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  • Lecture Human-Computer interaction - Lesson 14: Interaction frameworks and styles. The main topics covered in this chapter include: models of interaction, physical aspects of interfaces, industrial interfaces, common interaction styles, command line interface, question/answer and query dialogue, form-fills and spreadsheets,...

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  • Chapter 5 "Working with Windows and CLI systems". In this chapter, you review how data is stored and managed in Microsoft OSs, including Windows and command-line interface (CLI) OSs. To become proficient in recovering data for digital investigations, you should understand file systems and their OSs, including legacy (MS-DOS, Windows 9x, and Windows Me, for example) and current OSs.

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  • This module provide basics of using the Linux command line. After studying this chapter you should be able to: Understanding the basic shell; working with formatting commands and options, learn the effects of variables, globbing and quoting.

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  • Lập trình ứng dụng Web với PHP Framework Sự phổ biến của Website và PHP S ra đ i c a Internet S ra đ i và phát tri n c a h th ng Website Mô hình l p trình Web: Client-Server và giao th c HTTP PHP là ngôn ng phía Server Các mô hình tương tác thông qua: • Website (HTTP Request – Response), • Command Line Interface – CLI (Shell, Batch processing…) • Web Service (SOAP, REST…),

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  • in typical linux "bibles," reserve the last third coverage for advanced topics that sys admins use on a day by day basis. they tend to cover the underlying concepts reasonably well, but fall short on hands-on instructions, forcing admins to buy specialty books. this book sufficiently expands the advanced sections found in these "bibles," providing step-by step instructions on how to configure the most popular linux back office applications.

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  • This paper presents a system for querying treebanks. The system consists of a powerful query language with natural support for cross-layer queries, a client interface with a graphical query builder and visualizer of the results, a command-line client interface, and two substitutable query engines: a very efficient engine using a relational database (suitable for large static data), and a slower, but paralel-computing enabled, engine operating on treebank files (suitable for “live” data). ...

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  • Steel connections have always been designed as 2-dimensional elements despite the fact that their load bearing behavior is 3-dimensional. For students who are learning design for the first time and have no prior experience or knowledge of steel connection designs from summer internships, it would be difficult for them to visualize a three-dimensional connector. For example, when two beams (Girder B3 and Beam 3A) are oriented normal to each other as illustrated in Figure 1, we often use two angle sections to connect them. One of the angles will be in the front face of beam 3A...

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  • There's a lot to be said for going back to basics. Not only does this Bible give you a quick refresher on the structure of open-source Linux software, it also shows you how to bypass the hefty graphical user interface on Linux systems and start interacting the fast and efficient way?with command lines and automated scripts. You'll learn how to manage files on the filesystem, start and stop programs, use databases, even do Web programming?without a GUI?with this one-stop resource.

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  • Think your Mac is powerful now? Author Dave Taylor shows you how to get much more from your system by tapping into Unix, the robust operating system concealed beneath OS X’s beautiful user interface. Mountain Lion puts more than a thousand Unix commands at your fingertips—for finding and managing files, remotely accessing your Mac from other computers, and using a variety of freely downloadable open source applications. Take a friendly tour of the Unix command line and 50 of the most useful utilities, and quickly learn how to gain real control over your Mac. ...

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  • Build Awesome Command-Line Applications in Ruby Some command-line applications save time and are a joy to use. Others just make you want to tear your hair out. David Copeland has written a guide to writing the kind of command-line apps that will make your users want to hug you. From providing a humane command-line interface, to being self-documenting, to integrating seamlessly with the rest of the command-line universe—this book will show you how to take your scripts from adequate to awesome.

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  • Recovery Manager Features Recovery Manager (RMAN) is an Oracle utility that you use to manage the backup, restore, and recovery operations on Oracle databases. RMAN has a powerful command language that is independent of the operating system. Recovery Manager has a command-line interface. Oracle Enterprise Manager also provides a graphical user interface for the Recovery Manager. Recovery Manager can be used on databases of Oracle8 or later releases. RMAN provides several features not available when you make user-managed backups with operating system commands.

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  • The Perl/Tk Pocket Reference is a companion volume to Learning Perl/Tk, an O'Reilly Animal Guide. Learning Perl/Tk is a tutorial for Perl/Tk, the extension to Perl for creating graphical user interfaces. With Tk, Perl programs can be window-based rather than command-line based, with buttons, entry fields, listboxes, menus, scrollbars, balloons, tables, dialogs, and more. And Perl/Tk programs run on UNIX and Windows-based computers. This small book is a handy reference guide geared toward the advanced Perl/Tk programmer....

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  • Now an even more versatile learning resource, this edition adds skill objectives at the beginning of each chapter. Sobell assumes no prior Linux knowledge. He starts at the beginning and walks you through every topic and task that matters, using easy-to-understand examples.

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  • This chapter provides procedures for configuring the basic parameters of your Cisco router, including global parameter settings, routing protocols, interfaces, and command-line access. It also describes the default configuration on startup.Individual router models may not support every feature described throughout this guide. Features not supported by a particular router are indicated whenever possible

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  • Upon completing this lesson, you will be able to: Use Cisco IOS commands to configure serial interfaces using HDLC and PPP encapsulation for leased-line connections, given a functioning router Use show commands to identify anomalies in HDLC and PPP encapsulation for leased-line connections, given an operational router Use debug commands to identify events and anomalies in PPP configuration for leased-line connections, given an operational router

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  • Upon completing this module, you will be able to: Use the command-line interface to accurately determine network operational status and network performance Manage operating system image files to maintain an accessible operating system file and according to best practices, given a network topology Use Cisco IOS commands to manage device configuration files to reduce device downtime and according to best practices Execute an add, move, or change so that the network functions in accordance with the new requirement, given a new network requirement...

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  • Upon completing this lesson, you will be able to: Start a router and recognize the normal boot sequence Use the command-line interface to interact with the Cisco IOS software, given an operational router Use the online help facilities associated with the command-line interfaces, given an operational router

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  • Upon completing this lesson, you will be able to: Start an access layer switch and recognize the normal boot sequence Use the command-line interface to interact with the Cisco IOS software, given an operational access layer switch Use the online help facilities associated with the command-line interfaces, given an operational access layer switch

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  • Upon completing this course, you will be able to: Execute an add, move, or change so that the network functions in accordance with the new requirement, given a new network requirement Use available configuration tools to establish connectivity to the appropriate network device to complete the initial device configuration Build a functional configuration to support the specified network operational requirements, given a network design Use the command-line interface to accurately determine network device operational status and network performance...

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  • Functional and flexible, this guide takes an objects-first approach to Java programming and problem using games and puzzles. Updated to cover Java version 1.5 features, such as generic types, enumerated types, and the Scanner class. Offers independent introductions to both a command-line interface and a graphical user interface (GUI). Features coverage of Unified Modeling Language (UML), the industry-standard, object-oriented design tool. Illustrates key aspects of Java with a collection of game and puzzle examples. Instructor and Student resources available online.

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