer can supervise 10 Model Farms; thus appointment of a new Team Leader can result in 100 new model farms per year. With experience, it is expected that the number of farms managed by each Farm Production Officer will increase.

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  • Earlier, Lau and Yotopolous (1971) estimated an equation for the profit function in differences in economic efficiency between large and small farms in India and found that small farms attained a higher level of economic efficiency. Sahidu (1974) adopted the Lau–Yotopolous model to sample of Indian wheat farms and came out with a contrary conclusion – that large and small farms exhibited equal economic efficiency in both the technical and price senses.

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  • This project has been preceded by a series of reports and initiatives, which have recognised a need for further monitoring in the areas of climate change and air pollution impacts on biodiversity. Three major reports on the effects of climate change on biodiversity recommend further monitoring in this area. A review by Hossell et al. (2000) advocated the ‘development of methodologies for monitoring and assessing the status and quality of designated sites and key species affected by climate change’.

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  • The Asian states neighboring Central Asia have historic links and strong interests in the region. China, Iran, Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan are critical players in the security and economic issues that will determine the future of Central Asia and affect U.S. interests in the region. Although these Asian states do not agree on how to

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  • The West, as we noted in the Introduction, relies heavily on the Indian software industry, and thus on Indian stability; China is capable of damaging the American and world econ- omies by cashing in its huge dollar reserves; Russia is able to stop a very large part of the gas supply to Europe. In 2007 we witnessed a cyber attack on Estonia, launched either using the capabilities of a state or by individuals acting anonymously. While NATO lawyers tried to figure out whether this last example constituted an attack according to Article 5, the EU and NATO failed to rally to...

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  • The vast majority (about 70%) of dairy farmers in Pakistan are smallholding farmers. Up to 43% of dairying households in Pakistan maintain herd sizes of one to two animals while another 28% of the households maintain herds ranging from three to four animals3. Some 90% of milk production comes from smallholding farmers. Many believe that only large mechanized farms are the solution to increased profitability and quality.

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  • Shortly after the September 11, 2001, attacks, Air Force Chief of Staff General John Jumper asked RAND Project AIR FORCE to conduct a study entitled “Thinking Strategically About Combating Terrorism.” This year-long project was divided into four research tasks, each tackling different but complementary aspects of the counterterrorism problem: • Threat assessment: identifying the character and boundaries of the threat • The international dimension: assessing the impact of coalition and other international actors on U.S. options • Strategy: designing...

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  • Malnutrition results from a complex set of factors and not one simple cause. The UNICEF conceptual model of causes of malnutrition (page 16) provides a useful framework for the discussion of the causes of malnutrition in Somalia. The volatile political situation and civil unrest have led to a chronic and continuing humanitarian crisis that is at the root of the high prevalence of malnutrition in Somalia. Somalia is also prone to drought and floods.

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  • Nearly 90 percent of maternal deaths are concentrated in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. While South Asia has made steady progress, with a 53 percent drop in maternal mortality between 1990 and 2008, maternal deaths fell by 26 percent in sub-Saharan Africa during that time. About half of maternal deaths occur in six countries: Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan. Targeted interventions in these countries could have a major impact on global maternal mortality.

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  • These individual priors play a bigger role when investors are unfamiliar with the stock market or lack data to assess it. But they are unlikely to fade away even with experience and data. Furthermore, when mistrust is deeply rooted, people may be doubtful about any information they obtain and disre- gard it in revising their priors.

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  • In 2004, the Child Survival Partnership, with support from the Ethiopian government, held the National Partnership Conference on Scaling Up Child Survival Interventions. Participants at the conference agreed to develop a single plan for improving child survival in Ethiopia, double resources for health in Ethiopia, and support the new Health Service Extension Package. The Addis Ababa Statement, developed by the Healthy Newborn Partnership, was also presented at the conference.

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  • Groundwater is an important resource that serves as a backbone of human development. In several regions, mostly in developing countries, groundwater from sedimentary and hard rock aquifers used for drinking is naturally contaminated with arsenic. In different countries in Asia such as India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Nepal, Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, the situation of arsenic toxicity is alarming and severe health problems are reported amongst the inhabitants relying on groundwater as sources of water for drinking purposes....

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