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  • While the structure of the dairy processing industry has improved dramatically, milk collection and distribution is fragmented compared to systems found in other countries. There is a need to improve the supply chain from farmer to consumer in Pakistan. There is very limited data available on the routes to market or the distribution channels employed in Pakistan. Most of the milk produced in the farms is consumed at the household level.

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  • Although Dr. Allen's modifications of the classical treatment of saccharine diabetes have been in use only for about two years in the hands of their author, and for a much shorter time in those of other physicians, it seems to me already clearly proven that Dr. Allen has notably advanced our ability to combat the disease. One of the difficulties which is likely to prevent the wide adoption of his treatment is the detailed knowledge of food composition and calorie value which it requires. Dr.

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  • Dairy products form the major part of functional foods. To understand their success it is important to know that milk is a natural and highly nutritive part of a balanced daily diet. Designing and developing functionality in dairy-based products simply means modifying and/or enriching the healthy nature of the original base. This chapter is a brief introduction to the composition of milk and the nature of fermented milk products. It also gives a few definitions and introduces some of the functional dairy products on the market.

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  • Book "Milk Production - An Up-to-Date Overview of Animal Nutrition, Management and Health" is organized into three main sections, and is concerned with the animal nutrition, animal management and, breeding and animal health. This book permits the reader's exposure to the expert's experience and scientific style of interpreting and integrating available data into his own views.

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  • Overall welfare effects are slightly positive for the EU-27. Whereas total agricultural income would decline due to lower milk prices on average, the EU dairy industry would benefit as prices of dairy products are expected to decline less than raw milk prices (i.e. input costs decreasing more than revenues). Impacts on the FEOGA budget would arise mainly from additional export subsidies for butter and moderate losses of tariff revenues.

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  • The fundamental aim of this study project is to research cow feeding efficiencies and the maximisation of milk production from feeding a combination of pasture and total mixed ration systems. The findings of this study project were based on information obtained from visiting a number of progressive global dairy farming operations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland and through research provided by agricultural specialists in this area.

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  • Vegetable oil and grease polluted wastewater caused many problems in wastewater plan such as physical blockages in sewer, pump, screens and filter distributor arms. Its occurrence in effluent increase COD significantly even its amount is not high. In this paper, bioremediation was investigated to remove vegetable oil and grease. Four strains were positive with lipid degrading test. Cell morphology and optimal conditions such as pH, temperature anf lipid concentration was found.

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  • It is my pleasure to present a new book that integrates a continuing series on Veterinary Medicine. Titled “Insights from Veterinary Medicine”, this book presents original research results and reviews flashing several distinctive aspects of the Veterinary Medicine Sciences, in which the knowledge has continuously increased over the past decades.

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  • Choice of the exotic breeds to be used in breeding programme usually depends upon the purpose of crossbreeding. In case of dairy cattle, selection of exotic breeds depends upon its milk production, early maturity, and compatibility with local breeds. Because crossbreeding dilutes the gene pool of the indigenous breed, the exotic breed should provide clear advantages over the performance of the native dam breed.

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