Coatings in corrosion control

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  • The information presented in this publication has been prepared in accordance with recognized engineering principles and is for general information only. While it is believed to be accurate, this information should not be used or relied upon for any specific application without competent professional examination and verification of its accuracy, suitability, and applicability by a licensed professional engineer, designer, or architect.

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  • The research issues concerning the production of coatings are the most important directions of surface engineering development, ensuring the obtainment of coatings of high usable properties in the scope of mechanical characteristics and corrosion resistance.

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  • Without the help of many people, this book would not have been possible. I wish in particular to thank my colleague Lars Krantz for generously creating the illustrations. Mats Linder and Bertil Sandberg of the Swedish Corrosion Institute also receive my thanks for supporting the waterborne coatings and lead abatement research programs, as do my colleagues at Semcon AB for taking interest and providing encouragement. © 2006

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  • This book is not about corrosion; rather it is about paints that prevent corrosion. It was written for those who must protect structural steel from rusting by using anticorrosion paints. The philosophy of this book is this: if one knows enough about paint, one need not be an expert on rust. In keeping with that spirit, the book endeavors to cover the field of heavy-duty anticorrosion coatings without a single anode or cathode equation explaining the corrosion process.

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  • This book has been written to fill a gap in the literature of corrosion-protection coatings by offering a bridge between the very brief account of paints conveyed in most corrosion books and the very comprehensive, specialized treatises found in the polymer or electrochemical scientific publications.

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