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  • This study found the factors that positively impact on performance are asset structure, capital structure and firm size that negatively impact the performance of Vietnam listed construction firms. These findings support business administrators in selecting appropriate business and production plans to increase the operating performance of businesses in the construction industry.

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  • A critical question that banking supervisors are trying to answer is what is the amount of capital or liquidity resources required by an institution in order to support the risks taken in the course of business. The financial crises of the last several years have revealed that traditional approaches such as regulatory capital ratios to be inadequate, giving rise to supervisory stress testing as a primary tool.

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  • Among the most controversial issues in the literature, and empirical studies that have addressed the subject of bankruptcy prediction, there is certainly the understanding of what kind of indicators is most predictive in the report on time, and especially with fewer errors thorough a corporate crisis. In this regard, the present work contributes to the already vast literature that analyzes the determinants of the probability of firm default, with particular attention to the quantities contained in the accounting ratios.

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  • This paper investigates the impacts of market structure and risk on profitability of Indian banks after controlling the influences of some bank specific and macroeconomic determinants. Employing two-step Generalized Method of Moments (GMM) system estimator on a data set of 40 listed Indian commercial banks over a period of 15 years (2002 – 2016), our results suggest that there is a moderate degree of persistence of profit in Indian banking sector during the study period. We find significant negative impact of bank risk on profitability in the Indian banking Industry.

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  • This study has an aim to study the mitigation performance of household living in disaster prone II of Mt. Slamet. Living harmony with disaster is employed by Indonesia. To gain the research objective, this study use sequential mixed methodology supported by qualitative research and quantitative research sequentially. It was started with indepth interview to 29 key informants for qualitative and 538 households as the samples for quantitative approach. Variables are consist of mitigation, household characteristics, capitals of households and transformation on process and structure.

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  • One way to motivate interest in vocabulary is to teach students about the origins of the English words we use today in educated speech and writing. Students in successful English language arts classrooms learn about the way the English language has developed across time and place. The English language has the largest vocabulary of all the world’s languages. Furthermore, it is still growing, because that is the nature of a living language. The English language reflects the influence of every language community with which English-speaking people have interacted.

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  • The following sections provide an overview of the technical and qualitative characteristics of a wide range of alternative fuels that can replace coal in cement kilns. These fuels include agricultural and non-agricultural biomass, chemical and hazardous wastes, petroleum-based wastes, and miscellaneous waste fuels. Each of these alternatives are described in detail, including a discussion of average substitution rates, energy and water content of the fuels, carbon dioxide emissions factors, and change in carbon emissions per ton1 of coal replacement.

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  • Unlike in dry milling, where the entire mash is fermented, in wet milling only the starch is fermented. The starch is then cooked, or liquefied, and an enzyme added to hydrolyze, or segment, the long starch chains. In dry milling, the mash, which still contains all the feed coproducts, is cooked and an enzyme added. In both systems a second enzyme is added to turn the starch into a simple sugar, glucose, in a process called saccharification. Saccharification in a wet mill may take up to 48 hours, though it usually requires less time, depending on the amount of enzyme used.

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  • The Government is not mandating ownership structures or business models. It will be for the market to respond to this framework and bid for the relevant licence or licences in support of business plans and having regard to anticipated revenues and costs.

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  • During the first year, usually you’ll be exposed to full-year sequences in both micro and macroeconomics, usually with an econometrics sequence. (Note that this is more than enough to keep a student entertained throughout the first year.) If you come from a very competitive undergraduate / master’s program, chances are you are familiar a great deal of the material. If not, now it’s the time to learn it well. Take your time to do so; it’s not a race against time or your classmates to see who can master the material first. ...

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  • At the other extreme (in terms of “weight”) are the Intermediate Remote regions, of which there are only 23. They account for only 2% of land area, the same proportion of agricultural land, and of population and GDP. The Predominantly Rural Accessible group is the second largest (264 regions). It accounts for roughly a third of both total area and of agricultural land. However these regions contain only a quarter of the “non-urban region” population of the EU, and produce only 22% of its GDP. Finally, 147 regions are classified as Predominantly Rural Remote.

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  • A well-resourced support structure was established to administer the programme. facilitate dialoguc, hold confidential data securely, and provide data analysis. Members provided data for the anonymous databases about their practices and about specific project results, and tirst-hand case studies for discussion at workshops. They discovered, shared and created both tacit and explicit knowledge through the fomial programme and through informal contact. Secondly, the thinking of practitioners, theorists and researchers was challenged.

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  • The connection between receptivity and intensely motivated activity is further established when we appreciate that an arcane definition of “pas- sion,” from the Latin “pati,” is suffering. Both passion and suffering mean to experience intensely while being acted upon by the world. It is to let something happen to oneself and to bear the weight of its conse- quences. Far from being destructive, passion and suffering are associated with heightened vitality and renewed life. ...

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  • Support was largely driven by holdings of defaulted structured investment vehicles and Lehman obligations in 2007 and 2008. Figure 3 presents a list of defaulted securities referenced in at least one financial statement of the supported funds. Figure 4 presents the driver of support disclosed for the 21 funds with instances over 0.5% of AUM, as disclosed in the fund financial statement or in a related no- action letter.

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  • Mutual funds are one of the several options that investors explore for investing surplus funds. In a deposit-dominated market like India it is important for mutual funds to be able to offer differentiated risk-rewards and gain shelf-space. With many seemingly similar offerings from multiple mutual funds unable to clearly communicate their superiority, a less informed investor may find it difficult to make a choice. This uncertainty leads to a weakened ‘pull’ for the product.

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  • The Progress Microfinance investment by the EIB is part of EIB Group’s long term financing role seeking to increase value added and catalyse funds in support of small companies. Progress Microfinance illustrates the enhanced cooperation between the EU and the EIB Group through innovative risk sharing structures with subordinated capital from the European Union, allowing higher leverage on the Community budget and subsequently greater market impact and providing value added to a still emerging market through more effective and efficient use of scarce budgetary funds. ...

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  • The Project Board is the most senior level of Project Organization and has the responsibility of ensuring the continued integrity of the project from all points of view. The structure of the Project Board reflects the tripartite responsibility that exists in any project, namely the Business, Customer, and Technical interests. The Board should be prepared to recommend termination of the project if necessary.

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  • There are different approaches to classify intangible resources. Edvinsson / Malone and Stew- art classify in Human Capital, Structural Capital and Customer Capital. 15 Bontis uses Rela- tional Capital in a wider sense instead of Customer Capital 16 and Sveiby classifies in internal structure, external structure and people’s competence. 17 The workforce “Intangibles in Ac- counting” separates seven categories of intangible resources.

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  • A rigid, change-resistant process will also tend to produce mediocre products. Customers may get what they first ask for, but is it what they really want once they see the product begin to emerge? By gathering all the requirements up front and having them set in stone with little chance of change, the product is condemned to be only as good as the initial idea, instead of being the best it could be once the team knows more about the possibilities. Many users of the Waterfall experience these shortcomings again and again, but it seems like such a logical approach,...

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  • Federal securities laws also require that public companies have the financial statements they prepare audited by an independent public accountant. The independent public accountant’s audit is critical to the financial reporting process because the audit subjects companies’ financial statements to scrutiny on behalf of shareholders and creditors to whom company management is accountable. The auditor is the independent link between management and those who rely on the financial statements.

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