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  • Generative methods, topic discovery in images, application of pLSA action recognition, multiple actions,... As the main contents of the lecture "Generative learning methods for bags of features". Each of your content and references for additional lectures will serve the needs of learning and research.

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  • Could project-based learning method favor the maximization of trainees’ surgical competence development?. Our study evaluated the effectiveness of this method together with the most recent advanced educational techniques as a pedagogical strategy in surgical technique teaching at Vietnam Military Medical University. Subjects and methods: Twenty trainees were divided into two groups: Group 1: 10 experienced surgeons with proficiency use of English. Group 2: 10 unexperienced technicians with unproficiency English.

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  • This research aims at investigating the realization of thematic progression (TP) patterns, which is defined as “the way in which the theme of a clause may pick up, or repeat a meaning from a preceding theme or rheme” (Paltrigde, 2006, p. 148), and their effects on text quality of online IELTS Writing Task 2 samples.

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  • The A–Z of Correct English is a reference book which has been written for the student and the general reader. It aims to tackle the basic questions about spelling, punctuation, grammar and word usage that the student and the general reader are likely to ask.

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  • The A–Z of Correct English is a reference book which has been written for the student and the general reader. It aims to tackle the basic questions about spelling, punctuation, grammar and word usage that the student and the general reader are likely to ask. This book can help readers understand better grammar and writing correct English grammar.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'a guide to speaking and pronouncing american english for everyone who speaks english as a second language', ngoại ngữ, anh văn giao tiếp phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Collection of scientific reports of the best universities honor the author: 10. Nguyen Thi Tuong, Using activities in pairs and in groups to teach writing in English ... English (English English) language is a western branch of the German language group in the Indo-European ), were imported to England through the languages ​​of many peoples conquered in the 6th century.

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  • Just prefixes, just suffixes, affixes both prefixes and suffixes, build your vocabulary,… are the main contents of the 4 sections of the book Stories that boost vocabulary grades 4-8. Invite you to refer to the fact sheet on serving the needs of English learning.

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  • We investigate a family of update methods for online machine learning algorithms for cost-sensitive multiclass and structured classification problems. The update rules are based on multinomial logistic models. The most interesting question for such an approach is how to integrate the cost function into the learning paradigm. We propose a number of solutions to this problem. To demonstrate the applicability of the algorithms, we evaluated them on a number of classification tasks related to incremental dependency parsing. ...

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  • In machine learning, whether one can build a more accurate classifier by using unlabeled data (semi-supervised learning) is an important issue. Although a number of semi-supervised methods have been proposed, their effectiveness on NLP tasks is not always clear. This paper presents a novel semi-supervised method that employs a learning paradigm which we call structural learning.

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  • Notes 10: Learning from observations presents about Learning agents, Inductive learning, Decision tree learning, Learning element, Inductive learning method, Learning decision trees, Attribute-based representations.

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  • Graph-based semi-supervised learning (SSL) algorithms have been successfully used to extract class-instance pairs from large unstructured and structured text collections. However, a careful comparison of different graph-based SSL algorithms on that task has been lacking. We compare three graph-based SSL algorithms for class-instance acquisition on a variety of graphs constructed from different domains. We find that the recently proposed MAD algorithm is the most effective.

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  • In description logic-based information systems, objects are described not only by attributes but also by binary relations between them. This work studies concept learning in such information systems. It extends the bisimulationbased concept learning method of Nguyen and Szałas (Rough sets and intelligent systems.

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  • To evaluate the effectiveness of intervention on 4 skills (communication with patients, taking history, taking previous-history and writing medical records) of medical students at Haiphong University of Medicine and Pharmacy in 2014 - 2016. Subjects: the 4th year students (93 in the intervention group and 94 in the control). Methods: Design of intervention study with control group.

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  • This paper is composed specifically to point out the pros and cons of Legal English learning and teaching in universities which includes business-related subjects in their curricula. The methodology employed is qualitative method, conducted through collecting and analysing secondary data in combination with observations and experimentation in daily classroom activities.

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  • The purpose of this study was to investigate how students at BVU are learning inside and outside the classroom and how satisfied students are with their current learning methods. Students’ learning results when applying their current learning styles were also examined.

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  • To shift the paradigm from a passive tutor driven tutorials to more responsible active learning by the students, a cooperative teaching learning method could be a good alternative. The Jigsaw approach, a model of co-operative learning, focuses on learning in groups with fellow learner co-operation and reassures team work. Thus, this study was aimed at assessing the effectiveness of jigsaw strategy in comparison to tutorials in enhancing cognitive skills among the medical students in microbiology.

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  • As a machine learning method with high performance and excellent generalization ability, extreme learning machine (ELM) is gaining popularity in various studies. Various ELM-based methods for diferent felds have been proposed. However, the robustness to noise and outliers is always the main problem afecting the perfor‑ mance of ELM.

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  • RNA sequencing technique (RNA-seq) enables scientists to develop novel data-driven methods for discovering more unidentified lincRNAs. Meantime, knowledge-based technologies are experiencing a potential revolution ignited by the new deep learning methods.

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  • Deep learning is one of the most powerful machine learning methods that has achieved the state-ofthe-art performance in many domains. Since deep learning was introduced to the field of bioinformatics in 2012, it has achieved success in a number of areas such as protein residue-residue contact prediction, secondary structure prediction, and fold recognition.

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