Diverse model systems

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  • The appearance of a vast array of online newspapers makes appropriate news recommendation for users become critically important. A number of researches in this area have been conducted in recent years. This paper presents the Vietnamese content-based news recommender system. Based on information about news stories that users have read and given feedback, the system can automatically determine news stories that users may want to read later.

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  • With the advent of powerful computers,the use of mathemmatical models by mathemmaticians,scri-entists,engineers,and researcher has become commonplace.Mathematical models are used for analysis,design,and to predict the behavior of complex These common features provide a unifying framework the systematic and uniform treatment of diverse subject matter which may appear unrelated.

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  • Pacing through second decade of the 21th century, more computer users are widely adopting technology-based tools and information-enriched databases to focus on supporting managerial decision making, reducing preventable faults and improving outcome forecasting. The goal of decision support systems (DSS) is to develop and deploy information technology-based systems in supporting efficient practice in multidiscipline domains. This book aims to portray a pragmatic perspective of applying DSS in the 21th century.

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  • Our approach has some similarities to the epidemiological literature on the spread of disease in networks (see, for example, Anderson and May (1991), Newman (2002), Jackson and Rogers (2007), or the overview by Meyers (2007)). But there are two key differences. First, in epidemiological models, the susceptibility of an individual to contagion from a particular infected `neighbour' does not depend on the health of their other neighbours.

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  • Statistical machine translation is often faced with the problem of combining training data from many diverse sources into a single translation model which then has to translate sentences in a new domain. We propose a novel approach, ensemble decoding, which combines a number of translation systems dynamically at the decoding step. In this paper, we evaluate performance on a domain adaptation setting where we translate sentences from the medical domain.

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  • In this paper we build user simulations of older and younger adults using a corpus of interactions with a Wizard-of-Oz appointment scheduling system. We measure the quality of these models with standard metrics proposed in the literature. Our results agree with predictions based on statistical analysis of the corpus and previous findings about the diversity of older people’s behaviour. Furthermore, our results show that these metrics can be a good predictor of the behaviour of different types of users, which provides evidence for the validity of current user simulation evaluation metrics.

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  • A key theme in contemporary higher education is how assessment can be constructed so as to maximize opportunities for grownth and meaningful student learning. As each educational system measures learning through multiple and diverse assessments, including formative assessment. In addition, blended learning (B-learning) is developing rapidly in academic. It is one of the ‘hot’ trends of education.

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  • Japan Children’s Study conducted by the Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society, and the National Study on Children’s Environment and Health planned by the Ministry of Environment. These studies were planned with specific goals, and these goals and their study subjects are similar to the hypotheses of the National Children’s Study. However, the United States combines different hypotheses in one national research project, and as such, there is a difference in national strategy between Japan and the United States.

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  • RNA processing is an essential process in eukaryotic cells, creating different RNA species from one and the same gene. RNA processing occurs on nearly all kinds of RNAs, including mRNA that codes for proteins, ribosomal RNA, tRNA, snRNAs, and RNA. RNA processing usually occurs co-transcriptionally, and many factors are recruited by the RNA polymerase itself. This stimulates RNA processing by enhancing the correct assembly of factors as the RNA is being produced. Some factors, such as splice factors and cleavage factors for rRNA, are also recruited by the growing RNA-chain.

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  • Some 40-odd genes in mammals encode phosphotyrosine-specific, ‘classical’ protein tyrosine phosphatases. The generation of animal model systems and the study of various human disease states have begun to elucidate the important and diverse roles of protein tyrosine phosphatases in cellular sig-nalling pathways, development and disease.

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  • Extracting semantic relationships between entities is challenging because of a paucity of annotated data and the errors induced by entity detection modules. We employ Maximum Entropy models to combine diverse lexical, syntactic and semantic features derived from the text. Our system obtained competitive results in the Automatic Content Extraction (ACE) evaluation. Here we present our general approach and describe our ACE results.

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  • Databases are nowadays used by varied and diverse users, many of whom are unfamiliar with the workings of a computer, but who, nevertheless, want to use those databases more easily. Rising to meet this demand, authors are developing a Japanese language interface, called KID, as a database front-end system. KID incorporates a world model representing application and database knowledge to help make databases easier to use.

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  • We propose a content based video retrieval system in some main steps resulting in a good performance. From a main video, we process extracting keyframes and principal objects using Segmentation of Aggregating Superpixels (SAS) algorithm. After that, Speeded Up Robust Features (SURF) are selected from those principal objects. Then, the model “Bag-of-words” in accompanied by SVM classification are applied to obtain the retrieval result. Our system is evaluated on over 300 videos in diversity from music, history, movie, sports, and natural scene to TV program show.

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  • This paper analyzes the policy of curriculum development of undergraduate, master and doctoral training fields promulgated by the Ministry of Education and Training and by Vietnam National University (VNU). The national university model has been given a high level of autonomy in the curriculum development. VNU develops cuttingedge scientific disciplines, adjusting training programs to meet the diverse and increasingly demands of domestic and international labor markets.

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  • In this research, the applicability of geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing (RS) techniques was tested to assess soil erosion risk with the ICONA erosion model. This study was carried out in the Ankara-Beypazari area because of its variety of diverse landforms, land uses and land covers.

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  • In this paper, different models of LTE-based cooperative communications are proposed and investigated, where replaying schemes may be applied in LTE-based system for improving the spatial diversity gain. More specifically, cooperative transmission in our proposed system is formed by employing the Mobile Station (MS), Relay Station (RS) and Base Station (BS) in LTE environment. The system can be operated in both Amplify-and-Forward (AF) regime and Decode-and-Forward (DF) regime, in order to take advantages of cooperative communications in various scenarios of relay positions.

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  • Rice genome harbours many resistance genes (R-genes) with tremendous allelic diversity, constituting a robust immune system effective against microbial pathogens like rice blast fungus M. oryzae. Nevertheless, few functional R-genes have been identified for rice blast resistance. Wild species of cultivated plants are treasure trove for important agronomic traits. The wild rice Oryza rufipogon is resistant to many virulent strains of Magnaporthe oryzae.

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  • Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria are increasingly being seen as a way of complementing conventional inputs in agricultural systems. The effects on their host plants are diverse and include volatile-mediated growth enhancement.

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  • “Biomarker-driven targeted therapy,” the practice of tailoring patients’ treatment to the expression/ activity levels of disease-specific genes/proteins, remains challenging. For example, while the anti-ERBB2 monoclonal antibody, trastuzumab, was first developed using well-characterized, diverse in vitro breast cancer models (and is now a standard adjuvant therapy for ERBB2-positive breast cancer patients), trastuzumab approval for ERBB2-positive gastric cancer was largely based on preclinical studies of a single cell line, NCI-N87.

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  • Drawing integrated conclusions from diverse source data requires synthesis across multiple types of information. The ToxPi (Toxicological Prioritization Index) is an analytical framework that was developed to enable integration of multiple sources of evidence by transforming data into integrated, visual profiles.

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