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  • Java and SOAP Robert Englander Publisher: O'Reilly Edition May 2002 ISBN: 0-596-00175-4, 276 pages Java™ and SOAP provides Java developers with an in-depth look at SOAP (the Simple Object Access Protocol). Of course, it covers the basics: what SOAP is, why it's soared to a spot on the Buzzwords' Top Ten list, and what its features and capabilities are. And it shows you how to work with some of the more common Java APIs in the SOAP world: Apache SOAP and GLUE. Java™ and SOAP also discusses interoperability between the major SOAP platforms, including Microsoft's .

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  • Tham khảo sách 'the cavalier songs and ballads of england from 1642 to 1684 edited.', văn hoá - nghệ thuật, âm nhạc phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Seventy-six years have passed since Lingard completed his HISTORY OF ENGLAND, which ends with Revolution of 1688. During that period historical study has made a great advance. Year after year the mass materials for a new History of England has increased; new lights have been thrown on events and characters, and old errors have been corrected. Many notable works have been written on various periods of our history; some of them at such length as to appeal almost exclusively to professed historical students.

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  • Title The History of England, Volume I, Part IISubtitle From Henry III to Richard III (Illustrated Edition) (Dodo Press)Authors and contributors By (author) David HumePhysical properties Format: PaperbackNumber of pages: 620Width: 152 mmHeight: 229 mmThickness: 34 mmWeight: 899 gAudience General/tradeISBN ISBN 13: 9781409911944ISBN 10: 1409911942Classifications BIC geographical qualif......

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  • We arrived at Rye, a small English seaport. Here, as soon as we came on shore, we gave in our names to the notary of the place, but not till he had demanded our business; and being answered, that we had none but to see England, we were conducted to an inn, where we were very well entertained; as one generally is in this country. We took post-horses for London: it is surprising how swiftly they run; their bridles are very light, and their saddles little more than a span over. Flimwell, a village: here we returned our first horses, and mounted fresh ones. We passed through...

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  • Title The History of England, Volume I, Part VISubtitle From Charles II to James II (Illustrated Edition) (Dodo Press)Authors and contributors By (author) David HumePhysical properties Format: PaperbackNumber of pages: 424Width: 152 mmHeight: 229 mmThickness: 23 mmWeight: 620 gAudience General/tradeISBN ISBN 13: 9781409911982ISBN 10: 1409911985Classifications BIC geographical qualifie......

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  • New officers made.] king Henrie made certeine new officers. And first in right of his earledome of Leicester he gaue the office of high steward of England (belonging to the same earledome) vnto his second sonne the lord Thomas, who by his fathers commandement exercised that office, being assisted (by reason of his tender age) by Thomas Persie earle of Worcester. The earle of Northumberland was made constable of England: sir Iohn Scirlie lord chancellor, Iohn Norburie esquier lord treasurer, sir Richard Clifford lord priuie seale. [Sidenote: The parlem[=e]t new s[=u]moned.

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  • Ngắm lá vàng ở New England Nước Mỹ cũng là một trong những nơi lý tưởng để bạn ngắm cảnh thu rực rỡ. Dưới đây là những hình ảnh lá vàng được chụp tại Connecticut, New England vào ngày 19/10

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  • IF you look at a Map of the World, you will see, in the left-hand upper corner of the Eastern Hemisphere, two Islands lying in the sea. They are England and Scotland, and Ireland. England and Scotland form the greater part of these Islands. Ireland is the next in size. The little neighbouring islands, which are so small upon the Map as to be mere dots, are chiefly little bits of Scotland, - broken off, I dare say, in the course of a great length of time, by the power of the restless water.

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  • The Pilgrims and Puritans, whose migration to the New World marks the beginning of permanent settlement in New England, were children of the same age as the enterprising and adventurous pioneers of England in Virginia, Bermuda, and the Caribbean. It was the age in which the foundations of the British Empire were being laid in the Western Continent. The "spacious times of great Elizabeth" had passed, but the new national spirit born of those times stirred within the English people.

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  • In England, as in France and Germany, the main characteristic of the last twenty years, from the point of view of the student of history, has been that new material has been accumulating much faster than it can be assimilated or absorbed. The standard histories of the last generation need to be revised, or even to be put aside as obsolete, in the light of the new information that is coming in so rapidly and in such vast bulk. But the students and researchers of to-day have shown little enthusiasm as yet for the task of re-writing history on a large scale. We see...

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  • From the hour when the Puritan baby opened his eyes in bleak New England he had a Spartan struggle for life. In summer-time he fared comparatively well, but in winter the ill-heated houses of the colonists gave to him a most chilling and benumbing welcome. Within the great open fireplace, when fairly scorched in the face by the glowing flames of the roaring wood fire, he might be bathed and dressed, and he might be cuddled and nursed in warmth and comfort; but all his baby hours could not be spent in the ingleside, and were he carried four feet away from the chimney on...

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  • I am unwilling to send out this Harrison, the friend of some twenty years' standing, without a few words of introduction to those readers who don't know it. The book is full of interest, not only to every Shakspere student, but to every reader of English history, every man who has the least care for his forefathers' lives. Though it does contain sheets of padding now and then, yet the writer's racy phrases are continually turning up, and giving flavour to his descriptions, while he sets before us the very England of Shakspere's day.

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  • The vast number of authorities, printed and in manuscript, on which a History of England should be based, if it is to represent the existing state of knowledge, renders co-operation almost necessary and certainly advisable. The History, of which this volume is an instalment, is an attempt to set forth in a readable form the results at present attained by research.

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  • JAMES was now at the height of power and prosperity. Both in England and in Scotland he had vanquished his enemies, and had punished them with a severity which had indeed excited their bitterest hatred, but had, at the same time, effectually quelled their courage. The Whig party seemed extinct. The name of Whig was never used except as a term of reproach. The Parliament was devoted to the King; and it was in his power to keep that Parliament to the end of his reign. The Church was louder than ever in professions of attachment to him, and had, during the late insurrection, acted...

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  • THE rejoicings, by which London, on the second of December 1697, celebrated the return of peace and prosperity, continued till long after midnight. On the following morning the Parliament met; and one of the most laborious sessions of that age commenced. Among the questions which it was necessary that the Houses should speedily decide, one stood forth preeminent in interest and importance.

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  • I PURPOSE to write the history of England from the accession of King James the Second down to a time which is within the memory of men still living. I shall recount the errors which, in a few months, alienated a loyal gentry and priesthood from the House of Stuart. I shall trace the course of that revolution which terminated the long struggle between our sovereigns and their parliaments, and bound up together the rights of the people and the title of the reigning dynasty.

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  • Largely because of geographical restrictions, the New England culinary region is virtually identical to geopolitical New England. To the east and southeast, the Atlantic Ocean forms a definitive border. To the north and northeast lies Canada, whose East Coast culinary regions share elements of the New England style.

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  • Reading 8/50 The bank of England The bank of England is the central bank of the UK. For historical reasons, it is divided into Issue Departments, each with separate balance sheets. The Issue Department is responsible for issuing banknotes, shown as

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  • Sự khác biệt giữa "The UK" và "England"? Em đọc sách thấy "England" và "The UK" thỉnh thoảng lại được gọi là Britain? Em không hiểu rõ lắm về cách sử dụng của 2 từ này khi nói về nước Anh. Mong các anh/ chị giải thích rõ cho em.

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