Cyber warfare

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  • The first group had their curiosity satisfied fairly early. A year later, however, the cyber position remains unfilled, even though there’s been enormous activity around the issue of cyber security: international incidents, the establishment of Cyber Command, inter-service rivalries and related budgetary maneuvers, a constant roster of Beltway conferences and task-forces…. Through it all, information-security and network-security professionals kept their heads glued to their screens, working.

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  • Identifying an agile and adaptable acquisition process that can field new information technology capabilities and services in relatively short and responsive time frames is a pressing issue for the U.S. Navy. Damaging malware can mutate within hours or days, requiring a defense that is sufficiently

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  • Data analysis tools are the core of the NSM suite; these are the tools which actually detect and support analyses of intrusive activity. With the exception of the GUI_nsm, these are post-mortem tools to investigate data already saved to disk. In addition to analyzing data collected by one of the NSM’s data capture tools, these post-mortem tools can also analyze data collected by TCPdump. Support tools manipulate existing data to support further analysis and enable the other NSM tools.

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  • he published The Destruction of Dresden. This became a best-seller in many countries. Among his thirty books (including three in German), the best-known include Hitler’s War; The Trail of the Fox: The Life of Field Marshal Rommel; Accident, the Death of General Sikorski;

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  • The chances are growing that the United States will find itself in a crisis in cyberspace, with the escalation of tensions associated with a major cyberattack, suspicions that one has taken place, or fears that it might do so soon. The genesis for this work was the broader issue of how the Air Force should integrate kinetic

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  • The economic impact analysis and models that Computer Economics creates are based on numerous research efforts over a period of several years. Data has been obtained from more than 2000 organizations from virtually every industry sector and every major industrial country around the world. The analyst teams for these projects have been led by Michael Erbschloe, vice president of research for Computer Economics of Carlsbad, California. Mr. Erbschloe is the author of Information Warfare: How to Survive Cyber Attacks and The Executive’s Guide to Privacy Management.

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