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  • To have great sales effectiveness, you have to have a great sales team. Within all teams, whether they are NBA players, the neighborhood little league or the company softball team, there is always opportunity for conflict. The same goes for sales teams. And for independent, results-driven sales people, keeping the team in mind may not be their number one priority. So it’s important that sales leaders know how to effectively manage team conflict.

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  • The EQ Interview - This book assists hiring managers and interviewers to assess EQ competencies. It gives hiring managers and interviewers a description of each of the EQ competencies, examples of the EQ competencies in the workplace in various types of jobs, interview questions for each of the EQ competencies, and analyses of responses to the suggested questions. With these tools, hiring managers and interviewers can evaluate and construct an interview plan that gives them a more complete picture of the candidates’ abilities to succeed....

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  • O ur book Renewal Coaching has already had an international impact.We have observed coaches at many levels, from those who are leaders of large organizations with thousands of employees to thosewho are independent practitioners.We have heard from coaches in the business, education, government, and nonprofit sectors. In theUnited States and abroad, their reports are consistent: we need renewal now more than ever, and we need practical tools to help us sustain our work. The Renewal Coaching Workbook is the answer to those requests.

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