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  • The SEC established these requirements to protect the average investor from some of the worst and most risky investments in the world. The problem is, these investor requirements also shield the average investor from some of the best investments in the world, which is one reason why rich dad’s advice to the average investor was, “Don’t be average.”

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  • Our empirical results are based on monthly returns of 1,472 U.S. open-end, domestic equity mutual funds existing at any time between 1975 and 2002. We investigate the performance of the entire cross-section of mutual funds, as well as the cross-section of each of three investment-objective categories, growth, aggressive-growth, and growth and income. We first show that the impact of luck on performance is substantial.

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  • Smaller markets are faring better for a couple reasons. They were spared the fierce price wars which undercut big markets over the last two decades, as big radio groups battled for market share in major metro areas. In addition, small market stations often have closer relationships with local advertisers that tend to be more conservative in their media strategies. Aside from small markets, online is one of the few bright spots for radio, although its contribution to total revenue remains relatively small.

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  • Institutional investors are, by some margin, the most important category of investor to quoted companies owing to the sheer weight of assets that they manage and the degree to which they can invest. It is widely acknowledged that institutional investors own the vast majority of the UK equity market. In some cases, institutional investors may also own nearly all of a company’s issued share capital.

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  • Sovereign wealth funds are another sub category of institutional investor that have risen in importance in recent years. As their names suggest they are institutions constituted to manage national wealth, the source of which typically arises from significant trade surpluses.

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  • The increasing globalisation of financial markets led companies in many countries to apply from 2005 the IFRS principles. The main goal of IFRS is to safeguard investors by achieving uniformity and transparency in the accounting principles. One of the most challenging aspects of the IFRS rules is the accounting treatment of derivatives, a challenge that has strengthened the relationship between risk management and accounting.

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  • To better understand the sources of outperformance, we undertake an attribution analysis that decomposes investor returns into that from (1) the selection of Pan-European funds, (2) the selection of country funds, (3) the selection of sector funds, and (4) the timing of country weights implied by the selection of country funds. This analysis shows that the superior returns associated with the macroeconomic-driven strategies arise from the last three sources of performance, and not from choosing Pan-European funds.

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  • In addition, the modified IA report contains a clearer description of the key features that distinguish a social investment funds from the wider category of alternative investment funds. In line with the IABs request, the report clarifies that the essential features of a social investment fund are linked to the social undertakings it targets, the composition of its portfolio (at least 70% of investor capital invested in qualifying target undertakings) and the investment tools it employs (equity, quasi-equity, debt instruments but no leverage).

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  • An investor is a party that makes an investment into one or more categories of assets --- equity, debt securities, real estate, currency, commodity, derivatives such as put and call options, etc. --- with the objective of making a profit.  Inviduals  Organizations: Financial entities including Brokerages, Banks, Funds…

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  • Throughout Europe, savings banks share common values, such as local ties, a positive attitude to all customers not excluding certain categories of clients, together with a socially responsi- ble behaviour. Savings banks therefore embody a “stakeholder” model, seeking to bring value and return to the whole community of stakeholders, which surround them (investors, suppli- ers, customers, employees and the local community in which they operate).

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  • A number of governments have issued bonds to raise capital among their diasporas. Israel has issued diaspora bonds annually since 1951 through the Development Corporation to raise long-term infrastructure investment capital. Egypt reportedly issued bonds to Egyptian workers in the Middle East in the late 1970s. India issued diaspora bonds in 1991, 1998, and 2000 to avoid balance-of-payments crises and to shore up international confidence in India’s financial system during times of financial sanctions or special needs.

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  • Special category deposit accounts, diaspora bonds, the securitization of future remittances, and transnational loans are among the financial instruments whose potential have yet to be fully exploited. Multilateral institutions as well as public and private institutions can help developing countries improve their banking sector and raise credit ratings. One of the fundamental challenges for many countries that lack foreign investment is the perception of economic, political, or social risk among the diaspora and general investors.

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  • Brian's Book Barn will concentrate its efforts on the buyers of "Pleasure" category books as discussed earlier. The educational category is not a target market as area schools order their textbooks and reading material through the Ministry of Education in Victoria. Other educational books are also available through satellite campuses of Northern Lights College and the University of Northern British Columbia. In the professional category, there is simply not enough demand in the area to stock these kinds of titles.

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  • CHAPTER 7 Profiting from the Corporate Life Cycle. This chapter will help investors understand the two most common event-driven hedge fund strategies, risk arbitrage, and distressed securities investing. The event-driven category is defined as strategies that seek to profit principally from the occurrence of some of the typical events that occur in a corporate life cycle

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  • The description of a trading security includes both debt and marketable equity securities bought and held primarily to be sold in the near term. Trading activities typically involve active and frequent buying and selling to generate profits on short-term movements in market prices or spreads. ASC 320 does not specify how long securities in this category can be held, because the length of time will vary between investors and the nature of the securities.

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  • In the United States, insurance regulators require bonds and preferred stocks to be reported in statutory financial statements in one of six National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) designations categories that denote credit quality. If an accepted rating organisation (ARO) has rated the security, the security is not required to be filed with the NAIC’s Securities Valuation Office (SVO). Rather, the ARO rating is used to map the security to one of the six NAIC designation categories.

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  • Identification is further complicated by the fact that some individuals who identify themselves as ‘virgin’ angels, i.e. looking to make their first investment, may never do so. Furthermore, some individuals may have acted as angels but are no longer actively looking to invest; counting either of these categories as active angels risks exaggerating the true number.

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  • The Overseas Development Institute has also looked at such risk mitigation mechanisms. 23 In addition to the above, they highlight the use of pledge funds, whereby by public finance sponsors provide a small amount of equity to encourage larger pledges from private investors 24 .

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  • There has been increasing interest in exploring fi nancial instruments that could limit the cyclical vulnerabilities of developing countries and reduce the likelihood of defaults and debt crises. GDPindexed bonds fall into this category and may also generate a wider range of benefi ts for issuer countries, investors and the global fi nancial system. The authors also examine the concerns and obstacles relating to the introduction of this instrument, suggesting that some may be exaggerated while others could be overcome.

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