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  • Thẳng thắn với người khác đôi khi không mang đến kết quả như mong đợi. Và để có thể nghe được sự thật từ mọi người, chúng ta phải thể hiện thái độ thẳng thắn và cần tránh những sai lầm như thế nào? Người ta tôn trọng sự thật, mặc dù có thể người ta không thích nghe.

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  • Whereas previously the emphasis had previously been on comparing original and translation, often with a view to establishing what had been ‘lost’ or ‘betrayed’ in the translation process, the new approach took a resolutely different line, seeking not to evaluate but to understand the shifts of emphasis that had taken place during the transfer of texts from one literary system into another.

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  • He says France is betraying non-nuclear countries by preparing again to test nuclear weapons in the French Polynesian Islands. The Japanese leader spoke in Hiroshima which was destroyed by an American atomic bomb during World War II.

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  • According to David McClintick ("Swordfish: A True Story of Ambition, Savagery, and Betrayal"), in the late 1980's, the FBI and DEA set up dummy corporations to deal in drugs. They funneled into these corporate fronts money from drug-related asset seizures. The idea was to infiltrate global crime networks but a lot of the money in "Operation Swordfish" may have ended up in the wrong pockets. Government agents and sheriffs got mysteriously and filthily rich and the whole sorry affair was wound down. The GAO reported more than $3.6 billion missing.

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  • I came to herbal medicine as many of us do: I became ill, and modern medicine could not help me. I felt betrayed. I was shocked, then angry. Then I began to think about a great many things in new ways. Because I was raised in a family of powerful political physicians, I was raised with the belief that after millennia, man (and modern medical science) had defeated disease. I was taught to believe that we were all on the threshold of everlasting, disease-free life. It was a tremendous shock, then, when reality took me aside and whispered in my ear. That murmured secret was...

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  • 161 In each of these examples, the bracketed clause is a control clause containing a PRO argument. In each case, PRO is the thematic complement of a passive participle (viz. betrayed/indicted/accused). Hence, if control to has no [EPP] feature and PRO remains in situ, the TP in the bracketed infinitive complement in (46b) will have the skeletal structure (47a) below, but if control to has an [EPP] feature, this will trigger movement of PRO to become the structural subject of to – as in (47b): (47)(a) (b) [CP [C ø] [TP [T to] [AUXP themselves [AUX be] [VP [V indicted]...

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  • Aside from the fact that these guys need to update their welcome page to comply with Facebook's new 520px page size format, these guys have a great, simple and engaging welcome page that does exactly what it's supposedI'm as much a fan of some of the awesome Facebook pages created for.

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  • Copyright laws are increasingly passed without democratic debate or scrutiny. In Great Britain, where I live, Parliament recently passed the Digital Economy Act, a complex copy- right law that allows corporate giants to disconnect whole families from the Internet if any- one in the house is accused (without proof) of copyright infringement; it also creates a “Great Firewall of Britain” that is used to censor any site that record companies and movie studios don't like.

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  • . giveaway - something that is given away free, an act of giving something away, an unintential betrayal of a secret or repressed feeling or plan Our supervisor's speech was a giveaway. Now, I know that he is planning to retire. given to understand (something) - to understand something plainly and clearly I was given to understand that I could rent an apartment very cheaply in this area. glad hand - to shake hands in a friendly way The politician likes to glad hand people at the shopping center.

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  • Family law is of fairly recent invention, especially as an academic subject, credit for this achievement usually going to Professor Peter Bromley, who published the first edition of his now well known textbook in 1957. In the same decade, a practical text on ‘Divorce’, as the general subject of family law was then called, was published by Dmitri Tolstoy.

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  • No matter the weight of our bitterness or despair, forgiving is the surest way to get out from under it. But that's easier said than done. Why Forgive? brings together survivors of crime, betrayal, bigotry, and abuse - and ordinary men and women…

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  • The woman was still alive as unnatural thunder cracked across the sky. The lightning forked through the thrashing rain, stabbing at the desert sand. Rain splashed across the dunes, running down the bank towards the entrance of the tomb, washing over stone that had been parched for a thousand years. She was hardly more than a girl, her eyes betraying her fear as she shivered in the warm rain. The priests stood either side of her, holding her arms out from her body. Their heads were lowered - perhaps in shame, perhaps in an effort to keep them dry....

