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  • The purpose of this research is to determine the factors that affect the profitability of commercial banks in Vietnam. Beside, the article has given the best solution to managers and investors to decide their business strategy and minimize financial risk.

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  • The research focuses on commercial banks in Vietnam including state-owned commercial banks and other joint stock commercial banks, but foreign banks and joint-venture banks in Vietnam. The research reviews bank data and statistics of more than 40 Vietnamese commercial banks for the period of 2006-2012 and their financial statements in 2012.

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  • With reference to the organizational models and different types of investment banking of commercial banks in the world, the survey in Vietnams commercial banks from secondary data, the article pointed out some weaknesses and the reasons so as to suggest some approaches and recommendations for diversifying the organization model, increasing the number and improving the quality of investment banking for commercial banks in Vietnam in the coming time.

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  • Determinants of net interest margin of commercial banks in Vietnam. This study provides an insight into the determinants of net interest margin (NIM) of commercial banks in Vietnam during the recession period. We employ secondary data collected from published audited consolidated financial reports of Vietnamese commercial banks from 2008, the year marking the outbreak of the global financial crisis, to the end of 2012.

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  • The increasing penetration of foreign banks in line with the roadmap for openness following free trade agreements signed has been posing a number of challenges for domestic ones, namely the amounting pressure of competition in the sector, the possibility that domestic banks will gradually lose important segments of the market, being acquired and controlled by foreign ones.

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  • Look at the model of organization and operation of the banking system in the background of market economy and innovation trend toward state management activities of commercial banks. Research organization and operation of the State Bank as the subject of state management for commercial banks in Vietnam; studying the mechanism of action of the State Bank to the banking system performance in Vietnam.

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  • E-banking is an inevitable trend of the banking industry in the future. E-banking benefits not only banks but also customers, so the study of models of adoption and usage of E-banking is essential.

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  • This paper examines how bank risk varies with change in financial market development through a dataset of 25 commercial banks in Vietnam. Empirical results show that the bank risk is positively associated with the development of Vietnam’s financial market. Based on the research findings, we provide implications for commercial bank management and policy-making efforts.

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  • Complacency is dangerous, especially in a rapidly changing world. For decades, Japanese bankers were complacent with a rapidly growing economy and with cozy relationships with government bureaucrats who pursued policies that virtually eliminated traditional banking risks. Rapid economic growth, for instance, provided a steady flow of deposits, which in turn financed corporate expansion. Rapid economic growth fur- ther fueled corporate profits and asset inflation that made the repayment of loans almost...

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  • Research objectives: To research an overview of e-banking service quality, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, switching cost, customer trust and the relationship among variables; to develop a research model on the relationship among e-banking service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty affected by intermediate factors including switching cost and customer trust in e-banking sector in Vietnam.

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  • Vietnam Economic Monitor Spring 2002 The World Bank in Vietnam Vietnam Economic Monitor – Spring 2002 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION .............................................................................................................3 Part I. Recent Economic Developments ..........................................................................4 External difficulties Industrial Sector Leads Growth as Agriculture Slows Domestic Drivers of Growth Private Investment Demand Macroeconomic Policies 4 6 7 9 11 Part II. Structural Reforms.............................................

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  • The aim of this study is to investigate the impact of service quality performance on customer satisfaction on ATM service in a commercial bank in Vietnam. This study applies SERVPERF framework to analyze the data collected from a questionnaire survey and found that ASSURANCE and TANGIBLES factors significantly impact on the customer satisfaction.

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  • Income diversification and bank efficiency in Vietnam. This study uses the DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis) method to estimate the technical efficiency index of 34 Vietnamese commercial banks in the period 2007-2015, and then it analyzes the impact of income diversification on the operational efficiency of Vietnamese commercial banks through a censored regression model - the Tobit regression model.

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  • Reforming the state bank of Vietnam towards an independent central bank: The application of new public management in Vietnam.In many open-richf inancially develop ed countries, the central bank (CB) p lays an imp ortant role in the develop ment of a sound and eff ective f inancial system in par- ticular, and economic develop ment and stabilization of the economy in general.

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  • Determinants of access to bank credit for agricultural households in Vietnam. This study examines the determinants of access to bank credit for agricultural households in Vietnam. Although there have been many positive developments, there is still a big gap in the economy when agricultural and rural areas are compared with urban areas; many agricultural households are still living in poverty.

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  • On April 6, 1998, the creation of Citigroup through the combination of Citicorp and Travelers Inc. was announced to the general applause of analysts and financial pundits. The “merger of equals” created the world’s largest financial services firm—largest in market value, product range, and geographic scope. Management claimed that strict attention to the use of capital and rigorous control of costs (a Travelers specialty) could be combined with Citicorp’s uniquely global footprint and retail banking franchise to produce uncommonly good revenue and cost synergies.

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  • What is investment banking? Is it investing? Is it banking? Really, it is neither. Investment banking, or I-banking, as it is often called, is the term used to describe the business of raising capital for companies and advising them on financing ...

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  • What is investment banking? Is it investing? Is it banking? Really, it is neither. Investment banking, or I-banking, as it is often called, is the term used to describe the business of raising capital for companies and advising them on financing and merger alternatives. Capital essentially means money. Companies need cash in order to grow and expand their businesses; investment banks sell securities to public investors in order to raise this cash. These securities can come in the form of stocks or bonds, which we will discuss in depth later....

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  • The transmission of monetary policy is the center of economic studies, this field was renewed in light of the 2008 global financial crisis with arguments about the effectiveness and the determinants of transmission channels especially in emerging markets such as Vietnam which may have strong bank lending channel while asset price channel and exchange rate channel may be weak.

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  • Gold has always fascinated the mankind’s imagination and influenced their urge to possess the same. Gold occupies a pivotal role in the social and economic life of poor and rich alike. In Vietnam, besides the economic and strong social considerations, individuals are highly sentimental about the gold jewellery in their possession, as the gold ornaments are passed on from one generation to another. Acquisition of gold is considered auspicious and necessary for making family ornaments to get a sense of wellbeing in our country.

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