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  • Problem statement Since English is one of the core subjects at school, more and more schools are teaching English to their pupils and English centres can be found popular in any cities in Vietnam, especially big cities. However, many foreigners have commented “many Vietnamese speakers can speak English, but only a few have intelligible English pronunciation so that they can be understood easily in direct communication with foreigners.

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  • Can i use future after when or if How i use present tenses to talk aout the future how do i form indirect questions. Have or have got, when do i use th present perfect, when do i use the past perfect.Must or have to? must'n or don't have to.Can, could, couldn' or be able to?.say or tell, make or do, find out, make up, bring up, grow up or take or as.which common nouns are uncountanle

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  • There are tour different types of exercise in this book. Hay cuatro tipos diferentes de ejercicio en este libro. 1. Sounds The connection between English spelling and pronunciation is often a problem for students of all nationalities. 1. Sonidos: la conexión entre la ortografía (deletreo) del inglés y la pronunciación es a menudo un problema para los estudiantes de todas las nacionalidades. For this reason it is important to know the English sound symbols (phonemic symbols). Por esta razón es importante saber (conocer) los sonidos de los símbolos ingleses (símbolos fonéticos).

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  • The test is most commonly taken by businesspeople who use or plan to use English in real-life work settings. They often work for hotels, hospitals, or restaurants, or use their English frequently in international business meetings or conventions. The test is taken by candidates for managerial, sales, and technical positions in international business, commerce, and industry.

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  • Unlike other vocabulary books, Verbal Advantage provides a complete learning experience, with clear explanations of meanings, word histories, usages, pronunciation, and more. Far more than a cram session for a standardized test, the book is designed as a lifetime vocabulary builder, teaching a vocabulary shared by only the top percentage of Americans, with a proven method that helps the knowledge last.

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  • Penguin Dictionary of American English and use style includes a range of topics, grammar and punctuation and style and word choice. Based on more than 2,000 examples of the use of actual problems, features topics found no comparable reference works, such as clear examples and definitions of all the items from and explain the misunderstanding and misuse of words and clichés

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  • The vowels are covered first via the five vowel letters of the alphabet, and their 'long' and 'short* pronunciations, for example the letter A as in tape or tap. The remaining vowel sounds are presented as vowels which typically occur before a letter R, The consonant sounds are presented through either their most common spelt letter, or by one of their main spellings. The ordering of these units is more or less alphabetical.

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  • Ask your listener if your pronunciation of a specific word is correct. Most listeners will be glad to help. Listen to radio news stations for 5 to 10 minutes at a time. Repeat common words and phrases after the announcer.

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  • Whenever you have the opportunity to converse with a North American English speaker, use it! Try to include common expressions presented in this book, such as "See you this evening" or "Pleased to meet you."

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  • The lessons in Part 2 expose students to the stress, rhythm, and intonation of American English and focus on helping students hear and produce natural-sounding language beyond the word level- Students work on common . phrases, sentences, and pieces of more extended discourse.

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  • The pronunciations of the most common mathematical expressions are given in the list below. In general, the shortest versions are preferred (unless greater precision is necessary).

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  • trick (someone) into (doing something) - to fool someone, to cheat someone The salesman tricked the customer into buying something that he did not need. tried-and-true - tested by time and proven to be sound I know of a tried-and-true method to remove stains from the carpet. trip the light fantastic - to go dancing "It`s Friday night so let`s go downtown and trip the light fantastic." trip up - to make a mistake The teacher tripped up over the correct pronunciation of the man`s name.

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  • Some nouns can be formed by taking another noun or verb and either adding letters, removing letters or a combination of both. This is especially common when we are talking about jobs and occupations (for example: sail - sailor). There are no rules which tell you how each word changes. You must learn each one individually. The removal or addition of letters occasionally changes the pronunciation of parts of the original word.

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  • Dictionary (or dictionary) is a list of terms is organized into the standard words (Lemma). A common dictionary provides interpretation of words or the equivalent in terms of one or more other languages. In addition, there may be additional information on pronunciation, grammar notes, the variant form of the word, history or etymology, or usage example sentences, quoted.

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  • The pronunciation focus is linked to the Sound Bank, a reference section where students can see and practise common sound-spelling patterns. O Student's Book pA57.

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  • This dictionary shows pronunciations used by speakers of the most common American English dialects. Sometimes more than one pronunciation is shown. For example, many Americans say the first vowel in data as /eI/, while many others say this vowel as /{/. We show data as /'deIÔ@, 'd{Ô@/. This means that both pronunciations are possible and are commonly used by educated speakers. We have not, however, shown all American dialects and all possible pronunciations. For example, news is shown only as /nuz/ even though a few Americans might pronounce this word as /nyuz/.

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  • Frequently asked questions, or FAQs are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be frequently asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic. Since the acronym FAQ originated in textual media, its pronunciation varies; "fack," "fax," "facts," and "F.A.Q." are commonly heard. Depending on usage, the term may refer specifically to a single frequently asked question, or to an assembled list of many questions and their answers.

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  • NTC’s Pocket Dictionary of Words and Phrases is for persons who are seeking to improve their ability to speak, read, write, and understand American English. It is a small, portable dictionary that will help learners with spelling, pronunciation, parts of speech, meaning, irregular forms, and the appropriate use of 12,000 common words and phrases. This dictionary defines words using the smallest possible vocabulary, but when it is necessary, additional words are used to define difficult concepts.

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  • This paper presents an algorithm for learning the probabilities of optional phonological rules from corpora. The algorithm is based on using a speech recognition system to discover the surface pronunciations of words in spe.ech corpora; using an automatic system obviates expensive phonetic labeling by hand. We describe the details of our algorithm and show the probabilities the system has learned for ten common phonological rules which model reductions and coarticulation effects.

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  • Chapter 11 - Telephone techniques. After reading this chapter, you will be able to demonstrate proper telephone etiquette by using common courtesy, proper pronunciation, tone, and enunciation while speaking. You will learn how to effectively handle difficult telephone situations or complaints and how to properly document messages taken.

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