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  • Chitin that is a natural organic constituent has had high exchange value. The derivative of chitin is specially chitosan, which has had many applications on light industry, food, agriculture, medicine, and comestic… Makingsausaage casing; chitosan (3%) and 10% of mixed additives of PEG and EG (ratio1:1) are dissolved in a aqueous acetic acid solution, the acetic acid concentration of the solution is 1.5%. The solutions are used to make sausage casing for 35 minutes at 64 650C.

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  • Chitin là một thành phần hữu cơ tự nhiên có giá trị trao đổi cao. Các dẫn xuất của chitin chitosan đặc biệt, mà đã có nhiều ứng dụng công nghiệp nhẹ, thực phẩm, nông nghiệp, y học và comestic ...

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  • Preservatives in cosmetics are the second most common cause of skin problems. They prevent bacteria and fungus from growing in the product and protect products from damage caused by air or light. But preservatives can also cause the skin to become irritated and infected.

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  • The terms “cosmetic tattooing” or “permanent makeup” (e.g. micropigmentation) refer to mechanical application of pigmented materials to the area of the eye, lips and face for the purpose of changing the color or appearance of that facial feature. This is a rapidly growing business in the United States becoming mainstream in many sociological circles.

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  • Dear little book, what shall I say about thee? Belated offspring of mine, out of print for twenty years, what shall I say in praise of thee? For twenty years I have only seen thee in French, and in this English text thou comest to me like an old love, at once a surprise and a recollection. Dear little book, I would say nothing about thee if I could help it, but a publisher pleads, and "No" is a churlish word. So for him I will say that I like thy prattle; that while travelling in a railway carriage on my way to the...

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  • Capparis flexuosa, llamada mostazo en algunas partes del país, es planta sarmentosa de grandes y fragantes flores blancas, que se le caen rápidamente. Hermanita de la alcaparra (de la misma familia de las Caparidáceas) y sus botones florales son igualmente comestibles; pero aquí se desperdician. Nadie los come. Crece en montes próximos a la costa. En San Pedro de Macorís, por ejemplo, se la ve con frecuencia a la orilla del mar, y en la isla Saona se da en las partes donde la invasión marina dejó el suelo salado....

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