Angiographic stenosis

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  • The quality assurance teams and managers supported the evolution of the breast screening programme locally, and professional quality assurance groups were developed with the relevant associations and royal colleges at a national level. In 1990, a new post of national coordinator of the NHSBSP was established, based at one of the regional heath authori- ties. Mrs Julietta Patnick at the Trent Region in Sheffield was appointed, and she is now the Director of the NHS Cancer Screening Programmes, which includes the NHSBSP.

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  • Overall development objectives may include employment creation, productivity, competitiveness, GDP growth, price stability; and external payments equilibrium; as well as social, sectoral and regional equality including poverty reduction. Positioning SME development policy against national targets makes it easier to co-ordinate the relevant activities of different ministries and to prioritise goals. It also establishes the basis for a tighter process of decision-making.

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  • The cellular damage due to the hypoxi/re-oxigenative stress may trigger the production of free radicals with consequent destabilization of the cell membranes (Calandrella et al., 2010). As a matter of fact literature data show that the ischemic insult at retinal level activates iNOS which leads to the production of nitrogen oxide (Goldstein et al., 1995; Geyer et al., 1995): this compound is cytotoxic at high concentration and causes lipid peroxidation (Crow et al., 1996; Ullrich et al., 2000).

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  • As editor in chief of this book, I would like to acknowledge the efforts made by all of the contributing authors and the entire editorial team in the publishing of this book especially Ms Romina Skomersic for her very precious collaboration. Their dedication to the publication of the most contemporary and comprehensive scientific data has resulted with this excellent work. I would like to dedicate this book to all my colleagues - surgeons, pathologists, oncologists, radiologists and anethesists at Sahloul hospital.

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  • In addition, the federal government pays administrative expense subsidies to insurance companies as an allowance that is intended to cover their expenses for selling and servicing crop insurance policies. In turn, insurance companies use these subsidies to cover their overhead expenses, such as payroll and rent, and to pay commissions to insurance agencies and agents. Companies also incur expenses associated with verifying—adjusting—the amount of loss claimed. These expenses include, for example, loss adjusters’ compensation and their travel expenses to farmers’ fields.

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  • The components of effectiveness are organized around eight clinical areas. Naturally, some measures will cross components; for example, receipt of discharge instructions for heart failure is related to effectiveness of heart disease care as well as care coordination. For the purposes of this document, measures with clinical context are presented with the effectiveness measures. Other measure sets describe health care delivery and systems issues and are discussed together.

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  • Poverty is higher in remote rural areas and in inner cities, but the rural elderly are much more likely to be poor than those living in urban areas. Thirteen percent of rural elders 60 years and older were poor in 2000, compared with nine percent of elders living in a metro area [20]. Thus we expect to find the most evidence of impeded access for the poor elderly who reside in rural areas. We interact the proportion of elderly in poverty with the proportion in rural areas to include in the model.

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  • Besides assembling a wide assortment of products, the wholesaler also may extend short-term credit to buyers. Often he assists retailers in solving merchandising problems. Sometimes wholesalers prepackage products. Retailing is the final link in the distribution chain. Several hundred thousand retail foodstores and additional thousands of department, dry goods, and cigar stores and other specialty stores throughout the country satisfy day-to-day consumer requirements for food and other products of agricultural origin. ...

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  • The commercial success of independent youth-oriented pictures such as those of AIP was matched by that of some more edgy and disturbing independent productions in the same generic territory, especially horror.

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  • The response of Hollywood was to embrace some of this material. A landmark move was the decision by Columbia to distribute Easy Rider (1969), a project originally destined to become another biker picture for AIP. The success of Easy Rider helped convince the studios to invest in a new generation of filmmakers seen to be more in touch with the youth audience affected by the 1960s counterculture. Hollywood learned other lessons from the independents in this period.

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  • Adenoviral vectors serve as an excellent gene delivery system for a variety of cell types or organs for gene therapy and immunization applications. In the second section ‘Adenoviral Vector’, chapter five introduces the history of adenovirus research, the advantage and disadvantage of adenoviral vector, the adenoviral vector induced innate immune response, the evolution of adenoviral vector system, the application of adenoviral vector in gene therapy, and adenoviral vaccine.

