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  • When I reflect on my roles as a nurse, I identify my “raison d’ être´”—my most fundamental reason for being a nurse—as caring about my patients and promoting their wellness. I think about the many ways in which I use my nursing skills to help bring new life into this world; facilitate healing of body, mind, and spirit; and provide comfort during times of illness and death.Then my thoughts focus on the challenge of reconciling my ideals of having time to provide holistic care with the harsh realities inherent in the hurry and scurry of my job.

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  • This work is an extension to the earlier publication Instrumentation Fundamentals for Process Control (2001) in which the basics of instrumentation were given along with some applications of instruments and control systems to real processes. Because the present work is an extension of this latter aspect, it is therefore confined mainly to the techniques of applying instrumentation and control systems to manipulate the process to give the desired results.

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  • Analysis was conducted on nutrients or nutrient groups for which numeric data were provided in at least 10 of the 137 crop studies identified by the review.

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  • At best, it is a source of strength, beauty, and wonder. We can compare the healthy body to a well-designed machine whose parts work smoothly together. We can also compare it to a symphony orchestra in which each instrument has a different part to play. When all of the musicians play together, they produce beautiful music. From a purely physical standpoint, our bodies are made mainly of water.We are also made of many minerals, including calcium, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, magnesium, and iron.

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  • The way that many neoclassical economists ascribe monetary figures to matters such as education, personal relationships, and the environment, and derive apparently scientific, universal formulae for how they interact is incomprehensible to many and the subject of much concern and debate. 20 Some analysts even argue that this accounting mindset, clearly expressed in the Hamilton and Clemens quote above, is a major cause of our environmental crisis as it demeans our views of our relationships with other people and with nature.

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  • A beginner's guide to natural health care, to help you build a solid physical, nutritional, and mental/emotional foundation for health. From acupressure techniques to the importance of water, this guide provides valuable information from the experts in an easy-to-digest, easy-to-use, and beautifully laid out manner.

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  • Because of the diversity of the types of systems, fluids, and environments in which valves must operate, a vast array of valve types have been developed. Examples of the common types are the globe valve, gate valve, ball valve, plug valve, butterfly valve, diaphragm valve, check valve, pinch valve, and safety valve. Each type of valve has been designed to meet specific needs. Some valves are capable of throttling flow, other valve types can only stop flow, others work well in corrosive systems, and others handle high pressure fluids.

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  • This subcourse deals with fluoroscopy and with a number of other special techniques and procedures. Some of these are not done often and may require extra study to make up for lack of practice. Whether a procedure is demanding or routine, it is important to remember you are dealing with a person and not just a technique. That person, as well as the doctor, is depending on you to use these techniques in the best way possible to produce radiographic useful in diagnosis.

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  • A healthy digestive system is fundamental to supporting human life. Its ability to extract nutrients from the food we eat affects our general well-being in health and our response to illness in ill-health. Disorders of the digestive system range from mild and self-limiting to severe and life-threatening, but affect everyone to some extent and at some point during their life. This chapter provides a general overview of the digestive system, and then explores its components in greater detail. Common conditions are examined through patient scenarios.

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  • During the early years, you can give your child a foundation of healthy nutrition and good eating habits. At age one, your child tolerates pretty much everything adults eat, although with less seasoning, well-done, cut into small pieces, and not too dry. After their incisors appear, they start to get molars and their digestive systems are ready to engage life.

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  • This authoritative, thorough, and scientifically sound guide to nutrition and wellness provides information on weight loss, detoxification, low cholesterol, better digestion, mercury poisoning, cholesterol--and more! Optimal Nutrition for Optimal Health covers the same topics as current bestsellers such as Prescription for Nutritional Healing and The Nutrition Bible in as great a depth--but in a smaller, handier trim size and at a much more affordable price.

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  • Probiotics may exert a multidirectional effects affecting the gene expression in intestinal cells. A number of positive effects of probiotics have been indicated, particularly their beneficial effect in the pathologic conditions including antibiotic-associated traveler's diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), lactose intolerance, dental caries, gastroduodenal ulcers due to Helicobacter pylori, hepatic encephalopathy, intestinal motility disorders and neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis.

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  • Akimov and Bezuglov described existing models for the evaluation of protein digestibility with a major focus on the evaluation of enzymes involved in protein digestion in stomach and intestine. Moreover, a special emphasis is placed on the characterization of the intestinal wall peptidases (surface as well as intracellular) with description of their specificities and their role in overall protein digestion.

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  • Without doubt, improving the education system to support Māori students to achieve their full potential is a big and complex challenge. For most of us, it is too big to know where to start. During our scoping work for this report, we decided on some questions that we consider make this challenge more digestible.

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  • Wise men study the sciences which deal with the origins and development of animal life, with the structure of the cells, with the effect of various diseases upon the tissues and fluids of the body; they study the causes of the reactions of the body cells to disease germs, and search for the origin and means of extermination of these enemies to health. They study the laws of physical well-being. They seek for the chemical principles governing the reactions of digestive fluids to the foods they must transform into heat and energy.

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  • Theoretical training starts with an explanation of the digestive system of ruminants and how ruminant animals are different from non-ruminants. Diagrammes of the diges- tive system of ruminants in power-point slides as well as video clips on the digestion and absorption of different nutrients is also shown during the training. The session on animal feeding includes name, identification, class of feed, major sources of nutrients, i.e. energy and protein, dry matter content, palatability, digestibility, intake etc.

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  • Dysfunction of the liver, therefore, is often accompanied by emotional changes such as mental depression or over-excitement, because in addition to the heart, emotional activity is closely related to the liver Qi. The liver also nourish the tendons of the whole body to maintain their normal activities of tendon that is the joints and muscles and so the movement of the limbs. The liver has control on the digestion through secretion and excretion of bile.

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  • Chondroitin and dermatan sulfate (CS and DS) chains were isolated from bovine tracheal cartilage and pig intestinal mucosal preparations and frag-mented by enzymatic methods. The oligosaccharides studied include a disaccharide and hexasaccharides from chondroitin ABC lyase digestion as well as trisaccharides already present in some commercial preparations.

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  • In order to secure child’s healthy development, having a healthy nutrition and maintaining a desirable level of physical exercise are not enough only by themselves. Following rules of hygiene is also required, so that the likelihood of kids getting sick is limited. It has been proven that frequent hand-washing is an effective way to protect children from infectious diseases, since spreading of diseases at school becomes limited in this way.

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  • Okadaic acid (OA) and its analogs, the dinophysistoxins, are potent inhibi-tors of protein phosphatases 1 and 2A. This action is well known to cause diarrhea and gastrointestinal symptons when the toxins reach the digestive tract by ingestion of mollusks. A less well-known effect of these group of toxins is their effect in the cytoskeleton.

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