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  • The U.S. reform initiative addresses the fundamental problems arising from the use of proportionate property interests in fungible bulks, and proposes the introduction of a new concept: the "securities entitlement" or SE. The SE is a sui generis property interest that would replace the proportionate property interest in situations where an intermediary holds a fungible bulk of securities on behalf of others. The SE would be defined by a comprehensive set of rules stating the obligations of the intermediary and the rights of the owner of the SE. The...

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  • Cancers of the endometrium, ovary and cervix share certain characteristics. However, etio-pathogenesis of all the gynecological malignancies is yet to be explored. Even though the etiologic factors are generally environmental, the exact cause of each gynecological cancer is not known (Senate Community Affairs References Committee, Commonwealth of Australia, 2006). Worldwide, cancer incidence rates vary widely between different geographic regions and ethnic groups.

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  • Addiction has appeared on the movie screen since Edison's earliest films (Starks, 1982); however, the now familiar images of modem institutional treatment did not appear until the late 1980s. After a decade of American cultural backlash against addicts and drug treatment during the years of the Reagan administration, public opinion seemed to shift throughout the 1990s toward encouraging people with substance-abuse problems to get help (White, 1998). Since that time, Hollywood has released several works with narratives focused on institutional treatment of addiction....

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  • Inadvertent fetal exposure to contraceptive hormones is common, with a USA study estimating that approximately 70 000 fetuses are exposed to oral contraceptives annually.23 Most of the data on fetal outcomes relate to COC. The CEU found no studies that specifically assessed exposure through quick starting contraception. Studies are often limited by their observational nature, potential confounding factors and small sample size. Reassuringly there have been no consistent findings of specific fetal abnormalities.

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  • Brazil’s capital market remains focused on short term instruments. Most financial contracts among residents are indexed to the overnight interest rate, although there has been a gradual trend towards increasing duration in the recent years. This largely short term structure reflects long-standing fundamental factors, including a legacy of past high inflation that typically is associated with a more short–term focus for investing.

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  • Food consumption research suggests that widowhood confers potentially negative effects on food intake through weight change, increased adverse health outcomes, including depression, and diminished “nutritional self-management”, leading to changes in dietary behaviour and food intakes.86,87 This is particularly evident among men over the age of 7540,65,78,88 with low incomes.89 Indeed, there is a strong relation between living alone and dietary intakes among men,80,88-90 but these findings have not been consistent91,92 and are even less so among women.

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  • We can best understand the importance of these classifications by making two simple distinctions. The first is between ‘popular’ and ‘art’ cinema. The massive popular audience in India is hungry for cheap entertainment and this is what cinema has provided. This audience, which includes a significant proportion of people with limited access to education, enjoys universal genres such as action, comedy and melodrama and more specifically ‘Indian’ stories with spiritual/mythological themes.

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  • hing for. For instance, despite Vietnam’s growing allure as a vacation destination, visitors to sites Bonanza or botnet? Next time you search for a celebrity photo or “how to” hint, pay special attention to the top-level domains (TLDs), the last few characters at the end of the URL in the search results. In this year’s Mapping the Mal Web study, McAfee found that web risk climbed to a record 6.2% of more than 27 million live domains we evaluated for this report. If users don’t click with care, simply viewing a page can return much more than they bargained for.

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  • King, Heywood and others foresee the potential for further improvements in new car fuel economy, up to a 50% reduction in L/100 km by 2030-2035, mainly through the wider penetration of technolo- gies leading up to, and including, fully hybridized vehicles. The introduction of grid-connected bat- tery electric vehicles (probably first as “plug-in” hy- brids) would also contribute to efficiency improve- ment (in addition to fuel shifts toward electricity), assuming sustained progress in battery technol- ogy.

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  • To understand how species became extinct millions of years ago, biologists can get clues from extinctions that have taken place over the past few centuries. When Dutch explorers arrived on Mauritius in the 1600s, for example, they killed dodos for food or sport. They also inadvertently introduced the first rats to Mau- ritius, which then proceeded to eat the eggs of the dodos. As adult and young dodos alike were killed, the population shrank until only a single dodo was left. When it died, the species was gone forever.

