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  • Every year,Americans use over one billion sharp objects to administer healthcare in their homes. These sharp objects include lancets, needles, and syringes. If not disposed of in puncture-resistant containers, they can injure sanitation workers. Sharp objects should be disposed of in hard plastic or metal containers with secure lids. The containers should be clearly marked and be puncture resistant.

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  • Understanding the current state of your storage infrastructure—what capacity you have, where it is located, who is using it, who is paying for it, how efficiently it is being used, and how well it is meeting SLAs—is fundamental to intelligently planning, provisioning, and managing storage. Buying and deploying storage as it is often done on a per-project basis— based on loose estimates of immediate and future required capacity, application requirements, and response times—typically results in over-purchasing of hardware and poor allocation of resources.

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  • This edition is not completely new. The second edition built on the first, and SO does this edition. This work has been almost entirely one of “internationalizing” a work mainly written for the UK. New matter has been added, especially in the areas of analyzers, level and flowmeters, and fieldbus. References to standards are various, ard British Standards are often referenced. International standards are in flux, and most standards bodies are striving to have equivalent standards throughout the world.

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  • In official statistics, it is not always easy to distinguish independently owned companies. If, for example, employment data is collected at the establishment level then it is likely that these statistics will include a significant proportion of units owned by larger firms. Yet, from a policy viewpoint the characteristics of the owner-managed independent business are substantially different from those of the small subsidiary firm of a large organisation. Such characteristics radically affect SME responses to policy initiatives.

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  • According to a recent view of culture as a dynamic process (Miller 1995; Shaw and Clarke 1998), cultural differences often cause differences in consumer behavior within and across national borders. Referring to the identification of consumer segments across countries, macro-level geographic, political, economic, and cultural data have been typically used (e.g., Helsen et al. 1993; Kale 1995). In fact, to identify market segments, national borders and the study of culture are appropriate as segmentation criteria when consumer behavior is "culture bound" (e.g.

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  • Windows 20000 Commands Pocket Reference documents the Windows command mode. It's designed for system administrators, but will also be valuable to many users. It includes most available Windows 2000 commands, as well as the most useful system administration command-line utilities from the Resource Kit. Weeded out of this book are Windows commands and command options that are obscure, obsolete, broken, unacceptably insecure, or frankly inadvisable, as well a few special-purpose classes of commands.

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  • Certain spans of utterances in a discourse, referred to here as segments, are widely assumedto form coherent units. Further, the segmental structure of discourse has been claimed to constrain and be constrained by many phenomena. However, there is weak consensus on the nature of segments and the criteria for recognizing or generating them. We present quantitative results of a two part study using a corpus of spontaneous, narrative monologues. The first part evaluates the statistical reliability of human segmentation of our corpus, where speaker intention is the segmentation criterion. ...

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  • A simple formalism is proposed to represent the contexts in which pronouns, definite/indefinite descriptions, and ordinal descriptions (e.g. 'the second book') can be used, and the way in which these expressions change the context. It is shown that referring expressions can be generated by a unification grammar provided that some phrase-structure rules are specially tailored to express entities in the current knowledge base.

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  • Screening for breast cancer began in the UK in 1988 and the prevalent screening round was completed in 1995. Currently, all women aged 50-64 are invited for mammograms every three years; the age range is to be expanded to women aged 70 by 2004. 17 In 1999-2000, the NHS Breast Screening Programme detected 9,797 cancers by screening about 1,550,000 women. 2 The potential use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for screening high risk women aged 35-50 is being evaluated.

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  • This paper describes a series of experiments to test the hypothesis that the parallel application of multiple NLP tools and the integration of their results improves the correctness and robustness of the resulting analysis. It is shown how annotations created by seven NLP tools are mapped onto toolindependent descriptions that are defined with reference to an ontology of linguistic annotations, and how a majority vote and ontological consistency constraints can be used to integrate multiple alternative analyses of the same token in a consistent way. ...

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  • Many automatic evaluation metrics for machine translation (MT) rely on making comparisons to human translations, a resource that may not always be available. We present a method for developing sentence-level MT evaluation metrics that do not directly rely on human reference translations. Our metrics are developed using regression learning and are based on a set of weaker indicators of fluency and adequacy (pseudo references). Experimental results suggest that they rival standard reference-based metrics in terms of correlations with human judgments on new test instances. ...

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  • We present a Czech-English statistical machine translation system which performs tree-to-tree translation of dependency structures. The only bilingual resource required is a sentence-aligned parallel corpus. All other resources are monolingual. We also refer to an evaluation method and plan to compare our system’s output with a benchmark system.

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  • This paper addresses a multi-robot SLAM approach based on the Kalman consensus filter (KCF). Under the unknown initial condition, a reference robot designates the initial poses of other robots when the first rendezvous between them occurs. Accordingly, past and current poses and maps of these robots are estimated by an acausal filter and a causal filter.

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  • Three-dimensional (work-site) reconstruction models of dismantling fields are useful for workers to observe the conditions of dismantling field situations without visiting the actual fields. This study, based on AR and work-site reconstruction models, developed and evaluated an information reference system. The evaluation consists of questionnaires and interview surveys administered to six nuclear power plant workers who used this system, along with a scenario.

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  • This implies some degree of subjectivity as to individual perceptions of what can be deemed “good quality” (Blanco and Lal, 2008). More recently, the discussion has been centered on the concept of „soil health‟, largely defined for soil biological properties (Doran and Jones, 1996). Both concepts are focused on assessing soil functions in the landscape, but there is no explicit reference state to be used in a soil quality or health framework. Soil quality indicators are normally chosen according to the research focus.

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  • Cognitive functioning is important for managing work and life in general. Some experience problems with cognitive functioning, often referred to as subjective cognitive complaints (SCC). These problems are rather prevalent in the working population and can be coupled with both lowered well-being and work ability.

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  • The reference evapotranspiration (ET0) of Morena station was estimated using multiple linear regression (MLR), The climatological data such as maximum temperatures, minimum temperature, mean relative humidity, wind speed and solar radiation were collected for the morena station and district of Madhya Pradesh state of India for the period of thirty years and the missing value of that data series was also determine using SPSS-21 software. The observed reference evapotranspiration (ET0) values were estimated using the Penman monteith (FAO56-PM) equation.

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  • Inland fishery resources are significantly contributed in fisheries sectors. In this regard, trend of inland fish production of Tamil Nadu was analyzed based on the available resources and utilization and seed production for the last decade. Calculated Average Annual Growth rate of fish seed production and inland fish production were 10.21% and 1.85%, respectively. The linear regression line for inland fish production was indicated that increasing trend for every year (R² = 0.673), while fish seed production was negative trend (R² = 0.094).

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  • This study is based on the data collected from a sample of 120 farmers selected from amongst the selected villages within the selected markets/mandis. The whole sample design consists of multistage random sampling. The selection of the district forms the first stage in sampling. Bhiwani and Mahindergarh districts of Haryana were purposively selected to represent a case study. These markets are selected because these market were the vicinity of the research. One block was selected from each selected district of Mahandragarh and Bhiwani.

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  • Foliicolous algae are a common occurrence in tropical forests. They are referable to a few simple morphotypes (unicellular, sarcinoid-like or filamentous), which makes their morphology of limited usefulness for taxonomic studies and species diversity assessments.

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