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  • Two types of information are provided here: explanations of how dates are han- dled in the Developer/2000 products; and some guidance in moving towards Year 2000 compliance in applications created with these products.

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  • The Deitels' groundbreaking How to Program series offers unparalleled breadth and depth of programming concepts and intermediate-level topics for further study. The books in this series feature hundreds of complete, working programs with thousands of lines of code. This edition is completely up-to-date with The Java 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.5. Now includes topics such as autoboxing, enumerations, enhanced for loops, static import

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  • Essential Go code and idioms for all facets of the development process This guide gives you the code “phrases” you need to quickly and effectively complete a wide variety of projects with Go, today’s most exciting new programming language. Tested, easy-to-adapt code examples illuminate every step of Go development, helping you write highly scalable, concurrent software. You’ll master Go-specific idioms for working with strings, collections, arrays, error handling, goroutines, slices, maps, channels, numbers, dates, times, files, networking, web apps, the runtime, and more....

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  • Wavelets in Nonlinear Semiconductor Devices Semiconductor device behavior can be described by a system of coupled partial differential equations (PDEs) with associated boundary conditions, requiring the conservation of charge and energy. In physics one is more interested in the quantities of charge concentration, average velocity, and mean energy, for example. From an engineering standpoint, potential, fields, current, and I -V curves are the desired parameters.

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  • Compilation of all Java™ source files is no longer the only step necessary to build many Java-based projects. For the typical HelloWorld program, book examples, and simple applets, source file compilation is sufficient. Complex Java-based projects, like web applications or Swing-based programs (such as JBuilder), require much more. Up-to-date sources must be retrieved from source control. Dependencies not automatically handled by the Java compiler need to be managed. Various classes must be bundled and delivered to multiple locations, sometimes as JAR or WAR files.

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  • Let me set the scene. Your team has been commissioned with adding a new section to your corporate intranet. In the course of the addition, you adopt a new technology of some sort. Perhaps this is a new database abstraction layer, or a different manner of handling HTML forms. It could be anything; it doesn’t really matter. Your team has worked on this new module for two months. You’ve put all of your collective knowledge and experience into the project. The launch date is in a couple days, and you’re actually going to make your deadline....

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  • One potential benefit of early identification is the ability to plan for the anticipated further cognitive decline. For example, the assignment of a sustaining power of attorney can be made at a time before mental incompetence occurs, obviating more complex maneuvers to handle an individual’s estate at a later date. The ability to discuss advance directives with an individual is another potential benefit.

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  • 193 Appendix Appendix 1: Suggested Contents of a Mold Manual Description (possibly a photo) of the mold Date of building Serial number, size, weight List of patents applying to the mold. List of third-party trade marks of components used. Table of contents 1. Safety of operation 2. Specifications: What is required to operate the mold: Molding machine type, space, plant floor, hoist capacity, air supply, cooling water, lubricants, power, etc. 3. Safe handling of the mold 4. Installation, startup, and operation 5. Troubleshooting 6. Mold storage 7.

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  • Among technological options experimented to reach the unbanked and underbanked populations mostly in the rural areas are the satellite (mobile) branches, which allow to serve financially-excluded geographical areas where mainstream banks found it unprofitable to set up brick and mortar infra- structures. Savings banks in Uganda and Zimbabwe operate mobile banking units, which consist of vans equipped with information and communication technology touring remote communities on fixed dates to render banking services.

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  • Globalization Support Features Globalization Support ensures that database utilities and error messages, sort order, date, time, monetary, numeric, and calendar conventions automatically adapt to the native language. Oracle currently supports 57 languages, 88 territories, 84 linguistic sorts (71 monolingual and 13 multilingual), and 235 encoded character sets. The language-dependent operations are controlled by a number of parameters and environment variables on both the client and the server sides. The server and the client may run in the same or different locations.

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