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  • The second reason is t h a t t h e u s e o f d e f a u l t s simplifies the development of large a n d complex grammars, in particular, the development of lexicons for s u c h g r a m m a r s (Evans & G a z d a r 1988). The latter suggests t h a t the use of defaults Is of p a r t i c u l a r r e l e v a n c e for t h o s...

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  • A formalism is presented for lexical specification in unification-based grammars which exploits defeasible multiple inheritance to express regularity, subregularity, and exceptions in classifying the properties of words. Such systems are in the general case intractable; the present proposal represents an attempt to reduce complexity while retaining sufficient expressive power for the task at hand. Illustrative examples are given of morphological analyses from English and German.

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  • DATR is a declarative language for representing a restricted class of inheritance networks, permitting both multiple and default inheritance. The principal intended area of application is the representation of lexical entries for natural language processing, and we use examples from this domain throughout. In this paper we present the syntax and inference mechanisms for the language.

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  • Many parsing techniques including parameter estimation assume the use of a packed parse forest for efficient and accurate parsing. However, they have several inherent problems deriving from the restriction of locality in the packed parse forest. Deterministic parsing is one of solutions that can achieve simple and fast parsing without the mechanisms of the packed parse forest by accurately choosing search paths. We propose (i) deterministic shift-reduce parsing for unification-based grammars, and (ii) best-first shift-reduce parsing with beam thresholding for unification-based grammars.

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