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  • This paper presents an analytical scheme for analyzing the singular configuration problem of general five-axes CNC machine tool. A computational technique based on the generalized pseudo inverse kinematics for finding out feasible solution of the problem is proposed. The technique is then used for developing postprocessor algorithm of five-axes CNC machine tool. Typical examples of singularity analysis are carried out, and real cutting parts are implemented for verifying the research result.

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  • This paper presents a comprehensive ANN based multisensor fusion approach designed to support the implementation of an adaptive error compensation of geometric, thermal and dynamic errors for enhancing the accuracy of CNC machine tools.

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  • Trong vài thập kỷ gần đây số lượng các hệ CNC tăng vọt trong mọi lĩnh vực sản xuất. Nhược điểm chung của chúng là ở chỗ, các thông số công nghệ, như vận tốc cắt và lượng chạy dao được áp đặt bởi người lập trình và phụ thuộc vào kinh nghiệm, hiểu biết của anh ta.

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  • Lecture "Basic programming of CNC milling machine" provides students with the knowledge: General coordinate System, designation of machine axes, machine coordinate system, work coordinate system, work datum setting procedure, work coordinate system – Selection,... Invite you to refer to the disclosures.

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  • CNC controllers, working as a brain for manufacturing automation, are high valueadded products accounting for over 30% of the price of machine tools. CNC technology is generally considered as a measure of the level of manufacturing technology of a nation, and is currently led by major advanced countries such as USA, Japan, and Germany.

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  • Haas Factory Outlet A Division of Productivity Inc Mill Series Training Manual Haas CNC Mill Operator Revised 022613 (032512) (printed 022613) .This Manual is the Property of Productivity Inc The document may not be reproduced without the express written permission of Productivity Inc. The content must not be altered, nor may the Productivity Inc name be removed from the materials. This material is to be used as a guide to operation of the machine tool. The Operator is responsible for following Safety Procedures as outlined by their instructor or manufacturer s specifications.

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  • The modular tooling concept was developed by cutting tool manufacturers from the long-standing tooling cartridges (Fig. 112 – indicates a typical self-contained cartridge), which had been previously available for many years. Initially, the modular tooling was designed and developed for turning operations (Fig. 113) and was demonstrably shown to offer amazing versatility to a whole range of machine tools and, not just the CNC versions.

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  • HSM đã được nghiên cứu trong một thời gian dài (từ những năm đầu của thế kỷ 20). -Những nghiên cứu đầu tiên về gia công cao tốc đã được thực hiện bởi Carl Salomon năm 1931.  -Ngày 27 Tháng Tư 1931, Friedrich Krupp AG đã được cấp bằng sáng chế của Đức về “method of machining metal or of materials behaving similarly when being machined with cutting tools”. Dựa trên các nghiên cứu cắt gọt kim loại được thực hiện bởi Carl.

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  • Hiệp hội kỹ sư chế tạo hệ thống tự động và máy tính (CASA/SME = Computer and Autonmated Systems Association/Society for Manufacturring Engineers) định định nghia  “CIM là một hệ thống sản xuất tích hợp và truyền thông với triết lý quản lý mới cho phép cải thiện tổ chức và quản lý nhân sự một cách hiệu quả” im Cim khoâng phaûi laø saûn phaåm coù theå mua vaø caøi ñaët. Noù laø caùch suy nghó vaø giaûi quyeát vaán ñeà .

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  • COMPUTER NUMERICAL CONTROL PROGRAMMING BASICS A Primer for the SkillsUSA/VICA Championships Steve Krar Arthur Gill Distributed to educational administrators, instructors, students, and apprentices with the compliments of INDUSTRIAL PRESS, INC. publishers of MACHINERY’S HANDBOOK “The Bible of the Machine Trades” CALL FOR AUTHORS Industrial Press is expanding its list of professional and educational titles in addition to starting a new program in electronic publishing. If you have any suggestions or actual writing plans, we encourage you contact us.

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