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  • Related to testing and acceptance is the concept of cure. If the client notifi es you that the work is not acceptable, you should have the opportunity to effect a cure. This means to repair, correct or re-design any work that does not conform to the project specifi cations in order to make it acceptable to the client. Client responsibilities If a client has never purchased creative services before, they may not be aware of how extensive and important their own involvement in the process will be. You’ll want to point out what is required of them in terms of...

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  • Indemnifi cation In the event that you breach any warranty that you have given, you agree to provide security against any hurt, loss, or damage that might occur. You would have to make the client “whole” by giving them something equal to what they have lost or protecting them from any judgments or damages that might have to be paid to third parties, along with attorney’s fees. For example, you might be asked to provide indemnity against third- party infringement claims.

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  • Since the cost of manufacturing a custom train part on a small-scale 3D printer is only $25, Kendrick’s niche market of loyal consumers can afford to manufacture their own train parts -- no investment in factory-scale production is needed. Imagine if a model train enthusiast purchased Kendrick’s electronic blueprint and tried to produce the stainless steel train cowcatcher (shown in the figure) in a factory. The high cost of setting up a factory infrastructure would be well out of the reach of the average consumer.

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  • Laws designed to prevent usury, or the taking of "excessive" interest, have long been the subject of controversy. While advocates of usury ceilings claim that such controls protect consumers from abusive lending practices and enable them to obtain loans at reasonable rates, their critics argue that they work to consumers' disadvantage by restricting credit flows and distorting financial markets. In economic theory, the credit market is viewed like any other market. There are buyers (borrowers) and sellers (lenders) of credit; the price of credit is the interest rate.

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  • What drives development? How much of the process is determined by people’s assets, skills, and opportunities; by the regulatory environment; or by the location, arrangement, and dynamics of interconnected economic activities? Whereas the first two of these criteria have attracted considerable attention, much less research has been directed at the influence of the intensity and degree of concentration of economic activity. A study of how industrial clusters are organised and function should contribute to a better understanding of this issue.

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  • Defining Critical Infrastructure: Nearly every organization is susceptible to a cyber attack. However, it is cost prohibitive to protect everything, and not every asset, even those within critical infrastructures, will have an impact on national security or critical functions. The government should work closely with each sector to identify elements of critical infrastructure that, if damaged or destroyed, could cause great loss of life or significant economic damage impacting our national security.

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  • Companies, including Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and security and software vendors, are already conducting active operations to mitigate cybersecurity attacks. However, these are largely done independently according to their individual business interests and priorities. Congress should facilitate an organization outside of government to act as a clearing house of information and intelligence sharing between the government and critical infrastructure to improve security and disseminate real-time information designed to help target and defeat malicious cyber activity. ...

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  • Patients and study design: The study was performed on randomly selected 50 pulmonary tuberculosis patients (mean age, 45.3 ± 3.8, 28 men and 22 women) who had been admitted to the Beijing Tuberculosis and Thoracic Tumor Research Institute during 12 months (April 2008 - April 2009). Pulmonary tuberculosis was diagnosed by the clinical parameters: presence of cough/expectoration, chest X-ray showing infiltrated and /or cavities, a minimum of one positive sputum smear and culture result for acid-fast bacilli.

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  • Get an introduction to the goals, processes and operations of business enterprises in the United States. Your focus is on the functions that a company—whether a multinational corporation or a corner grocery store— must manage effectively to be successful. You also study the legal environment in which businesses operate and the importance of business ethics and corporate citizenship. Applied Economics for Business Welcome to the study of microeconomics, including the theory of supply and demand and the use of that theory to explain market functions.

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  • Key Observatory objectives during 2012/2013 are to (1) obtain external grants and funding to sup- port new research projects; (2) strengthen the Observatory's research capacity in astronomy and related sciences by recruiting 2{3 PhD students and providing a high-quality research environment to facilitate their advanced training and that of other Observatory sta ; and (3) build on the Observatory's involve- ment in the DCAL Learning Strategy by developing new initiatives in education and public outreach associated with the Observatory's programme of Science in the Community.

