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  • Facebook si avvia ad avere un miliardo di utenti, Windows Live Messenger 350 milioni, Twitter 300 milioni, Linkedin 130 milioni. Google+ è entrato prepotentemente nella competizione. Ogni giorno questi numeri crescono, e nascono nuovi social network. Non si tratta di un fenomeno occidentale, né esclusivo di società cosiddette democratiche: decine di milioni di russi usano Vkontakte, social network cinesi (rigidamente controllate dalle autorità) come QZone e RenRen contano molte centinaia di milioni di utenti, e il governo iraniano promuove Cloob.

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  • A formalism is presented for lexical specification in unification-based grammars which exploits defeasible multiple inheritance to express regularity, subregularity, and exceptions in classifying the properties of words. Such systems are in the general case intractable; the present proposal represents an attempt to reduce complexity while retaining sufficient expressive power for the task at hand. Illustrative examples are given of morphological analyses from English and German.

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  • Understanding the relationship between credit and interest rate risk is critical to many applications in finance, from valuation of credit and interest rate-sensitive instruments to risk management. This study empirically examines the relationship between interest rates and default risk using firm level corporate default data in the United States between 1982 and 2008. We find significant negative contemporaneous correlations between the changes in short interest rates and aggregate default rates, with a particularly strong relationship around financial crises.

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  • The Internet is an important sector of many businesses, both large and small, in the modern world; it's now rare for a company to not have at least a basic web presence and increasingly unlikely that a company's products are not sold online. Magento is a powerful e-commerce system, used by international organizations such as Homedics, The North Face, Samsung, and 3M.

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  • The different views presented in the previous section suggest different aspects of how the SGP could affect capital market expectations about future developments, and hence prices for fixed government securities. If a strict interpretation of the SGP reduces budgetary flexibility and short-term growth prospects, it might lead to lower short or medium term interest rates. Conversely, if the central bank considers any breach or lax implementation of the Pact as an indication of an unduly expansionary fiscal policy leading to higher inflation, it could foreclose a monetary easing.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Creating Custom Views The power of views comes not from the predefined views, but from the ability to create your own custom views. You can customize the current view used on any folder, create new views, or customize any of the default views included with Outlook. All custom view options are on the Custom View dialog. Open the dialog by rightclicking on the field names at the top of the list pane and selecting Custom. The options you can choose from when customizing or creating views include...

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  • Initially, buying green power in competitive retail markets entailed switching electricity service from the incumbent utility to a green power supplier. However, with few exceptions, green power marketers have found it difficult to compete or to persuade customers to switch suppliers. As a remedy, a number of states now require default suppliers (which are often the incumbent distribution utilities) to offer green power options to their customers.

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  • .Nell’acquario di Facebook la resistibile ascesa dell’anarco-capitalismo iPPolita .Indice © 2012 ippolita copyleft Quest’opera è stata rilasciata con licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione Non commerciale - Condividi allo stesso modo 3.0 Italia. Per leggere una copia della licenza visita il sito web http://creativecommons. org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/it/ o spedisci una lettera a Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA. Parte Prima Ho mille amici ma non conosco nessuno 9 1.

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  • JavaServer Pages technology lets you embed a scripting language in web pages (HTML documents). The scripted HTML file has a .jsp extension to identify it as a JavaServer Pages file to the server. Before the page is served, the JavaServer Pages syntax is parsed and processed into an object on the server side. The resulting object generates dynamic HTML content and sends it back to the client. JavaServer Pages technology uses the Java(TM) programming language as the default scripting language.

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  • Bạn thường xuyên phải làm việc với Microsoft Powerpoint? Xin giới thiệu một số thủ thuật, phần mềm tiện ích để bạn tham khảo. 1. Săn tìm Power Point “template” Microsoft Template ( templates/default.aspx) Trang nhà của các ứng dụng Office nên lưu trữ nhiều nội dung, biểu mẫu (template) cho cả Word, Excel và Power Point. Những slide trình chiếu của bạn sẽ chuyên nghiệp hơn rất nhiều nếu sử dụng các biểu mẫu từ website này....

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  • Pro Engineer is a 3D-CAD software for designing graphics for the motion simulation in mechanical design, mechatronics, mechanical power, automation ...Create a new assembly called valve_cam. Uncheck Use default template. The New File Options dialog box appears. Create a new datum plane through the axis of top hole of the shaft_mount. This datum plane should be parallel with ASM_TOP. Create a pin connection between rocker arm and shaft mount.

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  • The last few chapters introduced you to routing protocols and their basic configuration. By default, once you set up routing, your router will allow any packet to flow from one interface to another. You may want to implement policies to restrict the flow of traffic, for either security or traffic policy reasons. Cisco allows you affect the flow of traffic from one interface to another by using access control lists (ACLs). ACLs, pronounced ackles, are a very powerful feature of the IOS.

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  • The price premium charged for competitive-market products depends on several factors including the price of standard offer or default service, the availability of incentives to green power marketers or suppliers, and the cost of renewable energy generation available in the regional market. Some marketers have charged prices close to or even below the default market price in recent years (e.g., in Texas); others have offered fixed-price products, providing customers with protection against increasing prices for a specified period of time, usually one year.

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  • Candlesticks are one of the most powerful technical analysis tools in the trader's toolkit. While candlestick charts dates back to Japan in the 1700's, this form of charting did not become popular in the western world until the early 1990's. Since that time, they have become the default mode of charting for serious technical analysts replacing the open-high-low-close bar chart. There has been a great deal of cogent information published on candlestick charting both in book form and on the worldwide web. Many of the works, however, are encyclopedic in nature.

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  • The backbone of International Travel Agency’s enterprise network consists of three routers connected via an Ethernet core. SanJose1 has more memory and processing power than the other core routers. Unfortunately, other core routers are continually elected as the DR under the default settings. In the interest of optimization, you want to ensure that SanJose1 is elected the DR, because it is best suited to handle associated extra duties, including management of Link State Advertisements (LSA) for Area 0. You decide to investigate and correct the situation....

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  • 272 Chapter 12 Client-Side Programming with the Dojo Toolkit Take a look at the newly created index.html page (see Listing 12.1). Open this page and select the Source tab. There are several things that WebSphere sMash has provided that are needed to properly use Dojo on the page. The first thing of interest is on lines 7 and 8. In these lines, we are importing two style sheets. The CSS on line 8 provides a clean visual environment, with small fonts and normalized default page settings. The CSS on line 7 holds massive power. Dojo comes with several themes that provide a unified...

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  • Mental accounting is the common tendency to create artificial budgets covering different categories of spending and saving. People use this technique to evaluate and keep track of their finances but it can lead to seemingly irrational decisions such as saving at low interest rates whilst simultaneously borrowing at high rates. Status quo bias is the tendency for people to stick with their prior choices. It is therefore relevant to the selection of financial products and the incentive to stay informed.

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  • Since the swap counterparty is typically the bank also acting as ETF provider, investors may be exposed if the bank defaults 6 . Therefore, problems at those banks that are most active in swap-based ETFs may constitute a powerful source of contagion and systemic risk. In addition, the incentives behind the creation of synthetic ETFs may not be aligned along the ETF chain, especially as conflicts of interest can arise from the dual role of some banks as ETF provider and derivative counterparty7 .

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  • DATR is a declarative language for representing a restricted class of inheritance networks, permitting both multiple and default inheritance. The principal intended area of application is the representation of lexical entries for natural language processing, and we use examples from this domain throughout. In this paper we present the syntax and inference mechanisms for the language.

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