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  • Magnetic bearing systems have received much attention in the research community for the past decades. Its inherent nonlinearity and open-loop instability present challenges for controller design. This thesis investigates and designs model predictive control (MPC) systems for an experimental Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) laboratory system. A host-target development environment of real-time control system with hardware in the loop (HIL) is used for implementation of the predictive control systems. In this thesis, both continuous and discrete time model predictive controllers are studied.

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  • The research reported herein has demonstrated that pervious pavements can be introduced as a sustainable stormwater management initiative and as a key Water Sensitive Urban Design feature to deliver numerous benefits to the environment. The outcomes from the study will be useful in designing environmentally friendly car parks, pedestrian paths, light traffic drive ways, sporting grounds and public areas in the future.

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  • Public health experts are aware of secondhand smoke (SHS) dangers, particularly for vulnerable groups like pregnant women. This study aims to describe the prevalence of SHS among pregnant women, including their knowledge, and attitude towards SHS.

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  • The aim of this Master of Engineering (MEng) - Aerospace thesis is to study the structural response and failure of aerospace grade composites during exposure to fire. Key aspects of the research are to analyse the thermal and mechanical responses of laminates and sandwich composites in high temperature and fire environments, which result in softening and structural failure. The research is concentrated on carbon/epoxy laminates and sandwich composites, which are the most common composite materials used in aerospace structures.

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  • The main contents of the dissertation "Re-visiting the political context of Manfredo Tafuri's "Toward a critique of architectural ideology": "Having corpses in our mouths"consist of three main parts: Section I: Presenting the problem and the work; Section II: Examining the Relevance of the Work in the Context; Section III: Recapitulation.

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  • One of the limitations of the BDI (Belief-Desire-Intention) model is the lack of any explicit mechanisms within the architecture to be able to learn. In particular, BDI agents do not possess the ability to adapt based on past experience. This is important in dynamic environments as they can change, causing previously successful methods for achieving goals to become inefficient or ineffective.

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  • The focus of this study is to investigate its optical and conductive properties under different conditions of doping environments, temperature and polymerization conditions. Optical characterization technique such as UV-Visible spectroscopy is developed to carry out the investigation. The developed nanofibers have been demonstrated to possess optical and conductive properties to be dependent on doping variables. Study of these optical properties could prove very useful in the development of electrochromic devices and gas sensors.

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  • The building sector has negatively impacted on environment and people health due to high consumption of energy as well as significant emission of CO2 from material production and large consumption of nonrenewable raw materials. It is therefore necessary to develop new products that not only satisfy the same technical criteria, but also have enhanced qualities in term of the environment, people health and comfort.

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  • Mangrove forests are saline or brackish wetland environments, in which substrateusually anoxic due to waterlogging. This unique condition induces a high ability of this ecosystem in fixing and storing CO2, one of the greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

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  • In Vietnam, there have been a number of studies on the health impact of environmental pollution, especially the surrounding air environment on public health, but very few. This paper assesses the impact of air pollution on public health on a road in Hanoi, from which it is possible to make predictions about major co-umbilical effects across the city.

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  • There are three main methods to generate ferrate including wet chemical, thermal process, and electrochemical method. This paper will report some of the ferrate synthesis results discussed in detail below.

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  • The aluminum ion elimination approach proposed in this study is advantageous over the other existing methods using alum salts as it possesses high efficiency, relatively simple instrumentation and most importantly, it requires no filtering and thus no clogging will occur during the process.

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  • This thesis intends to develop application-level access control models to address several major security issues in enterprise environments. The first goal is to provide simple and efficient authorization specifications to reduce the complexity of security management. The second goal is to provide dynamic access control for Web service applications. The third goal is to provide an access control framework for Semantic Web services. In this thesis, an Authorization-Function-Based Role-based Access Control (FB-RBAC) model is proposed for controlling enterprise systems at the application level.

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  • The seriousness of Alzheimer's disease places a great demand and responsibility on the shoulders of architects and designers to become more enlightened and informed. By understanding the nature of Alzheimer's disease and its symptoms, a design response can be developed that will greatly benefit those living with dementia.

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  • This changing external environment is the context for this 'practitioner research' investigative project - the development of a motorsports program as a case study of innovation and entrepreneurship at Wodonga Institute of TAFE. A participant-observer research approach was applied to examine the perceptions of the stakeholders about the development of the program. Data was collected through semi-formal interviews with stakeholders, maintaining a reflective research journal and reviewing related literature.

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  • Northern Song Hong Tertiary Sedimentary basin is a classic case study of a pull-apart basin in southeast Asia, whose formation was controlled by the India-Eurasia collision, sinistral and dextral strike-slip motion of the Ailao Shan-Red River Shear Zone and Opening of the East Vietnam Sea during the Cenozoic. Unlike the central and southern parts of the basin, the northern Song Hong Basin experienced a very strong inversion during the Late Miocene.

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  • The research titled "A study of the Lithgow New Government Office Development: using best practice to deliver sustainable developments" is based on the hypothesis that applying building industry’s best practice initiatives can deliver sustainability within the built environment. This hypothesis assumes links between the applied practices, the outcome achieved and sustainability.

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  • The objective of the present study is to produce base layer winter active sportswear fabrics using natural and synthetic fibres and their blends which will deliver good comfort properties. Polyester, wool and bamboo fibres were selected for this study. Polyester is the most common fibre used in sportswear, wool is increasingly being used in sportswear and bamboo is a relatively new fibre that offers properties suitable for base layer sportswear. Bamboo is also regarded as a 'green' and eco-sustainable fibre.

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  • The research project is a collaborative, action inquiry, case study that investigates the gendered and inclusive practices of a teacher, exploring gendered language and behaviour that is (or not) utilised within their teaching. The researcher and the participant teacher plan, conduct, observe, reflect and discuss the role of gender in the learning and teaching practices in a grade 3/4 classroom.

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  • The primary value of this work and the main input into the research of this topic is, in the opinion of the author, in highlighting the psychological effects of implementing design management into an organization. The awakening of a „creator‟ in each and every worker, and the creation of individual satisfaction with the job and the working environment not only raises the productivity and quality of output, but also improves the psychological climate within the organization and raises the feelings of self-worth and quality of life of its employees.

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