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  • From one of the most influential economists of the modern era, Keynes and his "General Theory" shaped economic thought and government policies for decades to come. Out of this magnum opus arose the Keynesian school of economics. Keynes argues that the level of employment in a modern economy was determined by three factors: the marginal propensity to consume (income that people chose to spend on goods and services), the marginal efficiency of capital (the rate used to see whether investments are worthy) and the rate of interest.

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  • These days many appicants submit their ………… speculatively to companies they would like to work for. In other words, they do not apply for an advetised job but hope the employer will be interested enough to keep their CV on file and contact them when they have a vacancy. When replying to an advertisement, candidates often fill in a/an……………….. and write a/an ..……………. . The employer will then invite the best candidate to attend a/an…………… . Sometimes candidates will take a/an ………………….

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  • THE IMPACT OF PRIVATIZATION AND ECONOMIC RESTRUCTURING ON EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS: THE TUNISIAN This may make it easier for a high- x jm school to attract good teachers in a highchoice market than in one with less choice, where teachers are likely to be assigned to schools by bureaucratic rules rather than by the market. Any such effect would imply a positive effect of choice on the reduced-form peer effect—γ in equations (1) and (4)— which will appear as a positive contribution to 1 ϕ .52

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  • A STUDY OF THE EFFECTS OF LEADER-MEMBER EXCHANGE (LMX) ON SUBORDINATE EMPLOYMENT SATISFACTION AND LOYALTY IN THE NEWLY “REINVENTED” FEDERAL SECTOR I do not present formal results on the implications of increases in J for effectiveness sorting, as much depends on the μ j ’s assigned to the new districts. Informally, however, Corollary 2.3 suggests that for a stable μ distribution, increasing the number of districts

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  • This document reports the results of a study entitled “Employer Partnership Initiative Analysis of Alternatives.” The purpose of this study was to examine opportunities for the U.S. Army Reserve and Army National Guard to strengthen their relationships with employers and citizen soldiers through the Employer Partnership Program. In this document we describe the Army reserve components’ experience with the program through September 2010 and recommend improvements, based on interviews with program stakeholders, analysis of data collected from the Em...

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  • Employment law relating to occupational health has evolved a long way from outlawing the sending of little boys up chimneys. The constitution of the occupa- tional health provider has moved on from being a factory doctor assisted by a nurse to being a team of health professionals with a wide range of experience and expertise. Knowledge and understanding of employment law is now an essential component of occupational health provision.

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  • The authors offer this book of tips to achieve two purposes. The first purpose is to support graduates who want some encouragement or practical advice on how to find employment. The second purpose grew from discussions with a small group of graduates of the University of Brighton, with whom the first draft was discussed, and with whom we agreed to give all proceeds, from downloading the book, to charity.

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  • Promoting exports is often an important option for small open economies like South Africa. It was certainly thought that trade would contribute to job creation. Yet there has been concern that trade has encouraged greater capital intensity. This paper compares labour absorbtion that arises from trade and from the domestic market. It takes this further to consider employment created by export destination. A fuller understanding of employment implications is made possible by using social accounting matrix to take into account both direct and indirect employment....

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  • A semantic class is a collection of items (words or phrases) which have semantically peer or sibling relationship. This paper studies the employment of topic models to automatically construct semantic classes, taking as the source data a collection of raw semantic classes (RASCs), which were extracted by applying predefined patterns to web pages. The primary requirement (and challenge) here is dealing with multi-membership: An item may belong to multiple semantic classes; and we need to discover as many as possible the different semantic classes the item belongs to. ...

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  • Contents: The Civil Rights Movement, Federal Laws Prohibiting Discrimination, Expanded Meanings of Employment Discrimination, Issues in Employment Discrimination, Affirmative Action in the Workplace.

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  • This study updates the analyses of the previous RAND Corporation study Working Around the Military: Challenges to Military Spouse Employment and Education (Harrell et al., 2004), and revisits the gaps in employment and earnings between military and civilian spouses as well as the demographic and contextual differences that may be associated with those gaps.

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  • In this paper, we adopt two views, personal and impersonal views, and systematically employ them in both supervised and semi-supervised sentiment classification. Here, personal views consist of those sentences which directly express speaker’s feeling and preference towards a target object while impersonal views focus on statements towards a target object for evaluation. To obtain them, an unsupervised mining approach is proposed.

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  • Where is "Telecommutiing employ ment" present on making the decision, what are the steps, planning, setting yourself up, setting up your business, marketing your wares, make sense of the search. Invite you to consult.

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  • Objectives of this thesis are to perform a comprehensive, in-depth and systematic study on some theoretical issues on employers' right to labor management. Based on studied theoretical basis, the thesis focuses on analyzing actual state of current law on employers' right to labor management. By evaluation of inadequate points in current laws, the thesis proposes amendments and supplementations of some provisions on employers' right to labor management in Vietnam appropriate to labor market development in the context of regional and international integration.

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  • After reading this chapter, you will be able to answer the following questions: What are wage and hour laws? What are the rights of employees and obligations of employers under the Family and Medical Leave Act? What is FUTA? What are the rules regarding workers’ compensation? What is COBRA? What is ERISA? What is OSHA? What does it mean to be an “at-will” employee?...

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  • After reading this chapter, you will be able to answer the following questions: When may an employee be legally fired? What are the federal laws governing employment situations? What are the legal requirements for a charge of sex discrimination? What is the difference between discrimination based on disparate treatment and discrimination based on disparate impact? What are the legal requirements for a charge of sexual harassment?

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  • The aim of our research is to characterize the work transition of young Vietnamese university graduates majoring in French in Vietnam and assess the effectiveness of their training in relation to employment. After introducing the objectives of the research and explaining of some key concepts, we present the main results of our work.

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  • Mẫu đơn hướng dẫn cách viết hồ sơ dự tuyển khi đi xin việc

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  • Test your Professional english Law is one in a series of ten useful Test your Professional english books. It features 60 clear and simple tests for students and professionals. The book is organized into 8 sections and covers over 500 key words and expression in areas such as constract and agreements, employment law, criminal law...

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  • Ebook Business english management about Management include sections: Types of employment, team building, company structure, quitting a job, getting fired, company development, financials.

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