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  • Environmental protection is a common concern of the whole world, which affects the daily lives of each of us. Many environmental management issues, environmental hygiene issues, and sociocultural issues have greatly affected the environment at sporting event venues.

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  • Aquaculture is largely practiced in Vietnam, thereby making important contribution to the socioeconomic well-being of the country. On the other hand, along with its rapid development, the potential risks induced by aquacultural activities to environment are getting more concern. This study aimed to assess the impact of different aquafarming on the meiofaunal community structure, as this benthic component is one of the best tools for environmental monitoring.

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  • The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of Quizlet online flashcards on language learners' vocabulary size. The participants were 76 English major students of three classes at pre-intermediate level using their flashcards for 11 weeks at Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment (HUNRE).

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  • This paper provides a detail case of researching opportunities about electricity generation from solid waste to develop the circular economy. By this approaching, we not only solve the problem of landfilled waste, but also create clean energy from waste, and that is the way leads to develop the circular economy. Obviously, we have had ideas, but there are a lot of challenges forward request us find out answers for questions that are how we should solve problems?

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  • The article studies the theoretical basis of corporate culture, applied in assessing the current status of corporate culture in Viettel after investing abroad. From the Viettel's practices of developing corporate culture in a multicultural environment, the article proposes effective solutions to develop corporate culture as well as contributing to Vietnamese enterprises’ sustainable development goals in the international arena.

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  • The surging rate of CO2 emission in the past few years has raised concerns on environmental security for the government and Vietnamese citizens. Rising demands for social development, economic and population growth, enhancing standards of living require the use of energy and possibly increasing carbon dioxide emission, having direct impacts on the environment and human health. Hence, it is necessary to have different analyses assessing the degree of influences on each factor causing CO2 emitted and appropriate approaches to effectively control and reduce the carbon emission.

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  • The paper examines the factors that influence the process of applying international financial reporting standards to Vietnamese SMEs. The author conducted a survey of 100 general accountants in small and medium-sized enterprises to identify factors affecting the application of international financial reporting standards for small and medium-sized enterprises. Research has shown that the legal environment factor has a greater influence on the application of international financial reporting standards for small and medium-sized enterprises than those of cultural and business environment.

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  • This article focuses on the influences that learning environments (activating learning and teaching methods, multidisciplinary learning environments, entrepreneurship) and intrinsic motivation create upon Vietnamese students’ creativity in Hanoi. In this study, a self-assessment questionnaire was designed and distributed to 1005 undergraduate students in Hanoi to empirically test the research model and hypotheses.

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  • The paper examines institutional environment in which small private enterprises operate in Vietnam. The quantitative research was conducted to identify advantageous and disadvantageous factors of the institutional environment and propose policy implications to promote development of the private sector in Vietnam. The institutional environment has been improved. However, the institutional environment still contains obstacles: there are differences between de jure institutional improvements and de facto ones. Of the organizational level disadvantageous factors are management’s competence.

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  • Ebook Cambridge primary Science English learner book 4 has contents such as: humans and animals, living things and environments, solids, liquids and gases, sound, electricity and magnetism.

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  • Ebook Cambridge primary Science English learner book 6 has contents such as: Humans and animals, living things and environment, material changes, forces and motion, electrical conductors and insulators. Download to see more.

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  • Ebook Cambridge primary Science English activity book 6 has exercises with contents such as: humans and animals, living things and environment, material changes, forces and motion, electrical conductors and insulators. Invite you consult this book!

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  • Lecture Introduction to Business: Lesson 14. The main topics covered in this lesson include: stake holders, rights of customers, responsibilities of the organization towards environment, ethics for advertising, whistle blowers, functions of managers,...

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  • Lecture SME Management - Lesson 9: Issues and policy development for SME in Pakistan (Part 1). After studying this chapter you should be able to understand: concerned with the different issue and other obstacles faced by the policy makers while forming an SME policy for Pakistan. This includes both long term and short term issues;...

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  • Lecture Web design and development: Lesson 26. The main topics covered in this lesson include: intro to servlets, web-based enterprise applications in java, java servlets, generating HTML pages dynamically, handle data/requests sent by users (clients), software requirements, environment setup,...

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  • In Korea, along with the rapid aging of the population, older adults’ living arrangements have changed in various ways. In particularly, the happiness of older adults living alone warrants attention because they are more vulnerable to unhappiness than those living with families are.

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  • Sensory processing is essential for the interaction with the environment and for adequate daily function. Sensory processing may deteriorate with aging and restrict daily activity performance. Aging may also affect Executive functions (EFs) which are critical for daily activity performance.

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  • Depression is a common mental disorder among older people. This study aimed to assess the association between housing environment factors and depressive symptoms among older people using a multidimensional assessment method.

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  • Lecture Operating systems: Lesson 22 - Dr. Syed Mansoor Sarwar. The main topics covered in this lesson include: semaphores based solutions for the critical section problem, deadlock and starvation, binary and counting semaphores, synchronization tool, n-processes critical section problem,...

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  • Lecture Software engineering II: Lesson 39 - Fakhar Lodhi. The main topics covered in this chapter include: environment assessment, support requirements, maintenance cost, application software assessment, software reengineering, software reengineering process model,...

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