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  • The development of a strategy involves the selection of a coherent set of measures which, taken together, will reduce the emissions of transport pollutants. These measures can be technology-oriented, targeting the vehicles and fuels used and maintenance practices within the sector, or they can be behavioural, seeking to reduce (or prevent increases in) the amount of activity of the most polluting vehicles.

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  • Our methodology is based on a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) calibrated model augmented with endogenous market structures in line with recent developments in the macroeconomic literature (see Etro, 2009, for a survey). This model is perturbed with a realistic structural change to the cost structure, with the purpose to study the short and long term reactions of the economy. Therefore, our methodology is based on a solid theoretical framework and provides results that can be easily replicated by economists. However, it has some limitations that we need to point out.

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  • The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C. Since 1971, CSPI has been working to improve the public’s health through its work on nutrition, food safety, and alcohol issues. CSPI is supported primarily by the 900,000 subscribers to its Nutrition Action Healthletter and philanthropic foundations.

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  • At the ICAO Meeting, the EU successfully warded off the threat. A resolution agreed by the International civil aviation organization (ICAO) allows Europe to continue developing kerosene taxes, emission charges and aviation emission trading. British transport minister Alistair Darling hailed "a very successful result in the face of a very difficult situation" at the end of ICAO's triennial assembly in Montreal. "Attempts to restrict freedom of action...have been averted," he said.

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  • ne of the difficulties of maintaining a large network of battery-powered, wire- less nodes is that failures are frequent. Sometimes these failures are fail-fast: for example, a node’s battery dies and it stops reporting readings. At other times, however, these failures are more insidious: a node’s readings slowly drift away from those of sensors around it, until they are mean- ingless or useless. Of course, there are times when such de-correlated readings actually represent an interesting, highly localized event (i.e., an outlier).

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  • Among the largest Member States outside the euro area, the United Kingdom is expected to see an improvement in disposable incomes and financing conditions, which should allow a gradual return of domestic demand growth in 2013 and an acceleration in 2014. For Poland, a deceleration from previous growth rates is projected as external headwinds and the stagnation in the labour market take their toll. The adjustment of the remaining imbalances is subject to a number of challenging interdependencies such as the feedback loop between banks and sovereigns, the impact on domestic...

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  • Third, we look at the results for other time intervals since the start of the crisis, as well as the results for “normal times” (1997–2008). Looking within the crisis, we find evidence of more underestimation of fiscal multipliers earlier in the crisis (for the time intervals 2009–10 and 2010–11) than later in the crisis (2011–12 and 2012–13). Results for the earlier samples yield coefficients typically between 0.7 and 1.0. Results for the later samples yield coefficients typically between 0.3 and 0.5 and are less statistically significant.

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  • At very high temperatures and constant heat loads even camels need to dissipate heat. Many mammals achieve evaporative cooling through an increased respiratory rate rather than by sweating. Respiratory cooling is relatively more expensive in water than is sweating since faster respiration rates result in more energy being used. Normal respiratory rates in camels are in the range of 6 to 11 breaths/min. (average 8) in the Sahara. Under heat stress these increase to levels of 8 to 18 (average 16). Such low respiration rates do not result in significantly increased evaporation. ...

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  • Acknowledgements: The authors would like to express their gratitude to the anonymous referee and all those that have helped improve the quality of the paper. This research was supported in part by the Center for Economic Policy Studies at Princeton University. *The opinions expressed in this publication are entirely those of the authors and, in expressing their opinions, the authors are not acting as employees or agents of Merrill Lynch nor do the opinions expressed herein necessarily reflect those of Merrill Lynch.

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  • Are there countries in which the gender-based division of labor or disparities in resources or power between males and females are so small as to have minimal implications for human well-being, economic growth, and poverty reduction? We examine this issue here. To preview our conclusion: although some countries have more numerous or extreme gender disparities or forms of female (or male) disadvantage than others, no country is entirely free of the gender patterns that we know to be harmful for development and the improved well-being of the population.

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