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  • On Saturday, the 1st day of April, 1865, orders reached us at camp headquarters of the Seventh South Carolina Cavalry, Gary's Brigade, to send forward all the dismounted men of the regiment to report to Lt. Col. Barham, Twenty-fourth Regiment Virginia Cavalry, in command of dismounted men of the brigade, for duty on the lines. Began to think that a move was intended of some sort, but on the brink, as all knew and felt for some time, of great events, it was difficult to say what was expected. On Sunday, the 2d, about mid-day, orders came for the wagon train of the brigade, spare...

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  • On the morning of July 1st, the dismounted cavalry, including my regiment, stormed Kettle Hill, driving the Spaniards from their trenches. After taking the crest, I made the men under me turn and begin volley-firing at the San Juan Blockhouse and intrenchments against which Hawkins' and Kent's Infantry were advancing. While thus firing, there suddenly smote on our ears a peculiar drumming sound.

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  • The Rousing Of Khara. Khara’s Wrath. The Omens. The Host In Sight. The Battle. Dushan’s Death. The Death Of Trisiras. Khara Dismounted. Khara’s Defeat. Khara’s Death. Ravan. Ravan Roused. Surpanakha’s Speech. Surpanakha’s Speech. Ravan’s Journey. Ravan’s Speech. Maricha’s Speech. Maricha’s Speech. Maricha’s Speech. .

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  • There are 57 cases for courses in management, organizational behavior, and human resource management. Each five case modular covers a key management topic such as strategy, organizational design, managing diversity. Instructors can select as many or as few case modules as they want, include other exercises, and their own material to build a supplement tailored fit to their course.

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