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  • Industrial sectors have been playing a key role in socio-economic development and making an important contribution to the increase of GDP and state budget revenues of the Quang Ninh province, however, they have caused the most serious environmental pollution. Therefore, the balance of industrial development and environmental protection is more and more necessary.

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  • This report was prepared by a team from the OECD's Information Economy Unit of the Information, Communications and Consumer Policy Division within the Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry. The contributing authors were Chris Bruegge, Kayoko Ido, Taylor Reynolds, Cristina Serra- Vallejo, Piotr Stryszowski and Rudolf Van Der Berg. The case studies were drafted by Laura Recuero Virto of the OECD Development Centre with editing by Elizabeth Nash and Vanda Legrandgerard. The work benefitted from significant guidance and constructive comments from ISOC and UNESCO.

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  • Guidelines for the Development and Application of Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems includes Organisation, resources and documentation, Evaluation and risk management, Implementation and monitoring, Auditing and reviewing,...

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  • This article describes the experience of implementing the On-site Subsoil Condition Monitoring up to 2017 and outlines the basics of its integration into the Complex System of Environmental Monitoring. For representing data on the natural and technogenic systems, geoenvironmental information packages are necessary. The authors have given data on the development and integration of geoenvironmental information packages of the nuclear industry enterprises into the Complex System of Environmental Monitoring.

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  • The occupational and environmental safety and health professions have been on merging paths for several years now. Corporate "down-sizing" or "right-sizing" has resulted in a more streamlined approach to these once very diverse and quite separate disciplines. Although they both may now be practiced in tandem, often by the same individuals, each has evolved and developed as a separate area of study. As such, there are literally thousands of words, terms, and phrases that have specific meanings within their respective disciplines that may not always be clear and simple....

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  • Access to safe drinking water and sanitation is a basic necessity. However, such access is highly variable around the world and in particular in Africa, Asia and South America. Much progress still remains to be made in infrastructure improvements and poverty reduction. A recent World Bank report, for example, noted that more than 100 million people in the Latin American region alone lack access to potable water and adequate sanitation systems. Compounding the issue of water availability is contamination of water supplies and the lack of wastewater treatment facilities.

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  • Our training site, Kitakyushu city is one of Japan’s four largest industrial zones. The city has a history in which the serious pollution problems occurred in the period of high economic growth 1950’s to 70’s, and the city has controlled the pollution by addressing it with the administration, companies and citizens as one. Especially, companies have achieved both industrial development and environmental conservation by developing CP which makes pollution measures consistent withenergy/resource saving with the guidance and support from the administration....

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  • Following the vote of the EU Parliament plenary session of 11 November 2010, and without formally waiting for the entry into force of the Directive expected for mid-2011, work on the implementation phase has started. This work will span more than two years, and will consist of two main pillars: Member States will draft their implementing legislation while the Commission and ESMA (former CESR)6 will work on so-called “Level 2” measures or technical and regulatory guidelines for implementation.

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  • The Interagency Working Group on Food Marketed to Children (Working Group), comprised of representatives from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), seeks public comment on a preliminary proposal for voluntary principles to guide industry self-regulatory efforts to improve the nutritional profile of foods marketed to children.

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  • A response of the engineering profession to the challenges of security, poverty and under-development, and environmental sustainability is described. Ethical codes, which govern the behavior of engineers, are examined from a historical perspective linking the prevailing codes to models of the natural world. A new ethical code based on a recently introduced model of Nature as an integral community is provided and discussed. Applications of the new code are described using a case study approach.

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  • Listing standards may or may not address governance issues directly and/or compliance with an applicable governance code may well be part of individual listing agreements. In some instances, as mentioned above, listing standards incorporate elements of the governance code (cf. the Australian example). In other jurisdictions, additional governance standards - over and above the governance code - have been introduced as part of the listing requirements. For instance, the Stockholm Stock Exchange and the TSX both impose such standards (e.g.

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  • Bivariate and multivariate analyses were done to measure the effects of the interventions. Knowledge of HIV/AIDS increased in the intervention sites compared to the control sites, with greater improvement in Site B with the additional school-based intervention. The knowledge of contraceptives improved in both intervention and control sites, with the greatest improvement seen in Site A.

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  • The diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis can be made by the detection of acid fast bacilli by direct microscopy, using carbol fuchsin stain and/or fluorochrome stain. Microscopy is a rapid method but lacks sufficient sensitivity and does not distinguish between different species of mycobacteria. The sensitivity of microscopy is often not more than 25-40% as compared to culture, but under ideal conditions, it is possible to achieve a rate of 60-70%.

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  • In the last 10-20 years epidemiology has dealt extensively with the effect of outdoor air pollution on human health. A considerable number of case studies in different countries and under different exposure situations have confirmed that air pollution is one of various risk-factors for morbidity and mortality. In general, air pollution is a mixture of many substances (particulates, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxides). Knowing that several indicators of exposure (eg. NO2, CO, PM10, TSP etc.

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  • The linkage between model results and monitoring data can be complicated if monitoring programs are not designed to address which parameters should be monitored, timing of measurements, location, spatial scale, and resolution of measurements to match with model parameters. This is particularly valuable in the early stages of a project when the opportunity exists to alter the project to ensure long-term storage and improve efficiency.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'oecdkey environmental indicatorsoecd', khoa học tự nhiên, công nghệ môi trường phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • The Large Volume Organic Chemicals (LVOC) BREF (Best Available Techniques reference document) reflects an information exchange carried out under Article 16(2) of Council Directive 96/61/EC. This Executive Summary - which is intended to be read in conjunction with both the standard introduction to the BAT chapters and the BREF Preface’s explanations of objectives, usage and legal terms - describes the main findings, the principal BAT conclusions and the associated emission / consumption levels.

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  • In contrast to the behavioural perspective, the Thoresen Report (2008, ) is implicitly based on the view that poor financial decisions are to a significant extent due to remediable ignorance. It advocates that the Government should fund the widespread provision of generic financial advice (GFA). If this leads to significant changes in behaviour, the benefits would greatly exceed the costs. According to the Report, the net present value of the gain is of the order of £15bn.

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  • The Western Riverside County Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP) is an ambitious effort to balance development and environmental concerns in an area of rapid urban growth. In return for setting up a 500,000-acre conservation reserve, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the California Department of Fish and Game granted the county and cities in western Riverside County a 75-year

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  • Malnutrition results from a complex set of factors and not one simple cause. The UNICEF conceptual model of causes of malnutrition (page 16) provides a useful framework for the discussion of the causes of malnutrition in Somalia. The volatile political situation and civil unrest have led to a chronic and continuing humanitarian crisis that is at the root of the high prevalence of malnutrition in Somalia. Somalia is also prone to drought and floods.

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