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  • A formalism will be presented in this paper which makes it possible to realise the idea of assigning only one scope-ambiguous representation to a sentence that is ambiguous with regard to quantifier scope. The scope d e t e r m i n a t i o n results in e x t e n d i n g this representation with additional context and world k n o w l e d g e conditions. If there is no scope determining information, the formalism can work further with this scope-ambiguous representation. Thus scope information does not have to...

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  • An algorithm for generating the possible quantifier scopings for a sentence, in order of preference, is outlined. The scoping assigned to a quantifier is determined by its interactions with other quantifiers, modals, negation, and certain syntacticconstituent boundaries. When a potential scoping is logically equivalent to another, the less preferred one is discarded. The relative scoping preferences of the individual quantifiers are not embedded in the algorithm, but are specified by a set of rules.

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  • Texas operates a family planning program for more than one hundred thousand low- income women called the Women’s Health Program (WHP); it is currently administered under a waiver from the Medicaid program. Earlier this year, the state adopted a policy to exclude family planning clinics that are Planned Parenthood affiliates from participating in the WHP.

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  • On behalf of its clients, PGGM Investments manages several real estate investment portfolios structured around listed real estate and private real estate. PGGM Investments recognizes the impact real estate has on the environment as well as on societal systems, for instance with regard to CO2 emissions. This document addresses PGGM Investments’ policy on integrating material environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into our real estate investments. The scope of this policy covers both the listed and the private real estate portfolios.

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  • The Directive's main aim is to ensure that the authority giving the primary consent (the 'competent authority') for a particular project makes its decision in the knowledge of any likely significant effects on the environment. The Directive, therefore, sets out a procedure that must be followed for certain types of project before they can be given 'development consent'. This procedure, known as Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), is a means of drawing together, in a systematic way, an assessment of a project's likely significant environmental effects.

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  • Owners contract with sculptors who may then employ contractors and subcontractors. Contracts define terms, conditions and responsibilities of various parties. This phase gives both sides a chance to negotiate until a mutually agreeable contract is signed. An attorney can be helpful in this phase. Standard contract considerations between the artist and owner typically include scope of services, liability, insurance, indemnification, payment schedules and timeline. In addition, the owner-sculptor contract should itemize maintenance obligations of both parties. ...

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  • Lecture "Chapter 8: Evaluating alternatives for, requirements, environment and implementation" provides students with the knowledge: Project management perspective, deciding on scope and level of automation, determining the level of automation, selecting alternatives, defining the application deployment environment,... Invite you to consult.

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  • Chapter 2 PROJECT SCOPE. Project scope is the description of what the project will produce. Starting at the beginning with project initiation, the project team builds the project information step by step. According to the PMBOK®.Guide, the processes related to Scope Management are The steps are as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Great Idea Project Charter Scope Description Scope Management Plan Work Breakdown Structure 26 Project Scope Once all of these steps have been completed, the team will have a solid description of the scope.

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  • SCOPE To determine the slump loss of freshly mixed Portland Cement Concrete over a period of time. This method is typically used for drilled shaft concrete. It may also be applicable in special circumstances as deemed necessary by the RCE. The purpose of this test is to ensure that drilled shaft concrete has a slump within the range specified in Subsection 701.2.12.3 of the 2007 edition of SCDOT’s Standard Specifications For Highway Construction when placed and maintains a minimum slump as specified in Subsection 712.4.13.

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  • Chapter 17 METHODS IN ENTOMOLOGY: COLLECTING, PRESERVATION, CURATION, AND IDENTIfiCATION For many entomologists, questions of how and what to collect and preserve are determined by the research project (see also section 13.4). Choice of methods may depend upon the target taxa, life-history stage, geographical scope, kind of host plant or animal, disease vector status.

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  • 1. Scope* 1.1 This test method is intended for use on any petroleum product. 2 A procedure suitable for black specimens, cylinder stock, and nondistillate fuel oil is described in 8.8. A procedure for testing the fluidity of a residual fuel oil at a specified temperature is described in Appendix X1. 1.2 Several ASTM test methods offering alternative proce- dures for determining pour points using automatic apparatus are available. None of them share the same designation number as Test Method D 97.

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  • We would like to know whether you feel there are areas that we should review, and whether you think a statutory insurance code is desirable. In Part 4 of this paper we have asked you to list those areas you think we should review, and to rank them in order of importance. Your responses will be considered by the Commissioners before they determine the scope of this project in the light of the resources available to us.

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  • There are no recent statistics determining the size and scope of the inbound incentive travel market. The last estimates were provided in a report commissioned by the British Tourist Authority and partners in 1996, which calculated the value of inbound and domestic incentive travel (excluding air travel) to be in the region of £165 million per year. The fact that hotels do not differentiate between conference and incentive travel group bookings, makes it difficult to track occupancy levels.

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  • The accounting treatment of investments in property, plant and equipment and intangible assets entails the use of estimates to determine the useful life for depreciation and amortization purposes and to assess fair value at their acquisition dates for assets acquired in business combinations. Determining useful life requires making estimates in connection with future technological developments and alternative uses for assets.

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  • Simultaneous Equations Models The Scope of Simultaneous Equations Models The emphasis in this chapter is on situations where two or more variables are jointly determined by a system of equations. Nevertheless, the population model, the identification analysis, and the estimation methods apply to a much broader

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  • In Germany, works councils constitute the second important pillar of the in- dustrial relations system and provide workers with the opportunity of employee representation at the establishment level. 5 The participation rights are laid down under the German Works Constitution Act (Betriebsverfassungsgesetz) and include consultation, co-determination and information rights, which generally increase in scope the larger the establishment becomes.

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  • Clearly, a straightforward implication of wages being determined by sectoral conditions would be that industry-level contracts offer little scope for adjustments of individual wages to firm-specific demand shocks, even if the latter are of permanent nature. However, as demonstrated in Section 2.2, industry-level contracts do not necessarily provide an obstacle to the adjustment of wages to local conditions, as recent decentralisation tendencies in Germany have introduced the option of making such wage adjustments.

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  • The information required during implementation is determined primarily by the scope of the project – namely the purpose, results, activities, resource requirements and budget – and by the management arrangements (roles and responsibilities). At the purpose and result levels, the key indicators and sources of verification contained in the Logframe matrix provide the focus for information collection and use.

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  • Once the objective and scope are decided, it is necessary to determine what activities are required to be carried out to meet the objective. The dependencies between these activities can then be determined, which in turn allows resources and timescales to be estimated. This needs to be done for the whole project (project plan), and then in more detail for the next stage of the project (stage plan). This step is concerned with the overall project. The project schedule is not intended to direct resources to specific activities on certain dates.

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  • Subject of research theme includes: legislative perspective, content and methods prescribed by current related legal regulations in Vietnam in comparison with the other countries; law enforcement of delimitation of jurisdiction in handling with administrative complaint and lawsuit in Vietnam recently; people’s opinion and scientific assessments of effectiveness, scope and the ways for determining the jurisdiction in handling administrative complaint and lawsuit in Vietnam.

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