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  • Cartoon flowers are popular to doodle while you're bored or talking on the phone. We're going to learn the method behind this often-sketched plant. There are few things easier to perfect in just a couple of steps, so here we go. Step One: Circles That doesn't sound hard, does it? Your flowers begin with just that two simple circles placed a bit apart as the center of your flowers. Are you ready to move on to something harder?

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  • This sweet little cartoon flower is quite easy to make and you will learn how to draw it using very few lines and some basic shapes. Step 1 – Basic Circle Start your cartoon rose drawing off by making a circle. Circles form the basis of so many drawings, so no matter what subject matter you are approaching, there's a good chance that you can use circles to lay out the basic shapes before moving into adding more details.

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  • Eeeeew! What’s that smell? Despite being stinky, skunks have always been popular charcters in cartoons and movies, from Flower and Miss Skunk in Walt Disney’s Bambi, through to Pepe Le Pew, the famous Warner Bros. character, right up to the present day in animations such as Madagascar and Over The Hedge. Now, it’s time to hold your nose, pick up a pencil and learn how to draw one of these distinctive polecats and add your character to the skunk hall of fame! STEP-1: Drawing the Basic Shapes Let’s keep it real simple to begin with – simply draw two ovals...

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  • For this lotus flower drawing you'll start with the middle of the flower and work your way outward. It is usually easier to approach your drawing by starting from the middle for circular shaped flowers like this because you will be following the natural design of the plant. You can use the colored example at the top of this page to see what the finished drawing should look like, but you should also be aware that by doing the steps in order you are learning a formula for how to draw flowers that you can apply to almost any...

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  • In this project you use colored pencils to draw a fun cartoon of a flower. The curriculum demonstrates basic color theory, and the skills of shading, overlapping colors, and burnishing. Colored pencils are ideal for adding color to cartoons, which usually require a bolder, more colorful approach than traditional drawing subjects. When outlined with a thin black marker, colored pencil cartoons can look very illustrative and professional.

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