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  • In the last three decades, the historical earthquake investigation became an outstand- ing source of information in seismology. The rigorous interpretation of known or newly discovered historical documents from public and private archives, including military and religious documents, press reports, correspondences, publications, etc., brings new light on the effect of past earthquakes and contributes to the assessment of their characteristics. Historical documents are nowadays examined in the frame of modern methodologies and new approaches applied in the study of individual earthquakes.

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  • Packaging must consist of readily recyclable material, and/or materials taken from renewable resources, or be a multi-use system, i.e. reusable. All packaging materials shall be easily separable by hand into recyclable parts consisting of one material (e.g. cardboard, paper, plastic, textile). Verification: A description of the product packaging shall be provided together with a corresponding declaration of compliance with these criteria. Proof should be provided in compliance with BS EN 13430 on recyclability or BS EN 13429 on reusability, or equivalent. ...

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  • We refine and extend prior views of the description, purposes, and contexts-of-use of acknowledgment acts through empirical examination of the use of acknowledgments in task-based conversation. We distinguish three broad classes of acknowledgments (other--*ackn, self--*other--*ackn, and self+ackn) and present a catalogue of 13 patterns within these classes that account for the specific uses of acknowledgment in the corpus.

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  • This volume is not intended to be a complete record of inventive genius and mechanical progress in the United States. A bare catalogue of notable American inventions in the nineteenth century alone could not be compressed into these pages. Nor is it any part of the purpose of this book to trespass on the ground of the many mechanical works and encyclopedias which give technical descriptions and explain in detail the principle of every invention.

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