Approximate functional dependencies

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  • This paper shows how finite approximations of long distance dependency (LDD) resolution can be obtained automatically for wide-coverage, robust, probabilistic Lexical-Functional Grammar (LFG) resources acquired from treebanks. We extract LFG subcategorisation frames and paths linking LDD reentrancies from f-structures generated automatically for the Penn-II treebank trees and use them in an LDD resolution algorithm to parse new text.

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  • In this paper, we introduce in brief on the concepts of Approximate Functional Dependency (AFD), of Approximate Functionally Cross-Characteristic Dependency known as type II AFD and describe an adoption of AFD to a constructing method of decisson tree for databases mining purposes.

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  • Although ultimately intended functions include text generation (e.g., 4), present efforts focus on text analysis: developing the capability to take in essentially unconstrained business text and to output grammar and style critiques, on a sentence by sentence basis. Briefly, we use a large on-line dictionary and a bottom-up parser in connection with an Augmented Phrase Structure Grammar (5) to obtain an approximately correct structural description of the surface t e x t (e.g., we posit no transformations or recovery of deleted material to infer underlying "deep" structures). ...

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  • Trong bài báo này, đầu tiên, các tác giả nhắc lại một số khái niệm cơ bản của lý thuyết tập thô, các độ đo lỗi g1, g2, g3 của phụ thuộc hàm. Sau đó, các tác giả đề xuất độ đo lỗi g4 dựa trên phân hoạch và kỳ vọng trong lý thuyết xác suất.... Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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  • The aim of this paper is to present the concepts about Type 2 Approximate Functional Dependency - AFD 2 (relating to the correlation between atributes of the relational file) and the outliers with functional dependency. The paper also gives some properties of ADF 2 and algorithms for finding the outliers with functional dependency.

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  • We study the energy-loss function for lead in the framework of the time-dependent density functional theory, using the full-potential linearized augmented plane-wave plus local orbitals method. The ab initio calculations are performed in the adiabatic local density approximation. The comparison between the obtained energy-loss function for zero momentum transfer with those from reflection electron energy loss spectroscopy measurements and from first-principles calculations shows good agreement.

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  • This paper deals with the nonlinear dynamic problem of eccentrically stiffened functionally graded circular cylindrical shells subjected to time dependent axial compression and external pressure by analytical approach. The present novelty is that an approximate three-term solution of deflection taking into account the nonlinear buckling shape is chosen, the nonlinear dynamic second-order differential three equations system is established and the frequency-amplitude relation of nonlinear vibration is obtained in explicit form.

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  • Contents Preface 1 The Wave Function 2 Time-Independent Schrödinger Equation 3 Formalism 4 Quantum Mechanics in Three Dimensions 5 Identical Particles 6 Time-Independent Perturbation Theory 7 The Variational Principle 8 The WKB Approximation 9 Time-Dependent Perturbation Theory 10 The Adiabatic Approximation 11 Scattering 12 Afterword Appendix Linear Algebra 2nd Edition – 1st Edition Problem Correlation Grid 2 3 14 62 87 132 154 196 219 236 254 268 282 283 299 .2 Preface These are my own solutions to the problems in Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, 2nd ed.

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  • We build a three-factor term-structure of interest rates model and use it to price corporate bonds. The first two factors allow the risk-free term structure to shift and tilt. The third factor generates a stochastic credit-risk premium. To implement the model, we apply the Peterson and Stapleton (2002) diffusion approximation methodology. The method approximates a correlated and lagged-dependent lognormal diffusion processes. We then price options on credit-sensitive bonds.

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  • We begin with two fairly obvious points. First, not surprisingly, for both of the maquiladoras, the health damages (whether measured in number of cases or in dollars) from uncontrolled emissions are considerably higher than for controlled emissions. For the iron foundry, damages are approximately 17 times as high for uncontrolled emissions as for controlled emissions. For the chemical plant, they are approximately 50 times as high. Thus, it bears emphasis that the magnitude of the health damages from maquiladora emissions depends critically on the level of emissions abatement.

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  • Assembly of the components of the thylakoidDpH-dependent/Tat protein transport machinery was analyzed in vitro. Upon incubation with intact chloroplasts, precur-sors to all three components, Hcf106, cpTatC and Tha4, were imported into the organelle and assembled into char-acteristic endogenous complexes. In particular, all of the imported cpTatC and approximately two-thirds of the imported Hcf106functionally assembled into 700 kDa complexes capable of binding Tat pathway precursor pro-teins.

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  • The gene encodingBacillus subtilisUMP kinase (pyrH/ smbA) is transcribed in vivo into a functional enzyme, which represents approximately 0.1% of total soluble proteins. The specific activity of the purified enzyme under optimal conditions is 25 unitsÆmg )1 of protein. In the absenceofGTP,theactivityofB. subtilisenzyme is less than 10% of its maximum activity. Only dGTP and 3¢-anthraniloyl-2¢-deoxyguanosine-5¢-triphosphate (Ant-dGTP) can increase catalysis significantly.

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  • In this paper, a multi-objective economic order quantity model with shortages and demand dependent unit cost under storage space constraint is formulated. In real life situation, the objective and constraint goals and cost parameters are not precisely defined. These are defined in fuzzy environment. The cost parameters are represented here as triangular shaped fuzzy numbers with different types of left and right branch membership functions.

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  • The issue of eco-effi ciency has continued to gain prominence in Latin America and the Caribbean. Latin America is the most urbanized region in the world, with approximately 76% of its population living in urban areas. With cities growing so rapidly, the region is at an important crossroads in terms of urban development and its future will depend heavily upon the real, long-term sustainability of urban systems. The adoption of eco- effi ciency as a core urban value will require a thoroughgoing change in the way cities function and develop.

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  • von Willebrand Disease vWD is the most common inherited bleeding disorder. Estimates from laboratory data suggest a prevalence of approximately 1%, but data based on symptomatic individuals suggest that it is closer to 0.1% of the population. vWF serves two roles: (1) as the major adhesion molecule that tethers the platelet to the exposed subendothelium; and (2) as the binding protein for FVIII, resulting in significant prolongation of the FVIII half-life in circulation.

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  • We find that for operational forms of policy rules, ie rules that do not depend on contemporaneous values of endogenous aggregate variables, many interest-rate rules do not exhibit robust stability. We consider a variety of interest-rate rules, including instrument rules, optimal reaction functions under discretion or commitment, and rules that approximate optimal policy under commitment.

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  • In this chapter, you will learn about: Intrinsic semiconductors, doped – extrinsic materials, effective mass approximation, density of states, fermi-dirac distribution function, temperature dependence, generation-recombination,...

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  • The document Quantum mechanical theory present the content: origins of quantum physics; mathematical tools of quantum mechanics; postulates of quantum mechanics; one-dimensional problems; angular momentum; three-dimensional problems; rotations and addition of angular momenta; identical particles; approximation methods for stationary states; time-dependent perturbation theory; scattering theory; the delta function; angular momentum in spherical coordinates; C++ code for solving the schrodinger equation.

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