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  • You can really bring home the bacon by learning how to draw a cartoon pig. Follow our simple steps on how to draw a cartoon pig and you’ll soon be impressing friends and family with your awesome sketching skills! STEP-1: Lets ‘Pig’in with a Basic Outline For our first step in learning how to draw a cartoon, let’s start by drawing two intersecting circles – one for the head and one for the body. It may not look much like a pig yet, but pretty soon, you’ll be perfecting a porker worthy of becoming Homer Simpson’s famous ‘spider pig!’ ...

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  • Cartoon Pigs are one of the easiest animals to draw when you use the step by step method that I'm going to show you below. Looks cool and easy to draw; this is a win-win, so let's get to it! Step 1 - Circles Start off by drawing two ovals, one for the body and one for the nose. We just use ovals because we want your cartoon pigs to be easy to draw. To make different versions try experimenting with different sizes and placement of the nose. .Step 2 - Eyes, Ears and Legs In the theme of keeping things...

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  • This pig cartoon drawing lesson will get you up to speed with creating your very own cute and round cartoon pig. It's super easy to go through this tutorial and you'll be sure to adore the end result. STEP-1: The placement of body and head Make a large circle. Then on the middle-left side draw a small oval which will be half inside the circle and half outside. These are the two main shapes of your little cartoon piggy.

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