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  • One of the biggest inventions of human in the history is electricity. Coal, natural gas, uranium, tides, wind, and solar are resources for the generation of electricity. Hydropower first became the source of electricity back in the late nineteenth century. Water is the source of hydroelectric power which explains hydropower plants locations. Water volume and change in elevation from one to another point generate energy from the moving of water. More water flow and great elevation, more electricity (U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2020).

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  • How do the environments in which businesses operate condition their success or failure? Such questions have long been of interest in the fields of business, economics and politics. They have gained in importance as a result of heightened competitive pressures associated with "globalization". While some see certain institutions as burdens, others see them as a blessing. This book thoroughly examines the main claims of the most important contribution--the Varieties of Capitalism paradigm--to this debate in recent years....

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  • This article2 presents the main findings from a report about young people made within the context of an international research project, including 9 transition countries of Europe and Asia. Poland, as a country with its own social and demographic, economic and political specificity is placed in the centre of this analysis.

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  • After reading this chapter, you should be able to: Explain why agricultural prices and farm income are unstable, discuss why there has been a huge employment exodus from agriculture to other U.S. industries over the past several decades, relate the rationale for farm subsidies and the economics and politics of price supports (price floors), describe major criticisms of the price-support system in agriculture, list the main elements of existing Federal farm policy.

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  • An educational divide reigns supreme in Bangladesh giving way to socio-economic inequality, reflecting the nature of the statecraft, the contestations within the socio-economic fabric, and the level of exercise of rights by the populace. Thus, the present anthology investigates into role of education in nation building and linkages with knowledge and empowerment. Given the current socio-economic and political transition in Bangladesh, such a publication of collections is timely and fundamental....

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  • Principle of comparative advantage: “Two countries can both gain from trade if, in the absence of trade, they have different relative costs for producing the same goods” ( David Ricardo) Transnational corporation: “corporations which operate in more than one country or nation at a time and have become some of the most powerful economic and political entities in the world today.”

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  • This book accomplishes two goals. First, it provides an in-depth description of budgetary politics and policy-making in state budget offices. The data rendered in these chapters fills a significant gap in our understanding of state budget processes, and how budgeting and policy-making are linked in state budget offices. Except for a few important attempts in the early 1960s, very little is written about state budget office activities, which is surprising given their crucial position at the nexus of budgeting and policy-making in many states.

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  • Just under a third (31%) of overall activity in this sector is in manufacturing, with the highest levels of  manufacturing  in  the Wind  and  Carbon  Capture  &  Storage  sectors ‐  the  latter  a  reflection  of  the  current drive to prove the technology through pilot projects. Given the size of the LCEGS sector and its  growth  rate  in  both  domestic  and  global  markets,  environmental  activities  offer  an  attractive  opportunity for the UK’s manufacturing base to exploit current and emerging technologies.

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  • The liberalisation of the services sector has been a controversial and much debated issue in the WTO. As we know, the developed countries are the main suppliers of services, although the developing countries are starting to shift towards a service-sector economy. According to data from Stiglitz and Charlton (2005), trade liberalisation of services would generate profits of US$375 billion per year, in other words 75% of a full liberalisation of goods and services. In addition, 75% of the profits from service trade liberalisation would go to the developed countries.

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  • Two elements instil a degree of moderate optimism going forward. First, major policy decisions have significantly reduced tail risks and relieved market stress. The June European Council decisions were swiftly followed up with concrete progress towards establishing a Banking Union. The European Council of 18-19 October agreed on a timetable for the establishment of a Single Supervisory Mechanism and advanced further on the deepening of EMU, encompassing the financial, budgetary, economic, and political dimensions.

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  • Economics is the study of how human beings coordinate their wants and desires, given the decision-making mechanisms, social customs, and political realities of the society.One of the key words in the definition of the term “economics” is coordination.

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  • It is fashionable and easy to say that we are ‘environmentalists’. The now famous 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro has produced the environmentalist manifesto. Newsweek magazine's cover page on June 1, 1992 said the following: “No More Hot Air: It's Time to Talk Sense About the Environment.” Indeed, we all are environmentalists, until it comes to making some tough economic and political choices, like proposing or voting for a hefty tax on gasoline. This ambivalence about the environment is clear from the careful political statements quoted on the previous page.

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  • The flows of trade and investment across the Taiwan Strait have increased dramatically in recent years, driven in large part by the increasing integration of the information technology (IT) sectors of Taiwan and the People

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  • (bq) part 2 book "analyzing politics - an introduction to political science" has contents: comparative politics i, comparative politics ii, comparative politics iii, international relations i, international relations ii.

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  • The 38 essays in this book were written between the end of 1996 and the middle of 2001, and published in The Wall Street Journal, The Asian Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal Europe, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, The Weekly Standard, Critical Review, Society, The Milken Review, and International Economy.

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  • Chapter 19 - Agriculture: Economics and policy. This chapter explain why agricultural prices and farm income are unstable, discuss why there has been a huge employment exodus from agriculture to other U.S. industries over the past several decades, relate the rationale for farm subsidies and the economics and politics of price supports (price floors), describe major criticisms of the price-support system in agriculture, list the main elements of existing Federal farm policy.

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  • Chapter 13 - Social and political issues. This chapter includes contents: Health, social interaction and the internet; socio-economic segregation; new economic workforce; online communities; online charities and non-profit organizations on the web.

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  • In this present age, every sector, every country is strongly influenced by science and technology (S&T). S&T has profound impact on the world economy, position location in international relations and all social activities. In their development strategy, countries consider S&T as a means, an objective for socio-economic development, and to consolidate their position in the competitive economic and political struggle.

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  • The material in this publication was first developed for the 1986 Seminar on Health Economics and Health Financing in Developing Countries held at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in association with the London School of Economics and Political Science and the World Health Organization. The support of these organizations for this and subsequent seminars is gratefully acknowledged.

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  • This paper aims to contribute to this literature gap, firstly by demonstrating how city-regions are functional economic areas which can be empirically studied. Secondly, by analyzing the Vietnamese legal framework using the Hanoi Capital Region and the Ho Chi Minh City Region as case studies, this paper presents arguments that City-region development in Vietnam is highly normative and politically guided.

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