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  • Every year,Americans use over one billion sharp objects to administer healthcare in their homes. These sharp objects include lancets, needles, and syringes. If not disposed of in puncture-resistant containers, they can injure sanitation workers. Sharp objects should be disposed of in hard plastic or metal containers with secure lids. The containers should be clearly marked and be puncture resistant.

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  • The book reports on an attempt to understand the unity of physics. This unity began to manifest itself in rather unexpected form in this century. The most important step in that direction was the development of quantum theory; the emphasis of this book is therefore on the endeavor to understand quantum theory. Here, understand refers not merely to practical application of the theory—in that sense it has been understood for a long time. It means being able to say what one does when applying the theory....

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  • The heroine of this book is nature’s simplest atom, the hydrogen atom. With one exception—the helium atom—hydrogen is the mother of all atoms and molecules. The hydrogen atom consists of a single electron and a single proton; the proton is the nucleus of the hydrogen atom and serves as the electron’s anchor. The universe is teeming with hydrogen: every cubic centimeter of dark interstellar space, essentially void of any other known matter,1 contains a few atoms of hydrogen

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  • I have tried to write a non-technical tour through the principles of physics. The theme running through this tour is that progress has often consisted in uncovering “hidden unities”. Let me explain what I mean by this phrase, taking the example (from Chapter 3) of electricity and magnetism. The unity here is hidden, because at first sight there seemed to be no connection between the two.

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  • At the present day no clear and consistent opinion seems to be held regarding Classical Philology. We are conscious of this in the circles of the learned just as much as among the followers of that science itself. The cause of this lies in its many-sided character, in the lack of an abstract unity, and in the inorganic aggregation of heterogeneous scientific activities which are connected with one another only by the name "Philology.

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