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English grammar basics

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  • In his framework of functional grammar, Halliday determines three kinds of meaning: Textual, interpersonal and experiential. The experiential meaning is expressed in 6 process types: material, mental, relational, behavioral, verbal, and existential. Among them, smiling belongs to behavioral processes. Smiling not only originates as part of a basic emotion process but also has significant communicative and social functions.

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  • This paper is to present some basic constructions of GM based on the theory of Systemic Functional Grammar. Thus, firstly, the paper gives a brief account of GM so that we can have an overview of the term GM. Secondly, types of GM are provided to establish the theoretical frame for the paper.

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  • Ebook "Introductory course TNT TOEIC (Volume One)" is for learners at high-beginner level whose target TOEIC score is in the range of 350-400. The book consists of 20 listening units and 20 reading units, which focus on TOEIC listening testing points practice and basic grammar items to help learners at this level tackle the test with some confidence. The grammar section in this book covers the most fundamental aspects of English grammar such as nouns, pronouns, adverbs, subject-verb agreement and basic verb patterns.

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  • (BQ) This book which can be used alone, along with another writing-skills text of your choice, or in combination with the Learning Express publication, Writing Skills Success in 20 Minutes a Day—will give you practice dealing with capitalization, punctuation, basic grammar, sentence structure, organization, paragraph development, and essay writing. It is designed to be used by individuals working on their own and for teachers or tutors helping students learn or review basic writing skills.

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  • (BQ) This book will work well in combination with almost any basic grammar and usage text. You will probably find it most helpful to give students a brief lesson in the particular skill they’ll be learning—capitalization, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, pronoun agreement, sentence structure, style—and then have them spend the remainder of the session answering the questions in the sets. Ebook 501 grammar and writing questions: Part 2 includes all of the following: Section 4 Modifiers, Section 5 Paragraph development, Section 6 Essay questions.

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  • (BQ) Ebook English grammar: A university course – Part 1 includes all of the following: Chapter 1 basic concepts; chapter 2 the skeleton of the message: introduction to clause structure; chapter 3 the development of the message: complementation of the verb; chapter 4 conceptualising patterns of experience: processes, participants, circumstances; chapter 5 interaction between speaker and hearer: linking speech acts and grammar; chapter 6 organising the message: thematic and information structures of the clause.

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  • (BQ) English Step by step 1 is a book that will teach you everything you need to understand the basics of English grammar. The assumption behind this book is that anyone can learn English grammar, regardless of their level of education. To ensure that this occurs, grammar concepts are presented in a step-by-step fashion, starting at the most basic level. Each new concept is followed by exercises that give you the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned and additional exercises at the end of each chapter provide even more practice.

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  • (BQ) These books can be given to each child in the class and provide daily lessons to be completed. Ebook English Step by step 1: Part 2 continues to build on the skills that the children have been taught in book part 1. It introduces more tricky words, alternative letter sound spellings and basic sentence structure to encourage independent writing.

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  • (BQ) Ebook Goof-Proof grammar: Part 1 includes the following content: The main contents of this chapter include all of the following: How to improve your grammar, the goof-proof rules - basic blunders, avoiding sentence fragments and run-ons, overusing and abusing commas, using semicolons and colons, overdosing on dashes, subjects and verbs that don't agree, active vs. passive voice: pasing up activity for passivity, going crazy with capitalization, confusing comparatives and superlatives, double negatives: being too negative! mistaking adjectives for adverbs.

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  • (BQ) Ebook Developing grammar in context (intermediate) is a grammar reference and practice book which can be used by learners for self-study, or can be used in class. A basic premise of the book is that learners need to meet examples of a grammatical structure in an authentic context, and think about its use, before they try to use it for themselves.

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  • This book takes a practical approach. Through fun illustrations and colorful diagrams, you'll learn the essential points of grammar. Just Enough English Grammar Illustrated gives you visual cues to the parts of speech and their usage, so you'll know how to use them correctly when are speaking or writing in English. The eight chapters of this book are organized around the eight parts of speech. It is important to become familiar with the name of each part of speech and to expand your knowledge about each one.

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  • (BQ) Phrases clauses and sentences is an indispensable guide to English grammatical structures, this book analyses the basic elements, phrases, clauses and sentences, and highlights other aspects of English such as subject-verb agreement.

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  • (BQ) The grammar of words - An introduction to linguistic morphology (Oxford Textbooks in Linguistics) introduces the reader to the basic methods for the study of the internal structure of words, and to the theoretical issues raised by analyses of word structure concerning the organization of the grammars of natural languages. This book is divided into 2 parts, part 1 presents the following main contents: Chapter 1 morphology: basic notions, chapter 2 morphological analysis, chapter 3 derivation, chapter 4 compounding, chapter 5 inflection, chapter 6 inflectional systems.

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  • The reproducible, high-energy The power drill grammar book offers 70 lessons on basic grammatical structures, common usage problems, the fundamentals of punctuation and elementary paragraphing skills. It is intended for use with grammar students in elementary and middle schools.

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  • Basic mandarin level lesson 3 present vocabulary; supplementary vocabulary; grammar, dialogue, this pattern means to do something first, then do something later.

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  • "Basic mandarin level 3: Lesson 4" present verb-separable, this pattern means to be interested in something or doing something;

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  • "Basic mandarin level 3: Lesson 5" present vocabulary; supplementary vocabulary; grammar, dialogue, this 就够了literally means” it’s enough; 点都/也不 means “not at all”; it suggests strong negation...

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  • "Basic mandarin level 3: Lesson 6" present vocabulary; supplementary vocabulary; grammar, dialogue; means “actually” “in fact” or even “to be honest”; to confirm your speculation, you may use this 是不是 to ask for confirmation.

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  • "Ebook Techniques and resources in teaching gramamar" present basic issues; techniques; resources; techniques and resources integrated; getting ready to teach grammar; listening and responding...

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  • ENG406 is essay Writing & Presentation Skills course designed for students to develop knowledge of essay crafting skills and presentation techniques relevant to future programs and career fields. After successfully completing ENG406, the student will be able to: write variety of essay styles (narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive), write for a variety of purposes and audiences, apply the writing process (prewriting, writing, and revising), demonstrate basic grammar and sentence skills in writing, develop his/her personal writing style/voice,...

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