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  • The third section deals with neuroprotection. As we have discussed above, this has become a kind of Holy Grail for stroke scientists. Contributors to this section reviewed the state of the art in this quest or reported their experience in exploring novel ways of neuroprotection. Their work will be a useful addition to the store of knowledge that the modern Parsifal will exploit to finally find his Grail. I am most grateful to the Authors of the various chapters, who have expertly written and patiently revised their very interesting work for this book.

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  • As the entertainment industry has become an increasingly global enterprise in recent years, Hollywood continues to occupy the central role in the production and commercialization of culture. Just as classi- cal Hollywood’s domination of the movie industry a half-century ago induced critic Gilbert Seldes (1978) to say that “the movies come from America,” so might one argue today that “entertainment comes from America”—and, more specifically, from Hollywood.

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  • Trypanosomiasis, usually caused in camels by the protozoan Trypanosoma evansi, is a major clinical disease and cause of economic loss. Unlike other trypanosome species, T. evansi does not have to undergo part of its life cycle in tsetse flies and it is transmitted mechanically by other biting flies. These flies are usually of the tabanid group, mainly of the genus Tabanus, but some so called stable flies of the genus Stomoxys, also transmit the disease. In some of East African countries, the major tabanid vectors are Philoliche zonata and P. magretti. ...

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  • Geographical differences exist among the type of alcohol people consume – beer, wine, spirits or other alcoholic beverages. In this report, ‘beer’ includes malt beers, ‘wine’ includes wine made from grapes, and ‘spirits’ include all distilled beverages. Other includes one or several other alcoholic beverages, such as fermented beverages made from sorghum, maize, millet, rice, or cider, fruit wine, fortifi ed wine, etc. Spirits are the most consumed beverages in terms of litres of pure alcohol in Asian and eastern European countries (Figure 2; Table 3).

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  • You’ll make money on a mutual fund if the value of its investments goes up and you sell the fund for more than you paid for it. This is called a capital gain. If you sell the fund for less than you paid for it, this is called a capital loss. Depending on the fund, you may also receive distributions of dividends, interest, capital gains or other income the fund earns on its investments. However, unless you ask for the distributions to be paid in cash, the fund will usually reinvest them for you. ...

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  • The Indian aged population is currently the second largest in the world after China (100 million). The absolute number of 60 and over in India will likely to increase from 77 million in 2001 to 137 million by 2021 (United Nations, 2003). The decadal growth rate among elderly population during 1991-2001 is about 40 percent – double than the general population growth of 21 percent. The percentage of elderly in India has increased from 5.4 percent in 1951 to 6.4 percent in 1981 and further to 7.4 in 2001. If the percentage of elderly population is above seven percent in...

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  • Benzene is a colourless, liquid, flammable, aromatic hydrocarbon that is a component of petrol, or may result from incomplete combustion of fuels. Benzene, a natural component of crude oil, is emitted from a range of industrial and combustion sources. The major source of benzene is motor vehicles—both vehicle exhaust (contributing approximately 75% to 80% of emissions) and evaporative emissions (including evaporation losses from motor vehicles and evaporation losses during the handling, distribution and storage of petrol).

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  • It is clear that levels of financial literacy vary within countries and it is therefore useful to know more about how they vary across particular socio-economic groups. The findings of analysis by socio-demographics show that women have much lower levels of financial knowledge than men in almost all of the countries studied (Hungary being the exception). So for example, whilst 67% of men in the UK gained a score of 6 or more on the knowledge measure, just 40% of women achieved the same; in Germany the corresponding percentages are 67% and 50%. Women are also less likely...

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  • Before deciding whether to buy a good or service, consumers often have the opportunity to gather information or simply spend time thinking about how much they would enjoy the good. Gathering or processing information is costly, in terms of money, time, and e¤ort. A …rm, through its advertising, product design, and marketing strategies, can a¤ect these costs and make it easier or harder for consumers to assess whether a product is a good match for their needs or preferences.

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