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  • One of the major functions of the physical layer is to move data in the form of electromagnetic signals across a transmission medium. Whether you are collecting numerical statistics from another computer, sending animated pictures from a design workstation, or causing a bell to ring at a distant control center, you are working with the transmission of data across network connections. Chapter 3 discusses the relationship between data, which are created by a device, and electromagnetic signals, which are transmitted over a medium.

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  • GIS has been coming of age. Millions of people use one GIS or another every day, and with the advent of Web 2.0 we are promised GIS functionality on virtually every desktop and web-enabled cellphone. GIS knowledge, once restricted to a few insiders working with minicomputers that, as a category, don’t exist any more, has proliferated and is bestowed on students at just about every university and increasingly in community colleges and secondary schools.

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  • With digital evidence, technology is always needed to process the digital data and therefore the only difference between a forensic and a non-forensic investigation of digital data is whether or not the evidence can be used in a court of law. A forensic investigation is a process that uses science and technology to develop and test theories, which can be entered into a court of law, to answer questions about events that occurred.

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  • This is to be contrasted by the fact that the NII may well be the most important technology needed to facilitate a coordinated NSDI. The Mapping Science Committee (MSC) has recommended1 that the NSDI be developed to a level that would support the needs of the nation. The costs of creating and maintaining digital spatial data are high, so it is particularly important that spatial data collection not be duplicated,

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  • This competition will help businesses utilise digitised data and processes to create a new model that is more efficient and convenient. Digital technologies in oil and gas companies can have a significant business impact as it contributes to increasing hydrocarbon recovery, ensuring safety across the business ecosystem, and improving operational reliability. This paper addresses the oil and gas industry’s trends in digital transformation and the initiatives at Bien Dong POC.

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  • The main contents of the chapter consist of the following: Design digital circuit from specification, digital inputs and outputs known, need to determine logic that can transform data, start in truth table form, create k-map for each output based on function of inputs, determine minimized sum-of-product representation, draw circuit diagram.

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  • Our goal in writing this book is to expose the inner workings of the modern digital computer at a level that demystifies what goes on inside the machine. The only prerequisite to Principles of Computer Architecture is a working knowledge of a high-level programming language. The breadth of material has been chosen to cover topics normally found in a first course in computer architecture or computer organization. The breadth and depth of coverage have been steered to also place the beginning student on a solid track for continuing studies in computer related disciplines....

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  • Complete the crossword by typing in the words. 1 ACROSS 2 If a piece of software can run on any OS, it is 3 independent. 2 5 A competitor to Java, developed by Adobe. 5 6 Java and C++ are both examples of -oriented languages. 6 8 The name of a Java application which runs 8 automatically on a web page. DOWN 1 Java is used to create objects (bar charts, diagrams, etc.) which are more interactive than the standard versions. 3 Java is multi, which means that a Java program can have multiple parts operating at the same time; this saves on CPU power. 4 Java was created...

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  • While the potential of social media for enhancing learning opportunities is substantial, it should be noted that in 2009, according to Eurostat data, 30%Europeans aged 16 to 74 had still never used the Internet. While this figure dropped from 42% in 2006 by 12 percentage points in only three years, in a number of European countries more than half of the population has never used the Internet. 3 Furthermore, the following technical, pedagogical and organisational bottlenecks have been identified, which may hinder the take up and mainstreaming of Learning 2.

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  • Create a listener listenernn(n) (nn(n) will be a two or three digit number provided by your instructor) using Oracle Net Manager. The listener must be configured for the server as specified by the instructor. The listener must be configured for the TCP/IP protocol only and must listen for incoming connections on the port provided by the instructor.

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  • Many of today's existing enterprise security infrastructures are the result of an incremental and evolutionary process. As a consequence, they generally comprise a series of point solutions, upgrades, and add-ons that are not seamlessly integrated, creating gaps in their overall security effectiveness.

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  • Welcome to the first UCLA Internet Report, “Surveying the Digital Future.” This project – in planning for four years and now the result of more than nine months of field research, data gathering, and analysis – was created to serve as a comprehensive, year-to-year examination of the impact of the Internet. Our goal is to explore how the Internet influences social, political, cultural, and economic behavior and ideas, as measured by the behavior, attitudes, values, and perceptions of both Internet users and non-users.

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  • Laser scanning technology has emerged as a research field in the science and engineering arena. Laser scanning performs a procedure to detect a surface using laser technology. A scanning device analyzes a real-world object to retrieve data on its shape and its appearance. The collected data can then be used to construct a digital three-dimensional model. The aim of the scanning is usually to create a point cloud on an object surface.

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  • The following is an example of an IP address in 32-bit binary form and dotted decimal form. Binary IP Address: 11000000.10101000.00101101.01111001 Decimal IP Address: Binary data is made up of ones and zeros. Ones represent on and zeros represent off. Binary data can be grouped in varying increments, 110 or 1011. In TCP/IP binary data is usually grouped in eight digit groups called a Byte. A Byte, 8 bits, can range from 00000000 to 11111111 creating 256 combinations with decimal values ranging from 0 to 255.

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  • Considering data on the database online questions and check for errors from the original paper copies are stored in HUAF and NIAH. Two. Travel to each selected farm (24 TTH, 30 in QT) - To audit the previous question and used to make any adaptations necessary - Take a digital picture and upload photos to online databases - Create a floor plan diagram and uploading inventory database online

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  • GSM is a Second Generation (2G) digital radio cellular network Time Division Multiplexing / Multiple access TDM/TDMA) are employed .Capacity necessary to transmit appropriate data signals between two access points creating an interface to the network

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  • Encryption is a widely used technique which involves making information indecipherable to protect it from unauthorised viewing or use, especially during transmission or when it is held on removable magnetic media. Encryption is usually based on a key(s) without which the information cannot be decoded (decrypted). The most widely used encryption system is DES (Data Encryption Standard) although increasingly this is being replaced commercially by the more secure public key system RSA.

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  • although the digital revolution has made content available to more people than print books ever could, s are still only as accessible as the foundation they’re built on—and all too often the foundation is weak. but that’s changing. with the introduction of epub 3, publishers now have the means to create a single rich data source for audiences of all reading abilities. through practical tips and examples, accessible epub 3 takes you inside the epub 3 format and explores how you can enrich and enhance content for all readers...

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  • There are many issues to be considered when selecting physical storage media that extend beyond the immediate and obvious requirements of the situation. This guidance note should assist data creators to make informed decisions based on the ever-changing choices available. The adoption of appropriate storage media for electronic records brings benefits to data creators, data managers and digital archivists. Selection decisions informed by the criteria described in this guidance note will greatly enhance the sustainability of the records created. ...

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