Automatic caption generation

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  • In this paper we tackle the problem of automatic caption generation for news images. Our approach leverages the vast resource of pictures available on the web and the fact that many of them are captioned. Inspired by recent work in summarization, we propose extractive and abstractive caption generation models. They both operate over the output of a probabilistic image annotation model that preprocesses the pictures and suggests keywords to describe their content.

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  • This paper presents a novel approach to automatic captioning of geo-tagged images by summarizing multiple webdocuments that contain information related to an image’s location. The summarizer is biased by dependency pattern models towards sentences which contain features typically provided for different scene types such as those of churches, bridges, etc. Our results show that summaries biased by dependency pattern models lead to significantly higher ROUGE scores than both n-gram language models reported in previous work and also Wikipedia baseline summaries. ...

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  • Automatic image annotation is an attractive approach for enabling convenient access to images found in a variety of documents. Since image captions and relevant discussions found in the text can be useful for summarizing the content of images, it is also possible that this text can be used to generate salient indexing terms. Unfortunately, this problem is generally domainspecific because indexing terms that are useful in one domain can be ineffective in others.

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