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  • Diagnosis Technician Suspension and Steering Wheel Alignment Description Description Camber Steering axis inclination Caster Toe Turning radius (1/1) Diagnosis Technician Suspension and Steering Wheel Alignment Camber Description 0 Negative Positive Camber C b Camber 90° • Uneven wear of tire Excess on positive side Outside Excess on negative side Outside Inside Inside (1/1) Diagnosis Technician Suspension and Steering Wheel Alignment Camber Negative Camber Camber thrust Negative camber Inside Outside Inside Positive camber Outside Load Load O Camber th...

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  • Diagnosis Technician Suspension and Steering Steering System Steering System 1.Outline Description Rack-and-pinion type with power steering Steering wheel Steering column Steering linkage Steering gear Recirculating-ball type Steering gear Steering linkage Reference: 4WS (4 Wheel Steering) (1/1) Diagnosis Technician Suspension and Steering Steering System Steering System 2.

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  • Zero Camber and Positive Camber Steering axis inclinationUneven wear of tire Excess on positive side 90° Outside Excess on negative side Negative camber Centrifugal force Small positive Positive camber Straight-ahead driving camber Cornering force Centrifugal force Straight-ahead driving Large positive camber Cornering force

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  • This book provides a practical approach for MR imaging of the focal and diffuse liver lesions based on the state-of-the-art MR imaging sequences, computer-generated drawings, concise figure captions, relevant and systematic (differential) diagnostic information, recent literature references, and patient management possibilities. MR imaging findings are correlated to ultrasound, computed tomography, and pathology when appropriate.

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  • Imaging of sports related injuries has always been a very popular topic and the interest of radiologists in this domain has even increased in recent years. Competitive athletes are vulnerable to a variety of injuries and they are often very demanding in their expectations of a correct diagnosis, appropriate treatment and advice on prognosis and estimated recovery period. Working in sports imaging means team effort, whereby sports physicians, physical therapists, orthopaedic surgeons, radiologists and technicians work closely together. Radiology plays a pivotal role in this process....

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  • The microbiology laboratory must be an ally in the diagnostic endeavor. Astute laboratory personnel will suggest optimal culture and transport conditions or alternative tests to facilitate diagnosis. If informed about specific potential pathogens, an alert laboratory staff will allow sufficient time for these organisms to become evident in culture, even when the organisms are present in small numbers or are slow-growing.

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  • The Artificial Insemination Database Application for Asia (AIDA Asia) was developed by FAO/IAEA in Microsoft Access 2000® and Visual Basic for Applications ® 6.0 [8]. The computer application contains 6 files to record, analyse and report data on farms, females inseminated, semen, oestrus characteristics, inseminators and pregnancy diagnosis. Fourteen bulls comprising 7 zebus and 7 crossbreds (50% zebu and 50% Friesian) that were used in the national AI programme were selected to determine their fertility.

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  • The purpose of this document is to provide hospitals and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals Organization (JCAHO) a guide prepared by medical physicists recommending tests and proce- dures for medical lasers to maintain a high level of quality care in a safe environment. The guidance for safe use of laser systems for diagnosis and therapy is intended for use by all health care personnel associated with laser systems’ operation (physicians, nurses, medical physicists), maintenance (engineers), and service (biomedical technicians).

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  • The authors pay their deepest thanks to all the study participants for giving valuable time and useful data for the study; field enumerators for their hard work for data collection; and the programme personnel at Trishal upazila for their cooperation. Special thanks to Associate Professor Dr. Asif Mujtaba Mahmud, Respiratory Medicine Department, Sir Salimullah Medical College, Dhaka; Associate Professor Dr. NK Sharma, Radiology and Sonology Department, Mymensingh Medical College, Mymensingh and Professor Dr.

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  • Manufacturers of refrigeration condensing units will supply technical data for their products on demand, but this will be based on ideal operating condi- tions in controlled ambient temperatures. The service engineer or technician, dealing with many different types of equipment, needs a simple quick method to enable him to determine the theoretical operating head pressure of a plant so that this can be compared with the actual operating pressure to assist in fault diagnosis.

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