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  • The term word assaciation is used in a very particular sense in the psycholinguistic literature. (Generally speaking, subjects respond quicker than normal to the word "nurse" if it follows a highly associated word such as "doctor.") We wilt extend the term to provide the basis for a statistical description of a variety of interesting linguistic phenomena, ranging from semantic relations of the doctor/nurse type (content word/content word) to lexico-syntactic co-occurrence constraints between verbs and prepositions (content word/function word). ...

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  • When revealing many such cause-effect relations and hidden phenomena, hand-held instrumentation gives additional references for existing basic measurements such as pH, conductivity, and redox potential. This work also took in use measurements which have not been traditionally used in papermaking such as measurement of halogens, dissolved calcium, and dissolved oxygen contents. ATP content measurement using a portable luminometer was found to be useful and easy-to-use method for evaluating microbial activity and optimizing biocide performance at paper mills.

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  • In presenting this book, John Ashurst and I have many people to thank, particularly Ian Bristow for his admirable introduction to the subject of conservation on which successive contributors have built; and David Honeyborne, whose name has long been associated with pioneering work in the field of stone weathering. Many others are owed much, and it is a debt which cannot adequately be repaid. For my part I must thank John Ashurst, first and foremost for the constant aid and encouragement he has given.

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  • Oracle Spatial allows users and application developers to seamlessly integrate their spatial data into enterprise applications. Oracle Spatial facilitates analysis based on the spatial relationships of associated data, like the proximity of store locations to customers within a given distance and sales revenue per territory. Oracle Spatial manages spatial data in an industry-standard database, resulting in application integration that takes place at the data server.

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  • Coronal Mass Ejections are a spectacular an violent phenomenon of the solar atmosphere with repercussions throughout the entire heliosphere. They are a spectacular sight when seen to erupt from the Sun with the aid of a coronagraph such as LASCO on the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory SoHO. They are a violent phenomenon when arriving at Earth, pounding on our magnetosphere, and sometimes disrupting all kinds of achievements of the industrial and information age.

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  • Though Birkhoff’s model does include important components of aesthetics, it does not provide for emotional reactions from interpretation. Birkhoff himself made reference to this, when he pointed out that certain polygons might have associations not accounted for in M that could influence judgement. For example, a cross-shaped polygon may have “positive connotative associations1 .” Later, Berlyne incorporated meaning, as well as complexity and order (or the related property, balance) in the model described next....

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  • Movement is an intrinsic property associated with all living things.Within cells, molecules undergo coordinated and organized movements, and cells themselves may move across a surface. At the tissue level,muscle contraction allows higher organisms to carry out and control crucial internal functions, such as peristalsis in the gut and the beating of the heart. Muscle contraction also enables the organism to perform organized and sophisticated movements, such as walking, running, flying, and swimming.

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  • For many years microbiologists believed that the tissues of healthy animals normally contained bacteria (Reith, 1926; Ingram, 1972). These ‘intrinsic’ bacteria were the cause of phenomena such as ‘bone taint’. The cause of bone taint is still questioned and will be discussed later.The prevailing view of the majority of textbooks (Banwart, 1989;Varnam and Sutherland, 1995), based in part on the work of Gill (Gill, 1979, 1980) is that the meat of a healthy animal is essentially sterile.

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  • The Nondestructive testing science is a broad field that covers variety of testing methods and applications, in addition to the associated pre and post processing mathematics. In terms of methods and techniques the Nondestructive testing modalities rely on different physical phenomena such as the electromagnetism, the acoustic emission, the thermal emission and the penetration of high-energy radiation through materials and structures.

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  • The science of friction, i.e., tribology, is possibly together with astronomy one of the oldest sciences. Human interest in astronomy has many reasons, the awe experienced when observing the dark and endless sky, the fear associated with phenomena such as eclipses, meteorites, or comets, and perhaps also

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  • Evolution and development are the two biological processes most associated with the idea of organic change. Indeed, the very notion of evolution originally referred to the unfolding of a preformed structure within the developing embryo and only later acquired its current meaning as the transformation of species through time. It seems, therefore, only logical to assume that the biological disciplines that study these two different phenomena- embryology, later transformed into developmental biology, and evolutionary biology, especially phylogenetics-would be closely related....

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  • Biosystems and Biomaterials Division. The primary objective is to collaborate with or conduct research consistent with division projects in standards, measurement methods, and theoretical models that improve understanding and prediction of complex biological processes associated with environmental health, human health, and cell-based manufacturing.

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  • In this paper, we provide an account of how to generate sentences with coordination constructions from clause-sized semantic representations. An algorithm is developed and various examples from linguistic literature will be used to demonstrate that the algorithm does its job well. 1 Introduction The linguistic literature has described numerous coordination phenomena (Gleitman, 1965; Ross, 1967; Neijt, 1979; Quirk et al., 1985; van Oirsouw, 1987; Steedman, 1990; Pollard and Sag, 1994; Carpenter, 1998).

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  • Tree Unification Grammar is a declarative unification-bas~:l linguistic framework. The basic grammar stmaures of this framework are partial descriptions of trees, and the framework requires only a single grammar rule to combine these partial descriptions. Using this framework, constraints associated with various linguistic phenomena (reflexivisationin particular)~ be stated succinctlyin the lexicon.

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  • In one form or another, the phenomena associated with "meaning transfer" have become central issues in a lot of recent work on semantics. Speaking very roughly, we can partition approaches to the phenomenon along two dimensions, which yield four basic points of departure. In the first two, people have considered transfer in basically semantic or linguistic terms.

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  • Recent research has shown that language and the socio-cognitive phenomena associated with it can be aptly modeled and visualized through networks of linguistic entities. However, most of the existing works on linguistic networks focus only on the local properties of the networks. This study is an attempt to analyze the structure of languages via a purely structural technique, namely spectral analysis, which is ideally suited for discovering the global correlations in a network.

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