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  • In this paper, I investigate the practice of selecting English names for Vietnamese EFL learners at a language centre. Although this naming practice is required at the institution for communicative convenience, there is negotiation and exceptions where learners refuse to use English names. Naming is believed to reflect one’s identity, and those learners explicitly indicate numerous reasons for their acceptance or refusal of having English names.

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  • Teaching and learning how to utilize academic lexical items have always been a challenge in EFL setting. With the desire of making some contribution to the understanding of academic synonyms, this piece of research aims to investigate the meanings of the two verbs “alter” and “modify” through their collocations with nouns and the similarities and differences in their collocation patterns.

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  • This paper promotes the idea of integrating critical thinking skills in language learning in order to derive learning products in the process of reading and writing for English freshmen in Ha Tinh university. The important key principle here is applying higher order thinking skills in every stage of project done because these skills empower learners to create their own products. The study was conducted on the basis of instruments like seminar, questionnaire survey, observation and interviews.

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  • As indicated by the results, remarkable pedagogical skills and excellent content knowledge are highly expected for TEFL. Further qualitative analysis shows that this ideal image stems from pre-service teachers’ conception of TEFL’ roles as transmitters of knowledge, and that teaching is considered a profession with certain sets of expertise required. Overall, the research has demonstrated FELTE pre-service teachers’ expectations of teacher qualities, which to some extent, also revealed their didactic beliefs.

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  • Teaching and learning how to utilize cohesion ties have always been an issue in EFL settings. With the desire of making some contribution to the understanding of discourse cohesion, this research aims to investigate and compare the types and frequencies of cohesion ties utilized in responses to speaking tasks of third-year English majors at Hanoi National University of Education as well as the efficiency of these cohesive ties in the cohesion of students’ speaking performances.

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  • TOEFL iBT Tips has been created to help English language learners understand the next generation TOEFL® Internet-based test (iBT) and prepare for it. By preparing for the new test, learners are also pre- paring to build the skills they need to communicate with confi dence and succeed in an academic setting. TOEFL iBT Tips is also intended to be helpful for ESL/EFL instructors and educational advisors as they help students to prepare.

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  • 1000 Phrasal Verbs in Context is designed to help intermediate to advanced learners of English improve their knowledge of phrasal verbs. It can be used as a self-study guide by learners, or the material can be used by teachers in their EFL /ESL classes. The book presents over 1, 000 phrasal verbs in alphabetical order. The first section has phrasal verbs beginning with the letter ‘a’, followed by a set of quiz questions that test them. The second section has phrasal verbs beginning with the letter ‘b’, followed by another set of quiz questions, and so on.

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