Applications in nanomaterials

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  • This book focuses on the Fourier transform applications in the analysis of some types of materials. The field of Fourier transform has seen explosive growth during the past decades, as phenomenal advances both in research and application have been made. During the preparation of this book, we found that almost all the textbooks on materials analysis have a section devoted to the Fourier transform theory. Most of those describe some formulas and algorithms, but one can easily be lost in seemingly incomprehensible mathematics....

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  • This mini-review first aims at presenting fundamental knowledge about nanomaterials such as history and definition, classification, and fabrication. The application of nanomaterials in construction industry is summarized in the later part.

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  • Nanotechnology in particular carbon nanomaterials, such as carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene, is both technologically and commercially important. This is clearly seen from the amount of scientific and production activities in the last two decades. Carbon nanomaterials have been portrayed as the materials of the 21st century, in a similar manner that Si technology/information technology and petrochemicals have significantly contributed to the worldwide development in the last century.

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  • To meet the food requirement of a huge population the food grain production need to be enhanced accordingly. However the goal of higher production must not come at the cost of heavy exploitation of natural resources. In order to attain higher yields, need of the hour is to develop and promote new technologies and reform agricultural research. Nanotechnology holds promise in improving the fertilizer use efficiency of fertilizers. The unique properties can be exploited beneficially for improving the nutrient use efficiency.

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  • In these recent years, magnetite (Fe3O4) has witnessed a growing interest in the scientific community as a potential material in various fields of application namely in catalysis, biosensing, hyperthermia treatments, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents and drug delivery.

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  • It gives me immense pleasure in introducing the book "Nanomaterials" based on state of the art of un-doped and doped semiconductor metal oxide nanostructures, state of the art of nano-composites as well as applied polymers, and their various potential applications. This deals with nano-technological aspects of the synthesis, growth, development, and potential applications of semiconductor nanostructure metal oxides.

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  • The book “Advances in Diverse Industrial Applications of Nanocomposites” was well thought about knitt ing several broad disciplines of nanocomposites in mind. A glance through the pages of science and engineering literature shows that the use of nanocomposites for emerging technologies represents one of the most active areas of research and development throughout the fi elds of chemistry, physics, life sciences, and related technologies.

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  • Nanomaterials, characterized by at least one dimension in the nanometer range, can be considered to constitute a bridge between single molecules and infinite bulk systems. Besides individual nanostructures involving clusters, nanoparticles, quantum dots, nanowires and nanotubes, collections of these nanostructures in the form of arrays and superlattices are of vital interest to the science and technology of nanomaterials.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'advances in diverse industrial applications of nanocomposites_2', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, hoá học - dầu khí phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • In April 2000, the Japanese government established the National Strategy for Industrial Technology in order to identify challenges and solutions for Japanese industrial technology in the twenty-first century. The Second Science and Technology Basic Plan, a five year plan that started in 2001, is a part of this national strategy. According to this plan, a total of approximately $200 billion will be invested in governmental research and development.

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  • Where the possibilities of a man reached the end, especially from the point of view of technical solutions, the nature took over and formed our environment according to its needs. Nowadays technical and engineering activities have a significantly greater impact on the natural laws and rules once considered as changeless. Nonetheless we have been approaching the same pattern that we followed in the past – we get inspired by the nature. We imitate shapes, functions or we deal with combinations of the two.

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  • Over the last decade, PV technology has shown the potential to become a major source of power generation for the world – with robust and continuous growth even during times of financial and economic crisis. That growth is expected to continue in the years ahead as worldwide awareness of the advantages of PV increases. At the end of 2009, the world’s PV cumulative installed capacity was approaching 23 GW. One year later it was 40 GW. In 2011, more than 69 GW are installed globally and...

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  • The DOE’s Carbon Sequestration Program also supports global initiatives, such as the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF), an international climate change initiative that focuses on the development of technologies to cost-effectively capture and sequester CO2, and the International Energy Agency (IEA). The Carbon Sequestration Program is also providing technical and financial support to international projects through the Core R&D MVA Program. Projects include the Weyburn Project (see Section 3.

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  • This is believed to be the first book that takes a view of nanotechnology from a telecommunications and networking perspective. Nanotechnology refers to the manipulation of materials at the atomic or molecular level. Nanotechnology is getting a lot of attention of late not only in academic settings and in laboratories around the world, but also in government and venture capitalists’ initiatives. There now is a major drive to commercialize the technology by all sorts of firms, ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies.

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  • Quantum dots are one of the most promising types of nanoparticles, which are exceptionally useful for variety of new applications because of their unique properties. This is a collaborative book sharing and providing the academic community with a base text that could serve as a reference in research by presenting up-to-date research work on the field of quantum dot systems. We are most grateful to all authors of the chapters for highlighting the important issue of the potential applications of quantum dot system with a high quality work of their research....

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  • DNA chips are gaining increasing importance in different fields ranging from medicine to analytical chemistry with applications in the latter in food safety and food quality issues as well as in environmental protection. In the medical field, DNA chips are frequently used in arrays for gene expression studies (e.g.

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  • For this, credit is due to a set of economists and water quality engineers who were actively exploring the application of taxes to the problems of large, polluted watersheds. In the mid-1960s, large studies of the Delaware River Estuary were undertaken to assess, among other things, the desirability of using effluent charges to control pollutants. In 1967, Johnson reported that a “zoned” effluent charge program (where different tax levels were applied in different zones along the estuary) would cost half as much as a “uniform treatment” regulation.

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  • Sources of groundwater contamination associated with human activities are widespread and include diffuse as well as point source pollution like land application of animal wastes and agrochemicals in agriculture, disposal practices of human excreta and wastes such as leaking sewers or sanitation systems, leakage of waste disposal sites, landfills, underground storage tanks, pipelines and pollution due to both poor practices and accidental spills in mining, industry, traffic, health care facilities and military sites. ...

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  • Available as a dust, wettable powder, and emulsifiable concentrate, permethrin is used on more than 10 percent of the birds (layers, breeders, pullets) treated for ectoparasites. Treatment is most often applied to birds at a rate of 1 gallon of spray (0.004 pound of active ingredient) spray per 100 birds. Premise application at the same concentration is made at a rate of 1 to 2 gallons spray per 1,000 square feet of surface area. Dust formulations (0.25 percent) are applied to birds (dust boxes) and premises (litter) at a rate of 1 pound (0.003 pound of active ingredient) per 100...

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  • The objectives of the thesis: Research, fabricate and determine the characteristic of three nanomaterials (silver, copper and iron) and evaluate the ability to inhibit the cyanobacteria of nanomaterials in fresh water bodies.

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