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  • This building technique was adopted in the predigital era by architects such as Le Corbusier. The roof of the chapel at Ronchamp, for example­ likened to an airplane wing by the architect-is designed and built as a series of structural concrete ribs, tied together laterally by crossbeams. A paper model of the roof clearly shows the intentions for the internal construction.

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  • Nanotechnology is the rapidly expanding field and nanoparticles are omnipresent. Biological nanoparticles are assembled from molecules or atoms synthesized in a biological system. They include magnetosomes, lipoproteins, viruses, exosomes and ferritins.. A typical instance of a protein cage possessing this native biological function is ferritin. This engineered ferritin, which has the same architecture as natural H-ferritin, is termed magnetoferritin. The iron storage protein ferritin consists of a spherical polypeptide shell (apoferritin) and accommodates various metal ions.

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  • Employers in English-speaking countries are increasingly requiring evidence from non-English speaking background professionals seeking employment in fields for which they are academically qualified that they can demonstrate a high level of proficiency in English, such as is represented by an IELTS band score of 7.0. The purpose of this study was to investigate the likelihood of non-English speaking background undergraduate students who had met the English language proficiency requirements for study at an Australian university on the basis of an Overall score of 6.

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  • In another recent study by our group (Gürlek et al. 2009) similar salivary ICTP levels were detected in smoker, non-smoker and ex-smoker patient groups with similar clinical periodontal findings. Smoking status was confirmed by salivary cotinine analysis but there was no clinically healthy control group in that study and the number of teeth present, average probing depths and attachment levels were all similar in the three study groups. There were no significant differences in saliva ICTP concentrations between the smoker and non-smoker patient groups.

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  • Bacteria are non-chlorophyllated unicellular organisms that reproduce by fission and do not present nuclear envelope. Gram´s stain is a staining technique used to classify bacteria based on the different characteristic of their cell walls. Gram-positive or Gram-negative bacteria are determined by the amount and location of peptidoglycan in the cell wall, exhibiting different chemical compositions and structures, cell-wall permeabilities, physiologies, metabolisms, and pathogenicities.

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  • Market and banking supervisors and regulators are in the process of stepping up their monitoring of the ETF market. Work is underway nationally and internationally on assessing how recent innovations in this area can add to financial system risks, what incentives underpin them, and what potential flaws there might be in current risk practices. The interaction of ETF regulatory frameworks with recent innovations as well as the scope for regulatory arbitrage across regions and markets is also being examined.

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  • Surprisingly the toxicity level of fertilizer industry discharge may influence by the environmental factors such as conductivity, temperature, pH, cardon dioxide (CO2), oxygen and elements. Through studies, these factors will influence the behavior and certain biochemical indices of the fish, such as C. striatus, by acting either in synergistic, antagonistic or simple additive manner (Yadav et al., 2005; Bobmanuel et al., 2006; Yadav et al., 2007). A high conductivity value indicates high concentration of dissolved ion within the industrial discharge.

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  • This report, published by the UN Millennium Project, examines the global burden of diseases and risks related to sexual and reproductive health (SRH), analyses the implications for the Millennium Development Goals, and asks what needs to be done. Key findings include that millions of women lack access to family planning services they need and want. The unmet need for contraception is especially acute among adolescents in the developing world. One in 16 women in sub-Saharan Africa dies from complications of pregnancy and childbirth, compared with one in every 2800 in...

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  • This pattern has two main implications. First, if we take loan size as a proxy for the poverty of customers (smaller loans roughly imply poorer customers), microfinance banks appear to serve many customers who are substantially better-off than the customers of nongovernmental organizations. Second, banks will have an easier time earning profits (assuming that a large fraction of the cost of making loans is due to fixed costs).

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  • What this means for the typical small business is that you must add a blog and podcast to the mix, upload, tag, and thoroughly describe images on sites like Flickr. Create customer testimonial videos housed on YouTube. Write articles and press releases to submit to EzineArticles and PitchEngine. Create and brand optimize profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Maps, and industry-related social networking sites. And, get very proactive about generating positive reviews on sites such as Yelp, Google Maps, and Insider Pages, or you’re not really online anymore.

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