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  • Not that the book will ever elicit any emotion from Woods other than a Mt. St. Helens fury of bulging-eye bitterness upon mention of the book’s tantalizing title. Nor is it hard to see why such a private, obsessive-compulsive control freak finds the new book to be the ultimate betrayal, even as he has shown little loyalty to those who’ve worked for him at meager wages considering the pressures involved. Yet after flying through this 247-page, mostly breezy and fascinating look into the life of a champion, I suspect most readers will ultimately have a newfound respect for Woods. I...

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  • Faithfully to relate how Eliphalet Hopper came try St. Louis is to betray no secret. Mr. Hopper is wont to tell the story now, when his daughter-in-law is not by; and sometimes he tells it in her presence, for he is a shameless and determined old party who denies the divine right of Boston, and has taken again to chewing tobacco. When Eliphalet came to town, his son's wife, Mrs. Samuel D. (or S. Dwyer as she is beginning to call herself), was not born. Gentlemen of Cavalier and Puritan descent had not yet begun to arrive at the Planters' House,...

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  • Lloyd Alaback, Anonymous, Regis Alain Barbier, Helio Beltrao, Dr. Karl Blasius, Roman J. Bowser, Dr. John Brätland, John E. Burgess, Aubrey T. Carruth, R. Leahman Davidson, Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy S. Davis, Paul Dietrich, Dr. and Mrs. George G. Eddy, Dr. Larry J. Eshelman, Jason H. Fane...

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  • The kids in my local bat-house breathe heavy metals, and their gelatinous bodies quiver nauseously during our counseling sessions, and for all that, they reacted just like I had when I told them I was going away for a while — with hurt and betrayal, and they aroused palpable guilt in me. It goes in circles. When I was sixteen, and The Amazing Robotron told me he needed to go away for a while, but he'd be back, I did everything I could to make him guilty. Now it's me, on a world far from home, and a pack of snot-nosed jellyfish kids have so twisted my...

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  • Concerning the great quantity of silver and gold which was brought from Cuzco, and of the portion thereof which was sent to H. M. the emperor as the royal fifth: How the imprisoned Cacique Atabalipa declared himself free of his promise which he had made to the Spaniards to fill a house with gold for ransom: And of the treason which the said Atabalipa meditated against the Spaniards, for which betrayal they made him die.

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  • Three of the craftiest royal rogues in Christendom strove hard to cozen and outwit each other in the last years of the fifteenth and the earlier years of the sixteenth century. No betrayal was too false, no trick too undignified, no hypocrisy too contemptible for Ferdinand of Aragon, Maximilian of Austria, and Henry Tudor if unfair advantage could be gained by them; and the details of their diplomacy convey to modern students less an impression of serious State negotiations than of the paltry dodges of three hucksters with a strong sense of humour.

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  • The kindly reception accorded to the first volume of the Historical Nights Entertainment, issued in December of 1917, has encouraged me to prepare the second series here assembled. As in the case of the narratives that made up the first volume, I set out again with the same ambitious aim of adhering scrupulously in every instance to actual, recorded facts; and once again I find it desirable at the outset to reveal how far the achievement may have fallen short of the admitted aim.

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  • For nearly a decade I have wanted, with a growing sense of urgency, to write something that would show what the women’s health movement has meant to the women of my generation, the generation of girls who came of age in the 1950s and 60s, became activists in the causes of others, then turned to help one another and, finally, to help ourselves. We grew up in New York, the Casbah of Algiers, the bantustans of South Africa, dusty Khartoum, provincial France, the North of England, and Old Delhi. Each of us carries, on her body and in her mind, a site of humiliation, a scar of betrayed...

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