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  • Ở bài trước bạn đã biết cách xử lý và hiện kết quả ra màn hình dùng Data Reader. Chú ý rằng : nếu chỉ muốn xem thông tin thì dùng Data Reader. Bài này hướng dẫn sử dụng DataSet để xử lý kết

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  • “Network infrastructure is directly tied to the ability to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace, today and in the future.”Data communications technologies are evolving and expanding at an unparalleled rate. The growth in demand for Internet access and intranet services continues to fuel rapid technical adaptation by both implementers and developers. Unfortunately,...

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  • This book is for anyone who is using InfoMaker® to work with data. Although the book does not assume you have knowledge about any particular topic, having some familiarity with relational databases and SQL is helpful. Consult books on these topics as needed.Server, server or end system [citation needed] (English: server computer, end system) is a networked computer, a static IP, with high processing power and on which it is installed set the software to cater to other computers (clients) to request access to the services provided...

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  • Model validation is the problem of deciding whether observed data are consistent with a nominal model . Change detection based on model validation aims at applying a consistency test in one of the following ways:

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  • Consider a batch of data over a sliding window, collected in a measurement vector Y and input vector U. As in Chapter 6, the idea of a consistency test is to apply a linear transformation to a batch of data, AiY + BiU + ci. The matrices Ai, Bi and vector G are chosen so that the norm of the linear transformation is small when there is no change/fault according to hypothesis Hi, and large when fault Hi has appeared.

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  • This chapter provides background information and problem descriptions of the applications treated in this book . Most of the applications include real data and many of them are used as case studies examined throughout the book with different algorithms

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  • This chapter surveys off-line formulations of single and multiple change point estimation . Although the problem formulation yields algorithms that process data batch.wise, many important algorithms have natural on-line implementations and recursive approximations . This chapter is basically a projection of the more general results in Chapter 7 to the case of signal estimation . There are, however. some dedicated algorithms for estimating one change point offline that apply to the current case of a scalar signal model . In the literature of mathematical statistics.

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  • In most digital data transmission systems the dispersive linear channel encountered exhibits amplitude and phase distortion. As a result, the received signal is contaminatedby Intersymbo1 Interference (ISI). In a system, which transmits a sequenceof pulse-shaped information symbols, the time domain full response signalling pulses are smeared hostile dispersive by the channel, resulting in intersymbol interference. At the receiver, the linearly distorted signal has to be equalized in order torecover the information....

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  • High data rate communications are limited not only by noise, --butespecially with increas(ISI) ing symbolrates -often more significantly by the Inter Symbol Interference due to the memory of the dispersive wireless communications channel [317]. Explicitly, this channel memory is caused by the dispersive channel impulse response (CIR) due to the differentlength propagation paths between the transmitting and the receiving antennae. This dispersion effect could theoretically be measured by transmitting an infinitely short impulse and “receiving” the CIR itself....

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  • Find out how Adaptive is leading the market in innovative Adaptive Data Governance Accelerators™. Leveraging our industry leading metadata management capabilities, Adaptive shifts the focus from tools to people, highlighting the human dimension in comprehensive solutions that deliver value early and often.

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  • Data granularity: The data within a P2P system can be accessible at many degrees of granularity. At the atomic granularity level, data consists of a collection of indivisible objects, e.g., complete MP3 files. For data placement at this level, we have to either place an entire object at a peer, or not at all; this is the semantics currently supported by today’s P2P systems. At the hierarchical granularity level, sets of objects can be grouped into larger objects, thus forming hierarchies.

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  • We consider a semi-supervised setting for domain adaptation where only unlabeled data is available for the target domain. One way to tackle this problem is to train a generative model with latent variables on the mixture of data from the source and target domains. Such a model would cluster features in both domains and ensure that at least some of the latent variables are predictive of the label on the source domain.

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  • We consider the problem of correcting errors made by English as a Second Language (ESL) writers and address two issues that are essential to making progress in ESL error correction - algorithm selection and model adaptation to the first language of the ESL learner. A variety of learning algorithms have been applied to correct ESL mistakes, but often comparisons were made between incomparable data sets. We conduct an extensive, fair comparison of four popular learning methods for the task, reversing conclusions from earlier evaluations. ...

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  • We consider a very simple, yet effective, approach to cross language adaptation of dependency parsers. We first remove lexical items from the treebanks and map part-of-speech tags into a common tagset. We then train a language model on tag sequences in otherwise unlabeled target data and rank labeled source data by perplexity per word of tag sequences from less similar to most similar to the target. We then train our target language parser on the most similar data points in the source labeled data. ...

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  • Mining bilingual data (including bilingual sentences and terms1) from the Web can benefit many NLP applications, such as machine translation and cross language information retrieval. In this paper, based on the observation that bilingual data in many web pages appear collectively following similar patterns, an adaptive pattern-based bilingual data mining method is proposed.

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  • Best practices in adaptive the assessment of adaptive behavior focuses on adaptive behavior assessment as an important component of data-based, decision-making/problem-solving models of school psychological services for students with disabilities and other learning and behavior problems.  Specific assessment methodologies are described along with their respective benefits and limitations.  Additionally, the chapter describes and classifies the types of adaptive behavior difficulties that are most frequently associated with specific disabilities (e.g.

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  • Bài giảng ADO.NET sau đây bao gồm những nội dung về mô hình công nghệ; Data Control; ADO.NET (DataSet, Data Provider) và một số nội dung khác. Bài giảng hữu ích với các bạn chuyên ngành Công nghệ thông tin và những ngành có liên quan.

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  • We investigate a recently proposed Bayesian adaptation method for building style-adapted maximum entropy language models for speech recognition, given a large corpus of written language data and a small corpus of speech transcripts. Experiments show that the method consistently outperforms linear interpolation which is typically used in such cases.

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  • We present a pointwise approach to Japanese morphological analysis (MA) that ignores structure information during learning and tagging. Despite the lack of structure, it is able to outperform the current state-of-the-art structured approach for Japanese MA, and achieves accuracy similar to that of structured predictors using the same feature set. We also find that the method is both robust to outof-domain data, and can be easily adapted through the use of a combination of partial annotation and active learning. ...

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  • We describe an approach to domain adaptation that is appropriate exactly in the case when one has enough “target” data to do slightly better than just using only “source” data. Our approach is incredibly simple, easy to implement as a preprocessing step (10 lines of Perl!) and outperforms stateof-the-art approaches on a range of datasets. Moreover, it is trivially extended to a multidomain adaptation problem, where one has data from a variety of different domains.

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