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  • In information theory, especially in storage model, private sharing, encryption, etc. sometimes we want to distribute a given database into many small parts, each of which is stored by a party in such a way that when there are a cooperation of sufficient number of parties, then it is enable to recover the original information.

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  • In this study, the hot forging process of a connecting rod was performed using both finite element method (FEM) and experimental method (EM). With four workpiece types, the forging processes were conducted using QForm.10.1.6 to evaluate the maxinmum forging force, the temperature contribution, the plascity tress, the filling ability, and detect the laps in the forging products. The best solution was determined based on these evaluated results. With maximum forging force of 372.

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  • The species composition and distribution of sphecid wasps in Ha Noi and its vicinity are studied. Sixteen sphecid wasps of the family Sphecidae are recorded. Of those, Isodontia aurifrons (Smith) is reported as a new record for the Vietnamese sphecid fauna.

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  • Based on the new collection of insectivores from Vietnam along with a comprehensive review of the published and our unpublished data, an updated checklist, containing additional information on distribution, measurements, chromosomes and taxonomy, is provided.

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  • Hydrological models can simulate water balance and predict water behaviors in any catchments; however, accuracy of model always is questioned. Therefore, calibration and validation processes are required for any models to acquire realistic expectations. TETIS model is a conceptual distribution model applied to simulate dynamic of hydrology based on water balance calculation, sediment erosion, and other constituents.

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  • This article focuses on the influences that learning environments (activating learning and teaching methods, multidisciplinary learning environments, entrepreneurship) and intrinsic motivation create upon Vietnamese students’ creativity in Hanoi. In this study, a self-assessment questionnaire was designed and distributed to 1005 undergraduate students in Hanoi to empirically test the research model and hypotheses.

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  • The aim of study was to delve into anticipate the reason leads to the Intention to use online dating apps or sites. It can find out the effect to the standard of users which can reflect on their choice. A questionnaire including demographic questions, trust toward online people, attitude, word - of - mouth, dating anxiety, perceived enjoyment and the number of tasks perform on internet was developed and distributed to 260 people. The finding shows that perceived enjoyment is the main factor that affects consumers’ purchase intention.

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  • This paper aims to synthesize the critical aspects of solutions for city logistics in the literature. To this end, we have collected and investigated peer-reviewed articles in high-quality journals and conference proceedings by using a systematic content analysis method. The content, impact, and success factors of the solutions referred to in reviewed papers are comprehensively analyzed and presented in classification frameworks in order to gain useful insights into this field.

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  • To have more knowledge for understanding the diversity of the family Vespidae in the Gia Lai and Dak Lak provinces, we conducted this study to clarify the species composition and distribution of wasps in the Vespidae at different altitudinal zones. The specimen were collected by sweep net.

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  • The Weigela florida “Pink Poppet” is a shrub distributed widely in Europe and other regions in the world. This plant has been grown for comfort and ornamental purposes. It belongs to the genus Weigela, the family Caprifoliaceae known for the sources of saponins.

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  • Lecture Introduction to Business: Lesson 30. The main topics covered in this lesson include: agent, distribution channels for industrial product, distribution strategies, channel conflict, channel leadership, retailer and types of retailers, physical distribution, modes of transportations,...

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  • Lecture Software engineering: Lesson 16 - Fakhar Lodhi. The main topics covered in this chapter include: derivation of object model-coad methodology, cohesion, intelligence distribution, public interfaces, intelligence encapsulation, managers objects and intelligence distribution, object modeling using coad’s methodology, identifying structures,...

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  • This study aims to analyze the distribution of serum uric acid (SUA) level based on more than 1000 centenarians and to explore the association with three common diseases including hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia.

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  • We will now show that in the average case, quicksort runs in Θ(n log n) time. Recall that when we talked about average case at the beginning of the semester, we said that it depends on some assumption about the distribution of inputs. In this lecture, you find clear explanations of Analysis of quick sort average case.

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  • Lecture Computer networks: Lesson 17 - Hammad Khalid Khan. The main topics covered in this chapter include: building routing tables, computing shortest path in a graph, weighted graph, distance metrics, distributed route computation, distance vector routing, vector-distance algorithm,...

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  • Lecture Computer networks: Lesson 14 - Hammad Khalid Khan. The main topics covered in this chapter include: frame filtering, startup and steady state, planning a bridged network, bridging between buildings, bridging across longer distances, a cycle of bridges, distributed spanning tree,...

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  • Lecture Advanced computer architecture: Lesson 42. The main topics covered in this chapter include: single server model, arithmetic mean time, average residual service time, the number of requests in the queue, the average time a spent in the queue, M/M/m model of queuing theory,...

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  • The Quality Management System (QMS) is a system for documenting processes, procedures, and responsibilities in order to meet quality policies and objectives, which helps an organization organize and direct its activities to meet both customer needs and regulatory requirements. Good Distribution Practices (GDP) refers to the systems for distributing pharmaceutical items so that doctors and patients can get the medications they need. Quality must be handled at each stage.

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  • In order to examine the impact of hi-tech application on income of the agricultural product distribution enterprises with their entrepreneurs are young adults, in this paper, ordinary least squares (OLS) regression is used. The findings indicate that hitech application has a posivitive impact on income of young entrepreneur of agricultural product distribution enterprises in rural Vietnam.

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  • The development of distributed generation, primarily rooftop solar PV, is expected to increase substantially in the next decade. On the one hand, distributed generations help reduce the burden to invest in large, expensive power plants and reduce the cost of transmission system expansion.

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