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  • The inevitability of a disease sounds a clarion for its prevention, or at least its control. Understanding its pathophysiology is essential to that process. For osteoarthritis, preconceived notions and mythology must be transcended to allow identification of its essentials. The first step was to establish a scientific basis for its recognition. Sorting associated phenomenon allowed identification of those which are non-diagnostic, and one major finding which is pathognomonic: the joint osteophyte.

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  • Die mittel- und langfristigen Effekte des Screenings vor allem älterer Männer hinsichtlich abdominaler Aortenaneurysmen (AAA) sollen hier anhand von vier populationsbasierten randomisierten kontrollierten Studien dargestellt werden: der Chichester- Studie (UK/England), der Multicentre Aneurysm Screening Study »MASS« (UK, England), der westaustralische Aneurysma-Screening-Studie (AUS) und der Viborg-Studie (Dänemark).

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  • (BQ) The dictionary is designed to be a pocket companion, for ready access by students, postgraduates, trainers, and health professionals involved in sport and exercise. It provides definitions and short accounts of terms used and techniques employed in the study and practical application of the relevant anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and psychology, and of commonly associated medical problems and treatments.

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